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Vintage Division Schedule and Results

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Baltimore Baseball Club43
Sun@ Livingston Dodgers10:00 AMCP-SW4
Mon@ Cincinnati Colt .45s10:00 AMPDC2L12
TueSouth Jersey Indians10:00 AMPDC2L19
WedPhiladelphia Brewers10:00 AMTP4W5
ThuPhiladelphia Cutters1:45 PMJB5W11
Fr-3A#7 San Antonio Texans10:00 AMJB6W5
Fr-3A#3 Philadelphia Brewers1:30 PMJB3L13
Cecil’s Margin Service15
SunMaine Woods Baseball10:00 AMPDC2L10
Mon@ Washington Titans10:00 AMTP4L11
TueTallahassee Classics10:00 AMCP-SW8
Wed@ Kenmore Eastern Brewers1:45 PMJB3L9
ThuToledo McGuire Ins1:45 PMPDC5L17
Fr-2A@ #3 Philadelphia Cutters10:00 AMPDC4L10
Cincinnati Colt .45s43
Sun@ Philadelphia Brewers10:00 AMPDC4L10
MonBaltimore Baseball Club10:00 AMPDC2W10
TueAsheville Sox10:00 AMTP3W9
Wed@ South Jersey Indians1:45 PMTP-SL18
ThuMidwest Nine1:45 PMJB3W12
Fr-3A#6 Livingston Dodgers10:00 AMJB4W2
Fr-3A@ #1 Maine Woods Baseball1:30 PMJB5L14
Kenmore Eastern Brewers24
SunWashington Titans1:45 PMPDC3L14
Mon@ Tallahassee Classics1:45 PMTP3W5
Tue@ Midwest Nine10:00 AMPDC5L8
WedCecil’s Margin Service1:45 PMJB3W8
ThuOrlando Freedom10:00 AMCP-SL8
Fr-3A@ #3 Philadelphia Brewers10:00 AMJB5L22
Lehigh Baseball06
Sun@ Raynham Baseball Club1:45 PMJB4L15
Mon@ Youngstown Astros10:00 AMTP-SL22
TueOrlando Freedom10:00 AMPDC1L16
WedPhiladelphia Cutters10:00 AMTP3L12
ThuLivingston Dodgers1:45 PMTP-SL15
Fr-2A@ #1 North Coast Nationals10:00 AMPDC2L23
Livingston Dodgers24
SunBaltimore Baseball Club10:00 AMCP-SL14
Mon@ South Jersey Indians10:00 AMPDC1L15
TuePhiladelphia Brewers1:45 PMPDC5L17
Wed@ Asheville Sox1:45 PMTP2W2
ThuLehigh Baseball1:45 PMTP-SW3
Fr-3A@ #4 Cincinnati Colt .45s10:00 AMJB4L12
Long Island Yankees42
Sun@ North Coast Nationals1:45 PMCP-SW4
MonMassachusetts Chiefs1:45 PMPDC3W3
TueSan Antonio Texans1:45 PMTP2W8
Wed@ Minnesota Goats1:45 PMJB4W8
ThuSouth Jersey Indians10:00 AMJB4L12
Fr-4A@ #1 Minnesota Bees1:30 PMPDC2L10
Maine Woods Baseball62
Sun@ Cecil’s Margin Service10:00 AMPDC2W3
Mon@ Midwest Nine1:45 PMTP-SW10
TueWashington Titans1:45 PMPDC4L14
WedTallahassee Classics10:00 AMJB4W4
ThuYoungstown Astros10:00 AMPDC4L16
Fr-3A#8 Toledo McGuire Ins.10:00 AMJB3W8
Fr-3A#4 Cincinnati Colt .45s1:30 PMJB5W0
Sa-3A-Ch#3 Philadelphia Brewers10 AMTP-SW5
Massachusetts Chiefs42
Sun@ Toledo McGuire Ins1:45 PMPDC4W1
Mon@ Long Island Yankees1:45 PMPDC3L6
TueMinnesota Goats10:00 AMTP-SW6
WedNorth Coast Nationals1:45 PMJB5W4
ThuPhiladelphia Brewers10:00 AMJB5W11
Fr-4A#6 Washington Titans1:30 PMPDC4L12
Midwest Nine44
Sun@ Tallahassee Classics10:00 AMPDC1W11
MonMaine Woods Baseball1:45 PMTP-SL13
TueKenmore Eastern Brewers10:00 AMPDC5W7
Wed@ Washington Titans10:00 AMJB3L18
ThuCincinnati Colt .45s1:45 PMJB3L14
Fr-2A#7 Tallahassee Classics10:00 AMPDC5W0
Fr-2A#3 Philadelphia Cutters1:30 PMPDC3W13
Sa-2A-Ch#4 Minnesota Goats10 AMPDC5L6
Minnesota Bees80
SunYoungstown Astros10:00 AMJB6W1
Mon@ Orlando Freedom10:00 AMTP3W2
TueRaynham Baseball Club10:00 AMPDC3W2
Tue@ USA Volkers Group1:45 PMPDC3W4
ThuWashington Titans10:00 AMJB3W4
Fr-4A#5 Long island Yankees1:30 PMPDC2W4
Sa-4A-SF#6 Washington Titans10:00 AMPDC3W2
Sa-4A-Ch#8 Raynham Baseball1:30 PMCP-SW5
Minnesota Goats44
Sun@ San Antonio Texans10:00 AMPDC5L4
MonToledo McGuire Ins10:00 AMPDC4W8
Tue@ Massachusetts Chiefs10:00 AMTP-SL9
WedLong Island Yankees1:45 PMJB4L11
ThuSan Antonio Texans1:45 PMPDC4L9
Fr-2A#6 USA Volkers Group10:00 AMPDC3W4
Fr-2A@ #1 North Coast Nationals1:30 PMPDC5W1
Sa-2A-Ch@ #2 Midwest Nine10 AMPDC5W4
North Coast Nationals34
SunLong Island Yankees1:45 PMCP-SL15
MonSan Antonio Texans1:45 PMPDC4W8
Tue@ Toledo McGuire Ins1:45 PMTP3W5
Wed@ Massachusetts Chiefs1:45 PMJB5L14
ThuRaynham Baseball Club10:00 AMPDC5L20
Fr-2A#8 Lehigh Baseball10:00 AMPDC2W12
Fr-2A#4 Minnesota Goats1:30 PMPDC5L11
Orlando Freedom42
SunUSA Volkers Group10:00 AMJB3W3
Sun@ Philadelphia Cutters1:45 PMJB3W6
MonMinnesota Bees10:00 AMTP3L17
Tue@ Lehigh Baseball10:00 AMPDC1W0
ThuKenmore Eastern Brewers10:00 AMCP-SW2
Fr-4A#7 Youngstown Astros1:30 PMJB6L18
Philadelphia Brewers53
SunCincinnati Colt .45s10:00 AMPDC4W6
MonAsheville Sox10:00 AMCP-SW2
Tue@ Livingston Dodgers1:45 PMPDC5W10
Wed@ Baltimore Baseball Club10:00 AMTP4L16
ThuMassachusetts Chiefs10:00 AMJB5L19
Fr-3A#5 Kenmore Eastern Brewers10:00 AMJB5W12
Fr-3A@ #2 Baltimore Baseball Club1:30 PMJB3W6
Sa-3A-Ch@ #1 Maine Woods Baseball10:00 AMTP-SL7
Philadelphia Cutters34
SunOrlando Freedom1:45 PMJB3L19
MonUSA Volkers Group10:00 AMTP2W8
Tue@ Youngstown Astros10:00 AMPDC4L18
Wed@ Lehigh Baseball10:00 AMTP3W6
ThuBaltimore Baseball Club1:45 PMJB5L14
Fr-2A#5 Cecil’s Margin Service10:00 AMPDC4W9
Fr-2A@ #2 Midwest Nine1:30 PMPDC3L14
Raynham Baseball Club53
SunLehigh Baseball1:45 PMJB4W5
Mon@ USA Volkers Group1:45 PMTP2W8
Tue@ Minnesota Bees10:00 AMPDC3L12
WedYoungstown Astros10:00 AMTP2L16
ThuNorth Coast Nationals10:00 AMPDC5W6
Fr-4A@ #2 South Jersey Indians1:30 PMJB4W0
Sa-4A-SF@ #7 Youngstown Astros10:00 AMPDC4W4
Sa-4A-Ch@ #1 Minnesota Bees1:30 PMCP-SL15
San Antonio Texans24
SunMinnesota Goats10:00 AMPDC5W2
Mon@ North Coast Nationals1:45 PMPDC4L9
Tue@ Long Island Yankees1:45 PMTP2L18
WedToledo McGuire Ins10:00 AMTP-SL18
ThuMinnesota Goats1:45 PMPDC4W6
Fr-3A@ #2 Baltimore Baseball Club10:00 AMJB6L16
South Jersey Indians51
Sun@ Asheville Sox10:00 AMPDC3W9
MonLivingston Dodgers10:00 AMPDC1W7
Tue@ Baltimore Baseball Club10:00 AMPDC2W3
WedCincinnati Colt .45s1:45 PMTP-SW11
ThuLong Island Yankees10:00 AMJB4W2
Fr-4A#8 Raynham Baseball1:30 PMJB4L15
Tallahassee Classics06
SunMidwest Nine10:00 AMPDC1L16
MonKenmore Eastern Brewers1:45 PMTP3L9
Tue@ Cecil’s Margin Service10:00 AMCP-SL18
Wed@ Maine Woods Baseball10:00 AMJB4L14
ThuUSA Volkers Group1:45 PMTP2L8
Fr-2A@ #2 Midwest Nine10:00 AMPDC5L14
Toledo McGuire Ins.24
SunMassachusetts Chiefs1:45 PMPDC4L12
Mon@ Minnesota Goats10:00 AMPDC4L12
TueNorth Coast Nationals1:45 PMTP3L14
Wed@ San Antonio Texans10:00 AMTP-SW3
ThuCecil’s Margin Service1:45 PMPDC5W9
Fr-3A@ #1 Maine Woods Baseball10:00 AMJB3L11
USA Volkers Group15
Sun@ Orlando Freedom10:00 AMJB3L13
Mon@ Philadelphia Cutters10:00 AMTP2L9
MonRaynham Baseball Club1:45 PMTP2L20
TueMinnesota Bees1:45 PMPDC3L17
ThuTallahassee Classics1:45 PMTP2W6
Fr-2A@ #4 Minnesota Goats10:00 AMPDC3L17
Washington Titans52
Sun@ Kenmore Eastern Brewers1:45 PMPDC3W4
MonCecil’s Margin Service10:00 AMTP4W7
Tue@ Maine Woods Baseball1:45 PMPDC4W2
WedMidwest Nine10:00 AMJB3W10
ThuMinnesota Bees10:00 AMJB3L14
Fr-4A@ #4 Massachusetts Chiefs1:30 PMPDC4W1
Sa-4A-SF@ #1 Minnesota Bees10:00 AMPDC3L9
Youngstown Astros52
Sun@ Minnesota Bees10:00 AMJB6L13
MonLehigh Baseball10:00 AMTP-SW8
TuePhiladelphia Cutters10:00 AMPDC4W5
Wed@ Raynham Baseball Club10:00 AMTP2W3
ThuMaine Woods Baseball10:00 AMPDC4W10
Fr-4A@ #3 Orlando Freedom1:30 PMJB6W4
Sa-4A-SF#8 Raynham Baseball10:00 AMPDC4L5

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