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Forever Young Division Schedule and Results

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Iron Man Maiden Padres61
Sun@ Tri-Cities Baseball10:00 AMJB4W5
Mon@ Maine Woods Baseball10:00 AMPDC5W2
MonNew England Red Sox1:30 PMPDC5W3
TueNational Spirit10:00 AMTP2W4
ThuTri-Cities Baseball10:00 AMPDC2L10
Sa-SF#4 Maine Woods Baseball10:00 AMTP2W0
Sa-Ch#2 Tri-Cities Baseball1:30 PMTP-SW3
Maine Woods Baseball34
Sun@ New England Red Sox1:30 PMJB5W2
MonIron Man Maiden Padres10:00 AMPDC5L25
Tue@ National Spirit1:30 PMTP-SL12
WedTri-Cities Baseball10:00 AMCP-SL21
Thu(7) New England Red Sox10:00 AMPDC3W10
Fri#5 New England Red Sox10:00 AMCP-SW1
Sa-SF@ #1 IronMan Maiden Padres10:00 AMTP4L21
National Spirit33
Sun@ New England Red Sox10:00 AMJB5W5
MonTri-Cities Baseball10:00 AMPDC3L10
Tue@ Iron Man Maiden Padres10:00 AMTP2L13
TueMaine Woods Baseball1:30 PMTP-SW11
Thu(7) New England Red Sox1:30 PMPDC3W4
Sa-SF@ #2 Tri-Cities Baseball10:00 AMTP2L7
New England Red Sox07
SunNational Spirit10:00 AMJB5L17
SunMaine Woods Baseball1:30 PMJB5L10
Mon@ Iron Man Maiden Padres1:30 PMPDC5L18
Tue@ Tri-Cities Baseball10:00 AMTP4L18
Thu(7) Maine Woods Baseball10:00 AMPDC3L11
Thu(7) National Spirit1:30 PMPDC3L13
Fri@ #4 Maine Woods Baseball10:00 AMCP-SL10
Tri-Cities Baseball52
SunIron Man Maiden Padres10:00 AMJB4L13
Mon@ National Spirit10:00 AMPDC3W8
TueNew England Red Sox10:00 AMTP4W0
Wed@ Maine Woods Baseball10:00 AMCP-SW1
ThuIron Man Maiden Padres10:00 AMPDC2W9
Sa-SF#3 National Spirit10:00 AMTP2W6
Sa-Ch@ #1 IronMan Maiden Padres1:30 PMTP-SL12

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