About the Roy Hobbs Foundation

The Roy Hobbs Foundation has been established to use the passion for baseball in order to support the research into finding cures for Leukemia and related blood cancers, and to financially support Challenged Baseball organizations. This is achieved by the members of the Foundation who plan, manage, and implement fundraiser events, using creative ways to raise funds for the mission.

The Roy Hobbs Foundation is made up of individuals who are looking for a way to leverage their passion of baseball, who are looking for an opportunity to give back to their communities in a number of ways, who believe in the ethic of the dugout, that teammates lift each other up, and who understand that we are all teammates when it comes to our love for the game of baseball and our responsibility to help our fellow man.

The Roy Hobbs Foundation is a fully charitable 501c3 organization. The Foundation is assisted logistically by Roy Hobbs Diamond Enterprises (Roy Hobbs Baseball). Roy Hobbs Baseball is fully committed to supporting the Foundation’s mission by donating the organizational and administrative time. This enables the Foundation to turn over 99% of all monies raised to recognized charitable groups and research organizations.  A focal charitable point is the Moonshots Program at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, where research is on-going to find answers in treating Acute Myeloid Leukemia, commonly known as AML and which claims more lives than the other 8 strains of leukemia combined.

The Foundation raises money through donations, 50/50 raffles at the World Series, and special events throughout the year. Annual solicitations are scheduled.

If you would care to donate, no amount is too small. Please click on the donate button of the navigation portion of this page and use the PayPal link to help. All donations are fully tax-deductible.

The Roy Hobbs Foundation raised $100,000 in the past 8 years, with average annual disbursements of $13,500 to Moonshots, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and Challenger programs in Lee and Broward Counties in Florida and sponsorship of Akron RubberDucks Challenger Day, which includes a game on the Canal Park diamond with members of the RubberDucks.

Your assistance to make these things happen is most appreciated … We thank you for your help.

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