Roy Hobbs Umpire Association


Roy Hobbs Baseball utilizes umpires from around the US to work its Florida events, and RHUA is the umbrella organization.

RHUA Forms / Data

Roy Hobbs umpire guidelines and registration to work its Florida events.

RHWS Roster

Who is working this year’s Roy Hobbs World Series?

You Make The Call

An Umpire rules quiz, read the situation and you make the call.

Roy Hobbs Baseball in action

The Roy Hobbs Family works year-round to make the Roy Hobbs World Series one of the best amateur baseball events around. This tournament brings people of all ages from all over the world together to enjoy the game of baseball. Check out our video to see and hear what it is like to be a part of the RHWS.

Maps and Directions

Click the button below to view maps of playing fields, hotels and area attractions for Roy Hobbs tournaments.