Roy Hobbs General FAQ

Q: How many tournaments does Roy Hobbs run each year and when are they?
A: Roy Hobbs currently has 4 events it operates, and then there are 2 other events that draw sanction from Roy Hobbs:

  • Sunshine Classic —  4 consecutive weeks of 4-5 day events in February with multiple divisions and formats.
  • Sea Otter Baseball Festival is held over or near the July 4th Holiday in Monterey, California.
  • Gateway City Baseball Bash is held over the Memorial Day weekend in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • The Roy Hobbs World Series is Roy Hobbs’ flagship event, held in Fort Myers, Florida, over a span of 4 weeks in October-November, ending the weekend before Thanksgiving.  It encompasses 8 age divisions from 35+ (Veterans) to 75+ (Forever Young) and a women’s division.
  • Sanctioned events are held in Huntsville, Alabama, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, annually over the Memorial Day weekend.

All of our events and the information that you would need to know about them are found on our website in greater detail.

Q: Do you have to be a Roy Hobbs Member to participate in one of your tournaments?
A: Yes, for the World Series and Sunshine Classic, every player must already be a registered member of a Roy Hobbs sanctioned league OR players can purchase an individual annual membership for $25 that is valid for any RH event in that calendar year.  The Sea Otter and Gateway City events are open to all.

Q: Does membership guarantee me a spot on a roster?
A: No. You would need to secure a spot on a roster before you pay your membership.

Q: How does a team / league become a Roy Hobbs Member and what are the benefits?
A: Please contact us by phone or email to discuss details and receive your information packet. Call 330-923-3400 or email

Q: Can you explain how your secondary medical Insurance works if I am injured while playing?
A: The policy we offer our covered members and participants is a reimbursement policy that, after deductible, reimburses amounts up to $10,000. Call our office for further information or if you have suffered a baseball-related injury within the past 30 days and are a current member.

World Series FAQ

Q: When can I check in? Where?
A: Primary check-ins are on Saturdays leading into your week of play in your Division from 9 am until 6 pm at the Player Development Complex on Edison Ave. If you arrive after that time, please check-in Sunday – Wednesday starting at 8:15 am.

Q: Can I play before I check in?
A: No, Players may not participate in any games until checked in.  All players must be checked in prior to the start of a team’s 5th pool game, usually Wednesday morning.  No players may participate in any playoff game unless they have checked in and played in at least one pool game.

Q: What happens if I have to leave for a day or two?
A: Players leaving the RHWS for more than one full day are required to turn in their player card to tournament officials and then re-check-in upon their return.  Returning players must return and be in the dugout no later than the start of any quarterfinal playoff game their team is playing.

Q: How long will it take to check in?
A: If you have properly registered for your team online before you arrive the process will take only a few minutes. (You must complete a separate online registration for EACH team that has you on their roster)

Q: Can someone check-in for me?
A: No. You must check-in in person with a valid form of ID that shows your date of birth and full name and a one-time $1 fee.

Q: If I play in multiple divisions do I need to check in for each week?
A: Yes. We do an “early check-in” on Friday evenings for players who are already here between 4 – 6 pm. Otherwise, you must check-in for each week you play on Saturday preceding that week. You do not need to pay another $1.

Q: I’m bringing family members / friends with me. What do they have to do to watch me play?
A: Anyone 13+ wishing to watch games can purchase a week-long tournament wristband at the Roy Hobbs Pro Shop or the Field Site main gate for $5 or a single day pass for $1.

Q: Can food and drinks be brought into the playing sites?
A: Not unless there is a medical reason to do so. If a special diet is medically required, please see a staff member at Tournament Headquarters for a special “cooler tag” to be presented at the site entrances. We do offer concessions at PDC fields and all other sites.

Q: Can we bring our pets to the fields?
A: No. Lee County Park & Rec has a “No Pets Allowed” policy at all of our sites, both on the properties and in the buildings. Registered / tagged Service Animals are welcome – please present credentials to the site liaison at the gate.

Q: I am a manager. Do I have to be present for the Managers’ Meeting?
A: Yes … We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that the team manager be present at these meetings as there is much important information discussed relevant to the entire tournament week, both on and off the field. If the manager absolutely cannot attend, then a representative for that team must be there.

Q: Can you help me with finding hotels and rental cars?
A: The Lee County Sports Organizing Committee is our Official Housing Bureau and can be contacted by phone (239-541-1800) or online ( for assistance in finding hotels, rental homes / condos, etc.  It is a non-profit agency that will work with you on lodging and amenities while you are in Ft. Myers. Rental car discount codes for Enterprise can be accessed by clicking on those links on our Sponsor page

Q: What time is the last game over?
A: The Championship game could be scheduled as late as 2:00 on Saturday.

Q: When do I get my WS T-Shirt and “Welcome Bag”?
A: “Welcome Bags” containing coupons from our sponsors, and this year’s luggage tag, cup and pen will be given out from 9 until 6 at check-in at PDC. T-Shirts and this year’s WS patch are given out Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 11 – 5 at the same place. We DO NOT give out T-shirts on Saturdays, so please make time during the week to pick yours up. (You must have your player’s card with you to receive both the Welcome Bag and your T-shirt)

Q: What is the purpose of the Player’s Card?
A: Your Player’s Card is your passport to the Roy Hobbs World Series. It identifies you as a REGISTERED participant whose age has been VERIFIED.  It allows entry to the fields and dugouts; it identifies players as a member of a specific team and division; it entitles participants to receive our give-aways and our sponsors’ promotional offers. Players are required to have it in you possession whenever they are at the fields or in the dugouts. If asked to produce it and a player does not have it available, the player will be asked to leave the field/dugout until the ID card can be produced. (If a card is lost or misplaced, a replacement card can be purchased at Headquarters for $5, the cost of which can be refunded if the first card is found and verified).

Q: Where can I find information about rules, eligibility and policies such as bat boys and scorekeepers?
A: Our Website ( contains links to most of our policies and guidelines. If you need further clarification, please contact us directly by phone 330.923.3400 or email

Q: I’ve forgotten (lost, broken, etc.) a (shirt, belt, bat, etc.); do you sell them?
A: Visit our Pro Shop for uniform essentials, RH Gear equipment and supplies, sweatshirts, sunglasses, and other needed items. Hours generally are 10 am until 6 pm when the PDC site is open.

Q: Do you have a Lost & Found?
A: Yes. Any items found or turned in at the sites are brought back to our Headquarters at PDC nightly and either placed in the L&F container in our lobby or taken to the Locker Room Coordinator if they can be linked to a team with those privileges. Stop by or call us to ask about your missing item.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept for purchases?
A: In most cases we accept cash and credit cards; personal checks may be accepted for certain items. No livestock, please.

Q: Do you provide assistance for physically handicapped persons in getting to the fields?
A: Yes. Please see one of our concierges, site directors or other staff members for a courtesy cart ride.

Q: Do you provide medical assistance for emergencies?
A: Each site has a key staff member certified in first aid and CPR / AED training for emergencies that require them until County EMS can arrive. Other than that, all other injuries / conditions will be referred to a nearby Rapid Response or other such facility for treatment or consultation.

Q: What is your beer / alcohol policy?
A: No alcoholic beverages are sold at any of our sites, and cannot be consumed on the grounds or in the parking lots. Any consumption on County properties is a violation of Florida statutes and can lead to suspension or expulsion from the tournament and municipal fines for the offenders. We actively support and enforce this policy.

Sunshine Classic FAQ

Q: Where do I check in?
A: Check-in for all Sunshine Classic events is at the Player Development Complex on Edison Ave. This is also where the locker room facility and the lunch area are located. Upon presenting your ID, you will receive your locker room admission band and your complimentary apparel item and be directed to your personal locker.

Q: Do my friends/family have to pay for admission?
A: No admission charge during Sunshine Classic.

Q: Can my friends/family join me for lunch?
A: Yes! They can purchase lunch bands that are good for the entire tournament or a single-day ticket for that day’s buffet only.

Q: Can food or drinks be brought into the sites?
A:  No.  Players needs are supplied through the Locker Room.

Q: Can my friends/family join me in the locker room?
A:  No. Locker Room admission is players only, designated and monitored by wristbands, who have registered and signed the waivers.

Q: Can we bring our dog to the games?
A:  No. Lee County Park & Rec has a “No Pets Allowed” policy at all sites. Registered Service Animals are welcome with credentials.

Q: Can you help me with finding hotels and rental cars?
A:  The Lee County Sports Organizing Committee is your source for assistance with accommodations. They can be reached by phone (239-541-1800) or online ( Contact Rental Car companies directly to see if they are offering any specials.

Q: Will your ProShop be open for purchases?
A:  Yes, we will have the ProShop open for limited hours. Equipment, apparel and other essentials can be purchased in limited quantities.

Q: Where can I find lost items?
A: Most lost items that are turned in are displayed in the locker room for players to re-claim.

Q: What is your beer/alcohol policy?
A: No alcoholic beverages are sold at any of our events, and may not be consumed on the grounds or parking lots. We do offer beer in the locker room to players only and it MAY NOT be taken out of the clubhouse in any way or form. We strictly enforce this policy.

Q: What does the locker room include?
A: Our Locker Room Service is unique to Roy Hobbs Baseball events and is inclusive with participation in the Sunshine Classic. All players have their own locker in their team row; full use of the Trainers and training room facilities; daily continental breakfasts and snacks; uniform laundry service; and post-game beer access. The players also receive a complimentary daily lunch buffet.

Ring FAQ

Q: How do I order a ring?
A: Your first step is to look at the style, stone color and engraving options available on our Gallery page, found on the Roy Hobbs website. We have different bezels, shank styles, stone colors and embellishments that we offer and this page will give you the information you will need to process your order. Your next step is to fill out the Ring Order Form, also on our website. There is room on the ring order form to ask questions about the ring process.  Build your ring according to the steps found there and submit the form. This form then goes directly to Tom Giffen, who will “assemble” the ring and then quote you a price or advise you as to changes that might need to be made. Reply to him and he will then generate an invoice and send it to you. Once you have paid for your ring, the order will be sent to the manufacturer. Upon completion it will be returned to Roy Hobbs for proofing and shipment to you. Please allow approximately 8 weeks from date of payment until delivery.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Basic rings can start in the mid-$300 range and increase according to style, material (Stainless Steel, Allura, White Gold, Yellow Gold), stone cuts and embellishments. We cannot accurately give you an estimate until you order your ring.

Q: Who can I contact to answer any questions that I have?
A: Tom Giffen handles all ring orders personally. You can reach him by email:

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