Roy Hobbs General FAQ

Q: How many tournaments does Roy Hobbs run each year and when are they?
A: Roy Hobbs currently has 4 events it operates, and then there are 2 other events that draw sanction from Roy Hobbs:

  • Sunshine Classic —  4 consecutive weeks of 4-5 day events in February with multiple divisions and formats.
  • Sea Otter Baseball Festival is held over or near the July 4th Holiday in Monterey, California.
  • Gateway City Baseball Bash is held over the Memorial Day weekend in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • The Roy Hobbs World Series is Roy Hobbs’ flagship event, held in Fort Myers, Florida, over a span of 4 weeks in October-November, ending the weekend before Thanksgiving.  It encompasses 8 age divisions from 35+ (Veterans) to 75+ (Forever Young) and a women’s division.
  • Sanctioned events are held in Huntsville, Alabama, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, annually over the Memorial Day weekend.

All of our events and the information that you would need to know about them are found on our website in greater detail.

Q: Do you have to be a Roy Hobbs Member to participate in one of your tournaments?
A: Yes, for the World Series and Sunshine Classic, every player must already be a registered member of a Roy Hobbs sanctioned league OR players can purchase an individual annual membership for $25 that is valid for any RH event in that calendar year.  The Sea Otter and Gateway City events are open to all.

Q: Does membership guarantee me a spot on a roster?
A: No. You would need to secure a spot on a roster before you pay your membership.

Q: How does a team / league become a Roy Hobbs Member and what are the benefits?
A: Please contact us by phone or email to discuss details and receive your information packet. Call 330-923-3400 or email

Q: Can you explain how your secondary medical Insurance works if I am injured while playing?
A: The policy we offer our covered members and participants is a reimbursement policy that, after deductible, reimburses amounts up to $10,000. Call our office for further information or if you have suffered a baseball-related injury within the past 30 days and are a current member.

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