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Vintage Division Schedule and Results

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Vintage 65+ Standings
AAAA DivisionWinLossPCTRA
1Minnesota Bees801.00024
2Raynham Baseball Club530.62566
3Washington Titans520.71447
3Youngstown Astros520.71448
Massachusetts Chiefs420.66740
Long Island Yankees420.66745
Orlando Freedom420.66746
South Jersey Indians510.83347
AAA DivisionWinLossPCTRA
1Maine Woods Baseball620.75060
2Philadelphia Brewers530.62578
3Baltimore Baseball Club430.57169
3Cincinnati Colt .45s430.57173
Toledo McGuire Insurance240.33361
Livingston Dodgers240.33363
Kenmore Eastern Brewers240.33365
San Antonio Texans240.33369
AA DivisionWinLossPCTRA
1Minnesota Goats440.50050
2Midwest Nine440.50082
3North Coast Nationals340.42985
3Philadelphia Cutters340.42988
Cecil’s Margin Service150.16765
Tallahassee Classics060.00079
USA Volkers Group150.16782
Lehigh Baseball060.000103

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