Pandemic Protocols

Updated April 7, 2020

Roy Hobbs 2020 World Series Refund Policy
1.  If 2020 RHWS is canceled due to COVID-19, i.e., government
intervention, et al, all monies paid will be refunded or rolled over to 2021 via
team option.
2.  If a team chooses not to attend of its own volition, regardless of
reason, monies will be rolled over to 2021 with no non-refundable penalty.
Rollover exception: Upon written request, teams cancelling due to Covid-
19 prior to Roy Hobbs scheduling tournament games may receive a cash
refund, but the non-refundable Deposit and Bundle agreements roll over to
2021 with no increase over 2020 pricing.
3.  This refund policy applies to all fees except liability and secondary
medical insurance if Roy Hobbs already has insurance purchased for a
team (or a league).  At that point, Roy Hobbs will be at the mercy of its
insurance underwriter.
4.  Membership-insurance bundle:  The deadline to order is June 1,
but Roy Hobbs will NOT purchase that insurance until Roy Hobbs knows a
team is actually playing games.  At that point in 2020, the insurance portion
is non-refundable.
5.  RHWS insurance refund exception:  RHWS teams opting to
purchase the event insurance will NOT be liable for that purchase until it is
made.  Roy Hobbs annually purchases the RHWS-only policies a week
before RHWS begins; at the point of purchase, that will be non-refundable
in 2020.

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