Roy Hobbs World Series

Rules and Guidelines

65-70-75 Rules

Roy Hobbs Baseball has updated its playing guidelines for the Vintage, Timeless and Forever Young divisions of the RHWS.
Vintage (65+) – No changes, just clarifications.
Timeless (70+) – Changes in participation, courtesy runner advancement, outfield rules and plays at the plate.

  1. Participation – in both hitting and defense in pool games is now mandatory; however players can sign off on not playing. Exception: Free Agents must play. In 2018, several teams signed multiple free agents as “insurance policies” but were severely limited in at-bats and defensive playing time. If teams are going to collect Free Agent fees, they will have to demonstrate regular playing time for Free Agents.
  2. Courtesy runners – If a pickoff attempt is made on a courtesy runner, that runner must retouch last legally obtained base before advancing.
  3. Outfield rules – Outfielders may not throw out runners at first base; however, they may force runners at all other bases.
  4. Plays at the Plate – All plays at the plate are force plays; no tag needed; no blocking the plate. This is a safety consideration.

Forever Young (75+) – No overall changes, except that rules are now consistent with Timeless Division in the 4 areas above.

Click here to download 65, 70, 75 Rules pdf

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