Roy Hobbs World Series

RHWS 2023 Underage Guidelines

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At the 2023 Roy Hobbs World Series, there are no underage players Masters, Legends, Classics and Vintage divisions. Minimums are: Masters 45, Legends 53, Classics 60 & Vintage 65.

Other divisions are allowed underage players; see list below for age guidelines.

  • Veterans Division: Players must be 35.  (Teams allowed 5 players, age 30 to play; must be 35 within calendar year to pitch.)
  • Timeless Division: Players must be 70. (Teams allowed 1 player, age 69, no position restrictions.)
  • Forever Young Division: Players must be 75. (Teams allowed 3 players, aged 74; however 1 may be 73 – that player must be a catcher.)
  • Women:  Women are welcome in the men’s competition with age minimums of 30 in the Veterans, 40 in Masters, 45 in Legends, 50 in Classics, 55 in Vintage.  This is reviewable on a case-by-case basis.

(Notes: Roy Hobbs Baseball reserves the right to adjust the underage policy for all divisions at its discretion.  Roy Hobbs’ age requirements are based on calendar year; therefore, RHWS participants must be of required division age prior to midnight on December 31 of the current year.)

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