Roy Hobbs World Series

BatBoy / Scorekeeper Dugout Guidelines

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The Roy Hobbs Baseball batboy & scorekeeper policy for the Roy Hobbs World Series and Sunshine Classic events is as follows:

1. Batboys/Scorekeepers must be at least 16-years-old and able to sign the standard Roy Hobbs registration waiver. Batboys under 18-years of age must have a parent’s written permission to be a Batboy, and the parent must sign the standard Roy Hobbs registration waiver.

2. Batboys/Scorekeepers must be on a team’s official roster and included on team’s insurance forms.

a. Batboys/Scorekeepers are not eligible for team awards; those may be purchased if the situation arises.

b. If Batboy/Scorekeeper puts team roster over the 20-player maximum, there is no extra charge.

3. Batboys must wear helmets at all times during games.

4. Batboys are not permitted outside the dugout while ball is in play.

5. In the dugout, Batboys/Scorekeepers must sit or be stationed where he/she is protected from foul balls, regardless of which team is batting.

6. Batboys must wear, at a minimum, a team jersey while games are in progress. Scorekeepers are not required to wear a jersey.

7. Scorekeepers are not permitted in open dugouts or stadium dugouts with no screening protection.

8. Scorekeepers are not required to wear a helmet in the protected dugouts and are not allowed on the field of play during the game (defined as the start of the pre-game plate meeting through the final out of the game). (Exception: Conference during time out when umpires request to see a scorebook to resolve a lineup discrepancy or scoring issue with managers.

9. Batboys/Scorekeepers in violation of Roy Hobbs game guidelines lose dugout and participation privileges.

— Roy Hobbs Baseball, September 2015

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