11 to be Inducted Into Hall of Fame

2 Ambassadors of Baseball Named

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Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame 2016 Collage

The Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame will induct 11 new members with its Class of 2016.

The 11 were elected by the current members of the Hall of Fame and the 12-member Board of Trustees in a process that covered the summer months.

Additionally the Trustees also selected two individuals to receive the Hall’s Brian Mullen Ambassador of Baseball award, which recognizes their Meritorious Service as an Ambassador of Amateur Baseball.

The 2016 Brian Mullen Ambassador of Baseball Award honorees are: Juliet Hawkins of Ohio and Bob Molbert of Florida.

The Class of 2016 and the Ambassadors will be presented and honored at an induction ceremony and dinner at the Dolphin Room of The Shell Factory in North Fort Myers on Sunday, Nov. 13, during the 2016 Roy Hobbs World Series.

For more information on the honorees and the Hall of Fame, please check out the 2016 Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame Yearbook.

The Class of 2016

David Harvill of Michigan
JD Hinson of North Carolina
Gerry Huppmann of Virginia
Dick Kissick* of Rhode Island
Roger Laurella of Illinois
Frank Murphy of Illinois
Dave Mydland of South Dakota
Carl Rakich of Florida
Lanny Ropke of California
Ron Staples of Washington
Dave Zavracky of New Jersey
* — deceased

  • David Harvill
    David Harvill
  • JD Hinson
    JD Hinson
  • Gerry Huppmann
    Gerry Huppmann
  • Dick Kissick
    Dick Kissick
  • Roger Laurella
    Roger Laurella
  • Frank Murphy
    Frank Murphy
  • Dave Mydland
    Dave Mydland
  • Carl Rakich
    Carl Rakich
  • Lanny Ropke
    Lanny Ropke
  • Ron Staples
    Ron Staples
  • Dave Zavracky
    Dave Zavracky

The Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame was developed in 2011-12 to honor outstanding baseball service and accomplishments on and off the field of amateur baseball players in the Roy Hobbs ranks.

The Roy Hobbs Foundation, which oversees the Hall of Fame, recruited a volunteer Board of Trustees in 2012 and tasked that group with developing a set of criteria and a mission statement. That group of 7 developed basic criteria and selection process as well as a Mission Statement, the second generation of which reads:

“The Roy Hobbs Baseball Hall of Fame is established to recognize and honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the game of baseball through their involvement with Roy Hobbs Baseball for at least 10 years, the Roy Hobbs World Series and their local leagues and teams.  Individuals shall have made contributions as players, coaches, managers, umpires and administrators. Contributions should have been made on and off the field of play, all impacting the dugout; a prime consideration for induction is the individual’s contributions to the game, their teammates and baseball colleagues.”

Juliet Hawkins
Juliet Hawkins

While the Mission Statement places emphasis on contributions off the field, excellence on the field remains a crucial criteria. The Trustees have attempted to make it clear that character in the Dugout is an important part of any nomination for excellence on the field.

The Mission Statement was updated in 2015, while at the same time, the now-12-member Board of Trustees decided to establish the Ambassador of Baseball Award and named it after the first recipient, Brian Mullen.

The Hall of Fame selection process starts with nominations, which can come from anyone, and a nomination form is available at royhobbs.com/halloffame. Complete data on the nominee is important, and references are very helpful to the process.

The nominations are turned over to a vetting committee whose members interview the nominator and any references listed on the nomination. The nominators and references are asked a series of questions via email, and their answers go into the packet of material the screening committee compiles on each nominee.

2016 Hall of Fame Wall

The nominations and supporting materials are then sent to the Hall of Fame members – more than 80 pages of data on nominees for the Class of 2016 – along with a ballot … anyone receiving a vote on 70% of the ballots returned by the Hall of Fame members is elected. In 2016, there are 36 members of the Hall, and 29 voted, meaning nominees needed 21 votes for election.

Bob Molbert
Bob Molbert

The Trustees validate the members’ vote and then review the nominations of anyone receiving at least 50% of members’ vote for possible inclusion. The Trustees then vote to see if anyone will be added to the current class. It takes a 70% vote of the Trustees as well.

There is no target number to elect each year.

The Ambassador of Baseball Award is selected by the Board of Trustees each year. Nominations may come from anyone with an interest, and the number of individuals so honored each year will be at the discretion of the Trustees. There is no target number on Ambassadors either.

– Tom Giffen

Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame 2016 Induction Photos
-Photos by Greg WagnerThe 2016 Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame Celebration was held at the Shell Factory in North Fort Myers. Some scenes from that event included … 1) the RH HoF banner, 2) Roy Hobbs President Tom Giffen presenting Dick Kissik’s Hall of Fame plaque to Dick’s nephew Glenn Wilcox, 3) honoree Carl Rakich with presenter Don Smith, 4) honoree Ron Staples with Dave Mathews, 5) honoree Dave Mydland with Bob Schlimgen, 6) 2016 Brian Mullen Ambassadors of Baseball Juliet Hawkins and Bob Molbert, 7) honoree JD Hinson with wife Debbie Hinson, 8) honorees leading the crowd in “take Me Out to the Ball Game,” 9) honoree Dave Zavracky with Walter Kotrba singing Dave’s acceptance, 10) honoree Frank Murphy with James Hartung, 11) honoree Gerry Huppman with Flip Harrison, 12) honoree Dave Harvill with Gary Dover, 13) honoree Roger Laurella with Bonnie Fear, 14) honoree Lanny Ropke with Denny Brown, 15) The Class of 2016.