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Timeless Division Schedule and Results

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Asheville Sox13
Tue@ St. Louis 70s12:00 PMPDC3L5
ThurMBI Baseball2:00 PMJB4L18
FriMinnesota Saints10:00 AMCP-SL10
SatNew England Red Sox10:00 AMCL4W5
Kent Mudhens13
ThurPhiladelphia Mustangs2:00 PMJB5L9
FriNew England Red Sox11:45 AMPDC1W2
Fri@ Rochester Red Stockings2:30 PMPDC5L13
SatSt. Louis 70s10:00 AMCL3L12
Maine Woods Baseball21
ThurMidwest Nine2:00 PMTP2L23
Fri@ MBI Baseball11:45 AMPDC5W2
FriPhiladelphia Mustangs2:30 PMPDC3W1
MBI Baseball22
ThurAsheville Sox2:00 PMJB4W7
Fri@ St. Louis 70s9:00 AMPDC1W0
FriMaine Woods Baseball11:45 AMPDC2L7
SatNew England Bo Sox10:00 AMCL2L13
Midwest Nine13
ThurMaine Woods Baseball2:00 PMTP2W3
FriNew England Bo Sox9:00 AMPDC5L6
Fri@ Terre Haute Volkers11:45 AMPDC4L13
SatWashington Titans10:00 AMJB6L9
Minnesota Saints11
ThurWashington Titans2:00 PMPDC1L8
Fri@ Asheville Sox10:00 AMCP-SW6
New England Bo Sox31
ThurSt. Louis 70s2:00 PMTP3W4
Fri@ Midwest Nine9:00 AMPDC5W1
FriWashington Titans11:45 AMPDC3L9
SatMBI Baseball10:00 AMCL2W7
New England Red Sox04
ThurRochester Red Stockings2:00 PMTP-SL15
FriToledo McGuire Ins9:00 AMPDC4L17
Fri@ Kent Mudhens11:45 AMPDC1L12
SatAsheville Sox10:00 AMCL4L17
Philadelphia Mustangs31
ThurKent Mudhens2:00 PMJB5W8
FriRochester Red Stockings9:00 AMPDC2W13
Fri@ Maine Woods Baseball2:30 PMPDC3L4
SatTerre Haute Volkers Group10:00 AMJB4W6
Rochester Red Stockings22
ThurNew England Red Sox2:00 PMTP-SW12
Fri@ Philadelphia Mustangs9:00 AMPDC2L17
FriKent Mudhens2:30 PMPDC5W1
SatToledo McGuire Ins10:00 AMJB5L3
St. Louis 70s32
TueAsheville Sox12:00 PMPDC3W0
ThurNew England Bo Sox2:00 PMTP3L10
FriMBI Baseball9:00 AMPDC1L6
Fri@ Toledo McGuire Ins11:45 AMPDC3W12
SatKent Mudhens10:00 AMCL3W2
Terre Haute Volkers Group31
ThurToledo McGuire Ins2:00 PMJB6W4
Fri@ Washington Titans9:00 AMPDC3L15
FriMidwest Nine11:45 AMPDC4W5
SatPhiladelphia Mustangs10:00 AMJB4W6
Toledo McGuire Ins22
ThurTerre Haute Volkers Group2:00 PMJB6L14
Fri@ New England Red Sox9:00 AMPDC4W9
FriSt. Louis 70s11:45 AMPDC5L15
SatRochester Red Stockings10:00 AMJB5W2
Washington Titans40
ThurMinnesota Saints2:00 PMPDC1W3
FriTerre Haute Volkers Group9:00 AMPDC3W2
Fri@ New England Bo Sox11:45 AMPDC3W7
SatMidwest Nine10:00 AMJB6W1

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