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Classics Division Schedule and Results

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Atlanta Heat14
TueWindy City White Sox12:00 PMCL4L8
ThurOrlando Wrinkles2:00 PMCL3L9
Fri@ Massachusetts Chiefs10:00 AMJB5L4
FriToledo McGuire Insurance1:30 PMJB4W13
SatRichmond Riverdogs10:00 AMTP2L10
Baltimore Orioles50
ThurBlue Ridge Rangers5:00 PMTP4W7
FriCleveland Dodgers1:30 PMTP-SW1
Fri@ Richmond Riverdogs5:00 PMTP4W8
SatSt. Louis Patriots10:00 AMPDC5W4
SatSan Antonio Texans1:30 PMPDC3W3
Banana Sharks41
ThurTuscaloosa Tornados2:00 PMPDC5L7
ThurCleveland Spiders5:30 PMTP-SW4
FriRichmond Riverdogs10:00 AMTP-SW7
Fri@ Midwest Senators1:30 PMTP4W2
SatBlue Ridge Rangers10:00 AMPDC4W0
Blue Ridge Rangers23
ThurBaltimore Orioles5:00 PMTP4L15
FriCleveland Spiders10:00 AMTP4W8
Fri@ Tampa Bay Sharks1:30 PMTP3L10
SatBanana Sharks10:00 AMPDC4L16
SatFort Myers Cubs1:30 PMPDC5W7
Carolina Thunder05
TueTidewater Drillers12:00 PMCP-SL7
ThurToledo McGuire Insurance2:00 PMJB3L12
FriSan Antonio Texans10:00 AMCL3L12
Fri@ Orlando Wrinkles1:30 PMCL2L9
SatMidwest Senators10:00 AMJB3L14
Cleveland Dodgers32
ThurRichmond Riverdogs2:00 PMPDC2W6
FriMidwest Senators10:00 AMTP3W2
Fri@ Baltimore Orioles1:30 PMTP-SL20
SatMinnesota Goats10:00 AMTP4L10
SatTampa Bay Sharks1:30 PMTP-SW7
Cleveland Spiders13
ThurBanana Sharks5:30 PMTP-SL23
Fri@ Blue Ridge Rangers10:00 AMTP4W8
FriFort Myers Cubs1:30 PMTP2L16
SatTuscaloosa Tornados10:00 AMPDC1L9
Fort Myers Cubs13
TueSt. Louis Patriots12:00 PMJB4L3
ThurTidewater Drillers2:00 PMCL4L14
Fri@ Cleveland Spiders1:30 PMTP2W1
SatBlue Ridge Rangers1:30 PMPDC5L8
Huntsville Trash Pandas23
Tue@ Youngstown A2Z12:00 PMCL2L9
ThurLivingston Dodgers2:00 PMPDC3W1
FriMinnesota Bandits1:30 PMJB3L14
Fri@ Minnesota Goats5:00 PMTP2W8
SatToledo McGuire Insurance1:30 PMCP-SL16
Livingston Dodgers22
ThurHuntsville Trash Pandas2:00 PMPDC3L9
FriSt. Louis Patriots10:00 AMCL2L9
Fri@ San Antonio Texans1:30 PMCL4W5
SatTampa Bay Sharks10:00 AMTP3W0
Massachusetts Chiefs40
ThurMinnesota Bandits2:00 PMPDC4W2
FriAtlanta Heat10:00 AMJB5W1
Fri@ Youngstown A2Z1:30 PMJB5W4
SatTidewater Drillers10:00 AMTP-SW1
Midwest Senators13
ThurTampa Bay Sharks2:00 PMTP4L5
Fri@ Cleveland Dodgers10:00 AMTP3L10
FriBanana Sharks1:30 PMTP4L12
SatCarolina Thunder10:00 AMJB3W4
Minnesota Bandits13
ThurMassachusetts Chiefs2:00 PMPDC4L12
FriYoungstown A2Z10:00 AMJB4L12
Fri@ Huntsville Trash Pandas1:30 PMJB3W11
SatSan Antonio Texans10:00 AMPDC3L9
Minnesota Goats22
ThurYoungstown A2Z2:00 PMCL2W4
Fri@ Toledo McGuire Ins10:00 AMJB3L9
FriHuntsville Trash Pandas5:00 PMTP2L8
SatCleveland Dodgers10:00 AMTP4W5
Orlando Wrinkles31
ThurAtlanta Heat2:00 PMCL3W2
Fri@ Tidewater Drillers10:00 AMCL4L9
FriCarolina Thunder1:30 PMCL2W4
SatYoungstown A2Z10:00 AMPDC2W12
Richmond Riverdogs23
Tue@ Tampa Bay Sharks12:00 PMJB5W0
ThurCleveland Dodgers2:00 PMPDC2L11
Fri@ Banana Sharks10:00 AMTP-SL13
FriBaltimore Orioles5:00 PMTP4L17
SatAtlanta Heat10:00 AMTP2W6
San Antonio Texans32
ThurSt. Louis Patriots2:00 PMCP-SW6
Fri@ Carolina Thunder10:00 AMCL3W10
FriLivingston Dodgers1:30 PMCL4L16
SatMinnesota Bandits10:00 AMPDC3W6
SatBaltimore Orioles1:30 PMPDC3L4
St. Louis Patriots41
ThurSan Antonio Texans2:00 PMCP-SW2
Fri@ Livingston Dodgers10:00 AMCL2W7
FriTidewater Drillers1:30 PMCL3W2
SatBaltimore Orioles10:00 AMPDC5L8
SatYoungstown A2Z1:30 PMPDC4W8
Tampa Bay Sharks24
TueRichmond Riverdogs12:00 PMJB5L11
ThurMidwest Senators2:00 PMTP4W4
Fri@ Tuscaloosa Tornados10:00 AMTP2L8
FriBlue Ridge Rangers1:30 PMTP3W9
SatLivingston Dodgers10:00 AMTP3L6
SatCleveland Dodgers1:30 PMTP-SL8
Tidewater Drillers32
Tue@ Carolina Thunder12:00 PMCP-SW0
ThurFort Myers Cubs2:00 PMCL4W12
FriOrlando Wrinkles10:00 AMCL4W3
Fri@ St. Louis Patriots1:30 PMCL3L15
SatMassachusetts Chiefs10:00 AMTP-SL7
Toledo McGuire Insurance31
ThurCarolina Thunder2:00 PMJB3W5
FriMinnesota Goats10:00 AMJB3W3
Fri@ Atlanta Heat1:30 PMJB4L23
SatHuntsville Trash Pandas1:30 PMCP-SW11
Tuscaloosa Tornados30
ThurBanana Sharks2:00 PMPDC5W6
FriTampa Bay Sharks10:00 AMTP2W6
SatCleveland Spiders10:00 AMPDC1W3
Youngstown A2Z24
TueHuntsville Trash Pandas12:00 PMCL2W6
ThurMinnesota Goats2:00 PMCL2L5
Fri@ Minnesota Bandits10:00 AMJB4W9
FriMassachusetts Chiefs1:30 PMJB5L12
SatOrlando Wrinkles10:00 AMPDC2L15
SatSt. Louis Patriots1:30 PMPDC4L10

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