Sunshine Classic Schedule / Results 2023

Sunshine Classic Schedule and Results

Family Ties Schedule and Results

New England Red Sox team photo

Family Ties Top Finisher:
New England Red Sox

Family Ties Schedule and Results
family ties standings

Timeless Schedule and Results

South Jersey Spikes team photo

Sunshine Classic Timeless-70 Top Finisher:
South Jersey Spikes

Vintage Schedule and Results

Game Face team photo

Sunshine Classic Vintage-65 Top Finisher:
Game Face

Classics Schedule and Results

DC Pirates Team Photo

Sunshine Classic Timeless-60 Top Finisher:
DC Pirates

Sunshine Classic 60s Results 1
Sunshine Classic 60s Results 2
Sunshine Classic 60s Standings

Legends 55 Schedule and Results

Staten Island Bombers Team Photo

Sunshine Classic Legends-55 Top Finisher:
Staten Island Bombers

Florida Sharks Tom Breckman Party
Florida Sharks (Legends-55) threw and on-field birthday party for Tom Beckmann, second from left, with Cuyahoga Indians joining in on the pre-game celebration.
Legends 55s results 1
Legends 55s Results 2
Legends 55s standings

Legends 50 Schedule and Results

Sunshine Classic Legends-50s top finisher:
Lansing Blue Jays

Classics 2 and Forever Young Results

Fort Myers Cubs Team Photo

Sunshine Classic Classics-60.2 Top Finisher:
Fort Myers Cubs

Team Cambria Photo

Sunshine Classic Forever Young-75 Top Finisher:
Team Cambria
Tied with Antiques, both 5-1 & split 2 games

Maine Woods Antiques Team Photo

Sunshine Classic Forever Young-75 Top Finisher:
Maine Woods Antiques
Tied with Team Cambria, both 5-1 & split 2 games

Masters Schedule and Results

Lansing A's Team Photo

Sunshine Classic Masters-45 Top Finisher:
Lansing A’s

Veterans Schedule and Results

Minnesota Bruins Team Photo

Sunshine Classic Veterans-35 Top Finisher:
Minnesota Bruins

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