Sunshine Classic Age Groups, Formats & Guidelines

Roy Hobbs Sunshine Classsic

2022 Roy Hobbs Sunshine Classic Formats & Divisions


All ages defined by the calendar year.

  • 35+ Veterans Division – March 3-6 … Up to 3 players at least 30; players must have reached their 35th birthday to pitch. (10 teams maximum.)
  • 45+ Masters Division – February 24-27 … No underage. (12 teams maximum.)
  • 50+ Legends Division – February 18-21 … No underage. (14 teams maximum.)
  • 55+ Legends Division – February 14-17 … No underage. (14 teams maximum.)
  • 60+ Classics Division – February 10-13 … No underage. (14 teams maximum.)
  • 65+ Vintage Division – February 4-8 … No underage. (14 teams maximum.)
  • 70+ Timeless Division – January 30-February 3 … One player at least 69, no restrictions. (10 teams maximum.)
  • Family Ties Division – Postponed to fall 2022, Tentative.
  • NOTE I: RH only deals in even numbers of teams in this event, i.e., 10 teams registered, RH will not take #11 until #12 registers and pays.
  • NOTE II: RH holds one team slot annually for a free agent team in each division; Building those teams will start early in January if there are enough free agents (last 2 years more than enough).  The deadline to create a FA team will be 4 weeks prior to a division starting.


  • The Sunshine Classic is an Invitation-Only event.
  • Returning teams in good standing with Roy Hobbs will receive an email invitation at a date during the first week of December (Dec. 3, 2021 this year). Teams will have 72 hours to act on the invitation before things get crowded.
  • Invitation will include a registration link, limited to one age division. Complete and submit that registration, and an invoice for the non-refundable $500 deposit will be automatically generated and emailed.
  • Deposit Invoice must be paid before position in event is guaranteed. A second, final invoice will be generated in early January.
  • 4 days after the initial invitation is sent, assuming positions are open, a second round of invitations will be sent to new teams on the waiting list. That invitation will be emailed to teams in the order in which they requested one, and BY AGE division.  E., requests received in October will be responded to first.  (For example, on Dec. 7, 2021, RH will issue one invitation per age group, and do the same thing on Dec. 8 and Dec. 9 until the field is filled.)
  • Each team in the second list will have 24 hours to act before next invitation goes out.
  • Teams wanting to play in multiple divisions should notify Roy Hobbs. If slots are open after all invitations are issued, a second invitation will be issued.

Fee Data

  • The event requires a Team fee, information is supplied at team request.
  • Deposit: $500 non-refundable deposit required at registration (submitted registration will generate an email cash invoice) to hold a slot in the Sunshine Classic.  Balance of fees will be invoiced at least 4 weeks before division starts play.
  • Insurance: $260 or COI (Certificate of Insurance) with Roy Hobbs Diamond Ent. LLC named as an additional insured.  (Contact Roy Hobbs if interested in lnsurance-Membership bundle to cover multiple events.)
  • Free Agents: Free Agents may register as of December 16, 2021, through the landing page.  Registration requires a non-refundable $50 to be added to Free Agent list.  That $50 will be forwarded to the team adding the free agent.


  • This is a non-championship event.
  • 6 games guaranteed. All games at 7-inning format.
  • Age-specific Roy Hobbs Baseball playing rules are used.
  • Rosters are limited to 16 players, please don’t ask for more.
  • All divisions, except 65s & 70s, play the same format, 6 games over 4 days.
  • Day 1 – Check-in starts by 10 AM and everyone plays a game in the afternoon. Day 2 & 3 – Everyone plays 2 games.
  • Day 4 – Exit day with morning game.  #2 vs. #1, #4 vs. #3, #6 vs. #5 etc. No rematches.  If multiple pools of teams, matchup would be 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, etc., with no rematches.
  • Per team requests and as an experiment, 65s & 70s will play a similar format over 5 days with only one double-header on day 2-3-4, still playing one game one the first and last days of the event.
  • Note: RH can play 5 games at each game time at PDC.  In divisions with 12 and 14 teams, 1 or 2 games will be played at Terry Park in both AM and PM.  RH will endeavor to limit the travel, but there are no guarantees.

Locker Room

  • All players have a locker in the PDC Clubhouse locker room. Note … 14 teams with 16 players each equals 224 players.  The PDC Clubhouse has 225 lockers, including the double-lockers which will house 2 players.  No unregistered individuals allowed in clubhouse.
  • Clubhouse includes hot & cold hydrotherapy tubs for pre- and post-game soaking, trainers, laundry service, soft drinks and bottled water. Bottled water will also be available in the dugouts.  There is NO alcohol allowed at any of the sites.
  • Continental breakfast will be supplied.
  • Lunch buffet will be served between games; Guests pay $10.
  • Clubhouse will open at 8 a.m. and close 90 minutes after final game of day is completed.
  • Players using the trainers are expected to tip the trainers at the end of their stay.
  • Team managers will be supplied an envelope for team tips for the clubbies; those to be turned into Mike Murphey, Marc Landals or Tom Giffen.


  • Contact Tom Giffen at or Marc Landals at

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