Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Election Procedure

Election to the Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame starts with the nomination of an individual by anyone who so chooses.

The Hall of Fame Board of Trustees will not accept self-nominations and respectfully requests that relatives not be nominators or references.

Roy Hobbs qualifications checklist for Hall of Fame candidates:

  1. A minimum of 15 years involvement in either the Roy Hobbs World Series or local Roy Hobbs league organization.
  2. Contributions to the game, team and teammates must be clearly apparent and verifiable.
  3. Contributions to leadership within relationship to the game must be clearly apparent and verifiable.
  4. Candidate’s character must be clearly apparent and verifiable with regard to Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty, Self-sacrifice, Accountability and Self-control. Are they ‘heroes’ when no one is watching and role models when everyone is watching?
  5. Concrete examples of contributions to the game, leadership and character are required.
  6. This is the Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame: Accomplishments should focus on contributions to Roy Hobbs’ teammates, teams, leagues, competition and/or the Roy Hobbs World Series.

The nominating period opened April 1, and closed June 15.

The nomination form calls for the inclusion of 2 references in addition to the nominator. The 2 references are mandatory, and each of those individuals are integral to the election process.

Once the nomination form is submitted electronically, here is the process:

  1. The nomination is assigned to a member of the Board of Trustees.
  2. The Trustee will call the nominator within 3 business days of the submission of the nomination, to talk about the process, explain the importance of a questionnaire that will be sent to the Nominator and the references.
  3. The Trustee will then send a questionnaire to the Nominator and the references via email. The questionnaire will call for evaluation, opinion and examples to back up those opinions.
  4. Nominator and References must return the questionnaire within 14 days to the Trustee. Unreturned questionnaires will cause a nomination to be tabled until the following year.
  5. The Trustee will review the returned questionnaires and will follow up with another call to the Nominator and is encouraged to call references for clarification of their answers or to seek examples.
  6. The Trustee then produces a report on the Nominee, based on the nomination, the questionnaire responses and his telephone interviews. That report goes to the full Board of Trustees no later than July 6.
  7. The Board of Trustees will meet the about 1 week later to review the nominees and determine which ones meet Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame criteria.
  8. Those nominations, with the individual Trustee’s report, will be sent to all the members of the Hall of Fame to vote.
  9. To be elected to the Hall of Fame, nominees must be named on 70% of the Hall of Fame members ballots.
  10. The Trustees then meet to validate the Hall of Fame balloting and to review any nominees who did not receive the 70% threshold. Any Trustee can move for reconsideration of any nominee and call for a Trustees vote. Again 70% of the Trustees voting must be in favor of the nominee. (Please note that more than half of the Trustees are members of the Hall of Fame – they cannot vote twice so must choose whether to vote as a Hall of Famer or as a Trustee. That decision is made before July 6.)
  11. Once the Class is chosen, those elected are notified; for those not chosen, the Trustee responsible for the review of that nominee will contact the nominator.
  12. Then the planning for the Induction Ceremonies begins.

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