Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame

Mission Statement

The Roy Hobbs Baseball Hall of Fame is established to recognize and honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the game of baseball through their involvement with Roy Hobbs Baseball for at least 15 years, the Roy Hobbs World Series and their local leagues and teams.  Individuals shall have made contributions as players, managers, umpires, sponsors or administrators. Contributions should have been made on and off the field of play, all impacting the dugout; a prime consideration for induction is the individual’s Character and contributions to the game, their teammates and baseball colleagues.” (v3/2017)

Board of Trustees

The Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame is guided by the RH Hall of Fame Board of Trustees, which developed the Mission Statement that has been the guidepost throughout the nomination and election process, which, this year, included voting by the existing members of the HoF. Trustees volunteer for 3-year terms and take the lead in reviewing nominations and the vetting of candidates and interviewing nominators and references.  The Trustees prepare the materials that then go to the Members of the Hall of Fame for their vote — candidates receiving votes from 70% of responding Hall of Fame Members are elected.  The Trustees then review the remaining candidates and vote themselves, again with a 70% threshold for election.  Many candidates take 2 years to be elected.

Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame Trustees for 2024:

Chairman: Tom Giffen* (Florida)

Trustees: Joe Adams* (New Jersey), Bill Bierne (Pennsylvania), Bill Devine* (Pennsylvania), JD Hinson* (North Carolina), ,Marc Landals (Florida), Ted Lesiak (Ohio), Glenn Miller (Florida), Bill Russo (Ohio), Bart Waldman* (Washington). * — denotes Hall of Fame member. Recording Secretary – Bonnie Fear.

The Brian Mullen Ambassador of Baseball Award

“Roy Hobbs’ Brian Mullen Ambassador of Baseball Award is presented during the annual Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame celebration.  Recipients (not to be confused with inductees) are associated with Roy Hobbs Baseball and are selected at the discretion of the Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame Trustees.  They will be recognized with a plaque for their Meritorious Service as an Ambassador of Amateur Baseball.”

Roy Hobbs’ Brian Mullen Ambassador of Baseball Award is presented during the annual Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame celebration. The award is named for Brian Mullen, both its initial recipient and the face of Roy Hobbs Customer Service efforts since 1994.  Brian has worked as a field manager and statistician for the Roy Hobbs World Series since 1994, but to most players and managers he’s known as the guy who solves their problems at whatever field they find him, the guy with the perpetual smile and personal first-name greeting for everyone. For Roy Hobbs Baseball, Brian Mullen sets the standard for working with customers on a one-on-one basis, and he keeps tabs on all the scores during each World Series, advising the Roy Hobbs leadership team on who’s played who, records, strength of schedule, and has become an integral part of setting up the playoff brackets each week of the Roy Hobbs World Series.

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