Blue Ridge Spring Dinger

Blue Ridge Spring Dinger

Blue Ridge Spring Dinger

Canceled for 2020

The Blue Ridge Spring Dinger will use fields that are normally used for youth events.  We will have mounds at 60′ and bases at 90′ on artificial infields with 320′ outfield fences.  It is a mid-week event that will be played Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday in mid April.  The idea is to give the 60+ players from up north a place to shake off the rust before they begin their own league.  But with the shortened fences, a homerun is a possibility.

The event will be held at Bob Lewis Park, located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in beautiful Candler, NC.  It is very close to Asheville, which has a wonderful downtown designed for pedestrians.  It is also very close to the one and only Biltmore Estates, which may be the closest thing we have to a castle on American soil.  We may be able to swing an Asheville Tourists game, if they playing yet and are in town.

We will hold a homerun/longball contest on Tuesday afternoon on the small field, 285′ fence all the way around. No extra fee will be required to compete.  The plan is to give each batter 12 swings at a 50 MPH strait fastball from a pitching machine.  Note, the number of pitches may change depending on number of competitors.

Bob Lewis Park – Asheville, NC

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