Blue Ridge Spring Dinger

Invitation Process

We have recognized that several teams are feeling left out from being invited to the Blue Ridge Spring Dinger.  We do feel sorry for those that did not get an invitation; however, there are more teams interested than there are spots in a 6-team event.  We could invite the same 6 teams every year, and they would all probably accept, but what about the other 10+ teams?  So, we think we have come up with a good way to figure out who gets in.

            First of all, we still intend do a 60s Elite Division where we invite the top competition to attend. Former champions and teams that request to play the best of the 60s teams will be invited.

            Secondly, the host team, JD Hinson’s Carolina Rockies, get one berth in any division they choose as he is the reason were able to begin this unique event in Asheville at Bob Lewis Ball Park.  Also, each division’s champion gets an invitation the following year to defend their title.  After that, the other berths are up for grabs. Toward that end, we have decided the only fair way is to draw for slots.

            Given the number of teams and players that come to the 60s, 65s & 70s Roy Hobbs World Series, we believe that every team that has expressed interest in the Blue Ridge Spring Dinger is represented during their respective WS weeks.  Therefore, we are planning to use it as an opportunity to hold a drawing for the Spring Dinger teams while managers and players are there to represent themselves. Either the team manager or a representative player must be present in order to submit their team for that drawing. Once all the available slots are filled, the drawing will continue for the wait list. Invoices will be sent to managers in December with a deadline to pay the $1000 deposit. Any team not getting the deposit in by that deadline will be dropped and we’ll go to the wait list in the order they were drawn.