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Veterans Division Schedule and Results

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Akron Cardinals24
Sun@ TTown Jack-O’s2:00 PMCP-SL4
WedBaltimore Chop10:00 AMPDC4W8
Tue@ Panhandle Pirates10:00 AMJB6W10
TueCentral Florida Bulldogs2:00 PMJB4L7
ThurGermain Ohio Aces10:00 AMPDC3L22
Fr-2A#7 NEO Angels1:30 PMJB5L14
Baltimore Chop33
SunDetroit Dodgers2:00 PMJB5W3
Wed@ Akron Cardinals10:00 AMPDC4L14
Tue@ TTown Jack-O’s10:00 AMJB4W3
TuePanhandle Pirates2:00 PMJB5L10
ThurCincinnati Colt .45s10:00 AMTP4W12
3A-G7@ #6 Germain Ohio Aces10:00 AMPDC3L13
Bellacino’s Red Sox06
SunGlass City Black Sox10:00 AMPDC4L11
Sun@ South Bend Cardinals2:00 PMPDC3L22
WedCincinnati Colt .45s10:00 AMTP-SL6
Thur@ Tennessee White Lightnin’1:30 PMPDC2L13
ThurFort Myers Breeze10:00 AMPDC5L11
2A-G8@ #7 NEO Angels10:00 AMJB4L10
Central Florida Bulldogs33
Sun@ Detroit Dodgers10:00 AMJB6L10
SunPanhandle Pirates2:00 PMJB4W5
WedTTown Jack-O’s2:00 PMPDC5W9
Tue@ Akron Cardinals2:00 PMJB4W2
ThurSouth Bend Cardinals10:00 AMPDC1L12
3A-G3@ #8 Cleveland Steve’s Sports10:00 AMPDC2L7
*Chicago Knights35
Sun@ Minnesota Web Gems10:00 AMJB5L9
WedVukgripz Akron A’s10:00 AMPDC5L10
Wed@ Minnesota Oilers2:00 PMPDC3L21
TueMiami Cubs10:00 AMPDC2W8
ThurCleveland Steve’s Sports10:00 AMTP-SL12
Fr-3A#10 Minnesota Bulldogs1:30 PMPDC5W2
Sa-SF#3 Cobra Kai10:00 AMTP4W5
Sa-Ch#8 Cleve Steve’s Sports1:30 PMTP-SL10
*Chicago Woodpeckers54
Sun@ Puerto Rico Twins2:00 PMJB3L5
Wed@ Tallahassee Tomahawks10:00 AMJB3L6
WedTidewater Drillers2:00 PMJB4L10
TueMinnesota Bulldogs2:00 PMPDC5W0
Th-4A@ #1 New Jersey Mets9:30 AMJB3W1
Th-4A@ #6 Puerto Rico Twins1:00 PMJB5W5
Fr-4A@ #2 Tidewater Drillers10:00 AMCP-SL11
Sa-SF@ #3 Tallahassee Tomahawks10:00 AMPDC1W4
Sa-Ch@ #2 Tidewater Drillers1:30 PMCP-SW4
Cincinnati Colt .45s24
SunFlint Tigers10:00 AMPDC2W11
Wed@ Bellacino’s Red Sox10:00 AMTP-SW5
WedTennessee White Lightnin’2:00 PMTP2L10
Tue@ Rock Solid Americans10:00 AMPDC4L7
ThurBaltimore Chop10:00 AMTP4L18
2A-G3@ #8 Panhandle Pirates10:00 AMJB3L5
*Cleveland Steve’s Sports63
SunTidewater Drillers2:00 PMPDC5L11
WedPuerto Rico Twins10:00 AMJB4L8
Wed@ Minnesota Bulldogs2:00 PMJB6L13
Tue@ Tallahassee Tomahawks10:00 AMCP-SW1
ThurChicago Knights10:00 AMTP-SW2
3A-G3#9 Central Florida Bulldogs10:00 AMPDC2W5
3A-G10@ #1 Rock Solid Americans1:30 PMPDC4W4
3A-SF@ #4 Detroit Dodgers10 AMTP2W2
3A-Ch@ #2 Chicago Knights1:30 PMTP-SW7
Cobra Kai61
SunFort Myers Breeze10:00 AMPDC1W4
Wed@ Flint Tigers10:00 AMCP-SW14
Tue@ NEO Angels10:00 AMJB3W5
TueGermain Ohio Aces2:00 PMJB6W5
ThurGlass City Black Sox10:00 AMTP3W5
3A-G12#6 Germain Ohio Aces1:30 PMPDC2W5
3A-SF@ #2 Chicago Knights10:00 AMTP4L7
Detroit Dodgers43
SunCentral Florida Bulldogs10:00 AMJB6W5
Sun@ Baltimore Chop2:00 PMJB5L13
Wed@ Panhandle Pirates2:00 PMJB3W6
TueTTown Jack-O’s2:00 PMJB3W2
ThurRock Solid Americans10:00 AMPDC2L19
3A-G11#12 Miami Cubs1:30 PMPDC3W5
3A-SF#8 Cleve Steve’s Sports10:00 AMTP2L4
Flint Tigers25
Sun@ Cincinnati Colt .45s10:00 AMPDC3L14
SunUkraine-NMR 19262:00 PMPDC1W8
WedCobra Kai10:00 AMCP-SL15
Tue@ Germain Ohio Aces10:00 AMJB5L8
ThurPanhandle Pirates1:30 PMPDC5L23
2A-G11#5 TTown Jack-O’s10:00 AMJB5W0
2A-SF#8 Panhandle Pirates10:00 AMPDC3L17
Fort Myers Breeze15
Sun@ Cobra Kai10:00 AMPDC1L15
SunNEO Angels2:00 PMPDC2L15
Wed@ Germain Ohio Aces10:00 AMTP4L19
ThurUkraine-NMR 19261:30 PMPDC3L18
ThurBellacino’s Red Sox10:00 AMPDC5W10
2A-G12#6 Tennessee White Lightnin’10:00 AMJB6L15
Germain Ohio Aces43
Sun@ Ukraine-NMR 192610:00 AMPDC5L5
WedFort Myers Breeze10:00 AMTP4W2
TueFlint Tigers10:00 AMJB5W5
Tue@ Cobra Kai2:00 PMJB6L5
ThurAkron Cardinals10:00 AMPDC3W10
3A-G7#11 Baltimore Chop10:00 AMPDC3W5
3A-SF@ #3 Cobra Kai10:00 AMPDC2L15
Glass City Black Sox33
Sun@ Bellacino’s Red Sox10:00 AMPDC4W1
Wed@ Rock Solid Americans10:00 AMTP2W5
WedSouth Bend Cardinals2:00 PMTP-SL17
TueTennessee White Lightnin’10:00 AMPDC3W0
ThurCobra Kai10:00 AMTP3L9
3A-G8#10 Minnesota Bulldogs10:00 AMPDC4L3
*Miami Cubs16
SunMinnesota Oilers10:00 AMJB3L10
Wed@ Minnesota Web Gems10:00 AMPDC3L9
WedNew Jersey Mets2:00 PMPDC2L8
Tue@ Chicago Knights10:00 AMPDC2L9
ThurMinnesota Bulldogs10:00 AMTP2L11
3A-G4@ #5 South Bend Cardinals10:00 AMPDC5W4
3A-G11@ #4 Detroit Dodgers1:30 PMPDC3L15
*Minnesota Bulldogs34
SunTallahassee Tomahawks2:00 PMJB6L8
Wed@ Tidewater Drillers10:00 AMJB5L14
WedCleveland Steve’s Sports2:00 PMJB6W7
Tue@ Chicago Woodpeckers2:00 PMPDC5L5
ThurMiami Cubs10:00 AMTP2W3
3A-G8@ #7 Glass City Black Sox10:00 AMPDC4W1
3A-G13@ #2 Chicago Knights1:30 PMPDC5L12
*Minnesota Oilers33
Sun@ Miami Cubs10:00 AMJB3W3
Wed@ New Jersey Mets10:00 AMPDC1L8
WedChicago Knights2:00 PMPDC3W2
TueVukgripz Akron A’s2:00 PMPDC1W3
Th-4A#6 Puerto Rico Twins9:30 AMJB4L3
Th-4A@ #1 New Jersey Mets1:00 PMJB6L8
*Minnesota Web Gems53
SunChicago Knights10:00 AMJB5W6
WedMiami Cubs10:00 AMPDC3W4
Wed@ Vukgripz Akron A’s2:00 PMPDC4W7
Tue@ New Jersey Mets10:00 AMPDC5L8
Th-4A@ #3 Tallahassee Tomahawks9:30 AMJB5L2
Th-4A#8 Vukgripz Akron A’s1:00 PMJB4W4
Fr-4A#6 Puerto Rico Twins10:00 AMTP3W1
Fr-4A@ #3 Tallahassee Tomahawks1:30 PMTP-SL12
NEO Angels63
SunSouth Bend Cardinals10:00 AMPDC3L18
Sun@ Fort Myers Breeze2:00 PMPDC2W14
Wed@ Ukraine-NMR 192610:00 AMPDC2W6
TueCobra Kai10:00 AMJB3L10
ThurTTown Jack-O’s1:30 PMPDC4L16
2A-G8#10 Bellacino’s Red Sox10:00 AMJB4W0
2A-G13@ #2 Akron Cardinals1:30 PMJB5W1
2A-SF@ #6 Tennessee White Lightnin’10 AMPDC4W4
2A-Ch#8 Panhandle Pirates1:30 PMPDC5W3
*New Jersey Mets52
Sun@ Vukgripz Akron A’s10:00 AMJB4W3
WedMinnesota Oilers10:00 AMPDC1W7
Wed@ Miami Cubs2:00 PMPDC2W3
TueMinnesota Web Gems10:00 AMPDC5W4
Th-4A#7 Chicago Woodpeckers9:30 AMJB3L5
Th-4A#4 Minnesota Oilers1:00 PMJB6W4
Fr-4A#3 Tallahassee Tomahawks10:00 AMTP-SL13
Panhandle Pirates54
Sun@ Central Florida Bulldogs2:00 PMJB4L12
WedDetroit Dodgers2:00 PMJB3L11
TueAkron Cardinals10:00 AMJB6L12
Tue@ Baltimore Chop2:00 PMJB5W8
ThurFlint Tigers1:30 PMPDC5W7
2A-G3#9 Cincinnati Colt .45s10:00 AMJB3W4
2A-G10@ #1 Ukraine-NMR 19261:30 PMJB3W1
2A-SF@ #4 Flint Tigers10:00 AMPDC3W1
2A-Ch@ #7 NEO Angels1:30 PMPDC5L7
*Puerto Rico Twins34
SunChicago Woodpeckers2:00 PMJB3W1
Wed@ Cleveland Steve’s Sports10:00 AMJB4W0
WedTallahassee Tomahawks2:00 PMJB5L8
Tue@ Tidewater Drillers10:00 AMPDC1L4
Th-4A@ #4 Minnesota Oilers9:30 AMJB5W2
Th-4A#7 Chicago Woodpeckers1:00 PMJB5L8
Fr-4A@ #5 Minnesota Web Gems10:00 AMTP3L6
Rock Solid Americans42
Sun@ Tennessee White Lightnin’10:00 AMCP-SW2
WedGlass City Black Sox10:00 AMTP2L6
TueCincinnati Colt .45s10:00 AMPDC4W2
Tue@ South Bend Cardinals2:00 PMPDC4W5
ThurDetroit Dodgers10:00 AMPDC2W6
3A-G10#8 Cleve Steve’s Sports1:30 PMPDC4L6
South Bend Cardinals42
Sun@ NEO Angels10:00 AMPDC2W4
SunBellacino’s Red Sox2:00 PMPDC3W1
Wed@ Glass City Black Sox2:00 PMTP-SW3
TueRock Solid Americans2:00 PMPDC4L7
ThurCentral Florida Bulldogs10:00 AMPDC1W7
3A-G4#12 Miami Cubs10:00 AMPDC5L6
*Tallahassee Tomahawks63
Sun@ Minnesota Bulldogs2:00 PMJB6W0
WedChicago Woodpeckers10:00 AMJB3W2
Wed@ Puerto Rico Twins2:00 PMJB5W7
TueCleveland Steve’s Sports10:00 AMCP-SL3
Th-4A#5 Minnesota Web Gems9:30 AMJB5W1
Th-4A@ #2 Tidewater Drillers1:00 PMJB3L3
Fr-4A@ #1 New Jersey Mets10:00 AMTP-SW8
Fr-4A#5 Minnesota Web Gems1:30 PMTP-SW6
4A-SF#7 Chicago Woodpeckers10 AMPDC1L5
Tennessee White Lightnin’34
SunRock Solid Americans10:00 AMCP-SL9
Wed@ Cincinnati Colt .45s2:00 PMTP2W7
Tue@ Glass City Black Sox10:00 AMPDC3L10
ThurBellacino’s Red Sox1:30 PMPDC2W2
ThurUkraine-NMR 192610:00 AMPDC4L9
2A-G12@ #3 Fort Myers Breeze10:00 AMJB6W8
2A-SF#7 NEO Angels10:00 AMPDC4L8
*Tidewater Drillers71
Sun@ Cleveland Steve’s Sports2:00 PMPDC5W3
WedMinnesota Bulldogs10:00 AMJB5W13
Wed@ Chicago Woodpeckers2:00 PMJB4W5
TuePuerto Rico Twins10:00 AMPDC1W3
Th-4A#8 Vukgripz Akron A’s9:30 AMJB6W3
Th-4A#3 Tallahassee Classics1:00 PMJB3W2
Fr-4A#7 Chicago Woodpeckers10:00 AMCP-SW10
Sa-4A#7 Chicago Woodpeckers1:30 PMCP-SL5
TTown Jack-O’s24
SunAkron Cardinals2:00 PMCP-SW3
Wed@ Central Florida Bulldogs2:00 PMPDC5L10
TueBaltimore Chop10:00 AMJB4L13
Tue@ Detroit Dodgers2:00 PMJB3L3
ThurNEO Angels1:30 PMPDC4W9
2A-G11@ #4 Flint Tigers10:00 AMJB5L3
Ukraine-NMR 192633
SunGermain Ohio Aces10:00 AMPDC5W4
Sun@ Flint Tigers2:00 PMPDC1L11
WedNEO Angels10:00 AMPDC2L12
Thur@ Fort Myers Breeze1:30 PMPDC3W16
ThurTennessee White Lightnin’10:00 AMPDC4W5
2A-G10#8 Panhandle Pirates1:30 PMJB3L11
*Vukgripz Akron A’s15
SunNew Jersey Mets10:00 AMJB4L4
Wed@ Chicago Knights10:00 AMPDC5W3
WedMinnesota Web Gems2:00 PMPDC4L11
Tue@ Minnesota Oilers2:00 PMPDC1L5
Th-4A@ #2 Tidewater Drillers9:30 AMJB6L8
Th-4A@ #5 Minnesota Web Gems1:00 PMJB4L7

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