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Masters Division Schedule and Results

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*Denotes AAAA Team
Baltimore Astros43
Sun@ Crystal Clinic Indians2:00 PMPDC3W7
MonChicago Knights2:00 PMTP-SL17
Wed@ Cincinnati Colt .45s10:30 AMJB5L11
TueTennessee Dirtbags10:00 AMCP-SW16
WedVS New Jersey Thunder Twins1:30 PMJB4W8
Fr-2A-G11#12 Baltimore Astros1:30 PMJB4W2
Sa-2A-SF#7 Minnesota Bandits10:00 AMPDC2L16
Baltimore Thunder53
SunKent Mudhens2:00 PMTP3W18
Mon@ Pittsburgh 45s10:00 AMPDC4L13
TueWinnipesaukee Muskrats10:00 AMJB5W4
Tue@ New Jersey Railriders2:00 PMJB4L24
WedVS Huntsville Havoc1:30 PMTP2W3
Fr-3A-G8#15 Tidewater Drillers1:30 PMTP2W5
Fr-3A-G13@ #9 Windy City Warriors5:30 PMTP4W6
Sa-3A-SF@ #3 Swamp Donkeys10:00 AMTP2L4
Carolina Thunder44
Sun@ New Jersey Thunder Twins2:00 PMPDC5L7
Mon@ Doc Ford’s Sea Dogs10:00 AMTP3W4
MonWindy City Warriors2:00 PMTP4L9
TueDuPage Indians5:30 PMTP-SW9
WedVS Tidewater Drillers1:30 PMTP-SL14
Fr-2A-G8@ #5 Chicago Cardinals10:00 AMJB6W5
Fr-2A-G13@ #2 New Jersey Thunder Twins1:30 PMJB6W3
Sa-2A-SF#10 Dayton Wolves10 AMPDC5L10
Chicago Cardinals24
SunLansing Blue Jays10:00 AMPDC1W1
Sun@ Cleveland Cobras2:00 PMPDC1L7
MonMaine Black Bears10:00 AMJB3L8
Tue@ New Jersey Thunder Twins10:00 AMTP4L14
WedVS Victoria HarbourCats10:00 AMPDC2W6
Fr-2A-G8#8 Carolina Thunder10:00 AMJB6L15
Chicago Colts34
Sun@ South Atlanta Twins10:00 AMTP4L10
MonMinnesota Diamonds2:00 PMCP-SL14
TueDayton Wolves10:00 AMJB4W2
Tue@ Orlando Brewers2:00 PMJB3L11
WedVS Tennessee Dirtbags10:00 AMTP3W6
Fr-3A-G7@ #12 Jet Box1:30 PMPDC3W7
Fr-3A-G12@ #3 Swamp Donkeys5:30 PMTP3L9
Chicago Knights61
SunCrystal Clinic Indians10:00 AMPDC3W8
Mon@ Tennessee Dirtbags10:00 AMTP4W2
Mon@ Baltimore Astros2:00 PMTP-SW5
TueJersey Shore Baseball10:00 AMPDC2W2
WedVS Maine Black Bears10:00 AMTP-SW9
Fr-3A-G2#8 Lake Erie Blue Jays10:00 AMPDC2W0
Fr-3A-G10#7 Lehigh Valley Railriders5:30 PMTP-SL15
*Chicago North Redhawks33
Sun@ Tidewater Drillers10:00 AMJB4W1
SunJet Box2:00 PMJB5W4
MonHPK Oilers10:00 AMPDC1L6
Tue@ Kenmore Orioles10:00 AMTP-SW2
Th-4A-G4@ #2 Pittsburgh 45s10:00 AMJB6L6
Th-4A-G8@ #3 Orlando Braves1:30 PMJB4L9
Cincinnati Colt .45s24
SunTennessee Dirtbags10:00 AMJB3L6
Mon@ St. Louis Pirates2:00 PMTP2W4
WedBaltimore Astros10:30 AMJB5W7
Tue@ Huntsville Havoc2:00 PMPDC1L11
WedVS Kent Mudhens (7)1:30 PMJB6L17
Fr-2A-G3#7 Minnesota Bandits10:00 AMJB3L16
Cleveland Cobras42
SunChicago Cardinals2:00 PMPDC1W5
Wed@ DuPage Indians12:30 PMPDC4W4
TueDoc Ford’s Sea Dogs10:00 AMPDC3W3
Tue@ Lansing Blue Jays2:00 PMPDC2W4
WedVS Dayton Ducks1:30 PMPDC1L13
Fr-3A-G9#9 Windy City Warriors1:30 PMTP4L9
Crystal Clinic Indians44
Sun@ Chicago Knights10:00 AMPDC3L11
SunBaltimore Astros2:00 PMPDC3L20
MonSt. Louis Pirates10:00 AMTP-SW6
Tue@ Jersey Shore Baseball2:00 PMPDC3L13
WedVS NW Indiana Dogs1:30 PMJB3L9
Fr-A-G2#8 Tennessee Dirtbags1:30 PMPDC1W2
Sa-A-SF#5 PSOF Rangers10:00 AMPDC3W5
Sa-A-Ch#2 DuPage Indians1:30 PMPDC3W5
*CWC-Krueger’s Krew33
Sun@ NW Indiana Dogs2:00 PMTP4W0
MonOrlando Braves10:00 AMPDC3L15
Tue@ Lehigh Valley Railriders1:00 PMTP2W9
TueMinneapolis Millers10:00 AMTP3W0
Th-4A-G1@ #1 Orlando Brewers10:00 AMJB3L14
Th-4A-G7@ #4 HPK Oilers1:30 PMJB6L11
Dayton Ducks62
SunMinnesota Bandits10:00 AMPDC4W5
Sun@ Fort Myers Breeze2:00 PMPDC4W7
Wed@ Dundalk Nationals10:30 AMPDC3L10
TueVictoria HarbourCats2:00 PMTP4W3
WedVS Cleveland Cobras1:30 PMPDC1W3
Fr-3A-G5#5 Maine Black Bears1:30 PMPDC5W5
Fr-3A-G11#13 NW Indiana Dogs5:30 PMTP2W5
Sa-3A-SF#7 Lehigh Valley Railriders10 AMTP4L7
Dayton Wolves54
SunSouth Atlanta Twins2:00 PMTP-SW5
MonOrlando Brewers10:00 AMPDC2L8
Tue@ Chicago Colts10:00 AMJB4L6
Tue@ Minnesota Diamonds2:00 PMJB5L15
WedVS Lansing Blue Jays10:00 AMTP2L13
Fr-2A-G7#11 Winnipesaukee Muskrats10:00 AMJB5W4
Fr-2A-G12@ #3 Lansing Blue Jays1:30 PMJB5W1
Sa-2A-SF@ #8 Carolina Thunder10 AMPDC5W8
Sa-2A-Ch@ #7 Minnesota Bandits1:30 PMPDC5W1
Doc Ford’s Sea Dogs06
Sun@ DuPage Indians10:00 AMPDC5L11
SunWindy City Warriors2:00 PMCP-SL22
MonCarolina Thunder10:00 AMTP3L17
Tue@ Cleveland Cobras10:00 AMPDC3L13
WedVS Kent Mudhens (7)10:30 AMJB6L7
Fr-A-G1@ #8 Tennessee Dirtbags10:00 AMPDC1L7
Dundalk Nationals24
SunPSOF Rangers10:00 AMPDC2W8
Sun@ Swamp Donkeys2:00 PMPDC2L12
WedDayton Ducks10:30 AMPDC3W9
Tue@ Minnesota Bandits2:00 PMCP-SL14
WedVS Lake Erie Blue Jays1:30 PMPDC2L23
Fr-A-G5@ #2 DuPage Indians10:00 AMPDC5L9
DuPage Indians35
SunDoc Ford’s Sea Dogs10:00 AMPDC5W8
Mon@ Lansing Blue Jays10:00 AMPDC5L18
WedCleveland Cobras12:30 PMPDC4L5
Tue@ Carolina Thunder5:30 PMTP-SL10
WedVS Minneapolis Millers1:30 PMPDC5L9
Fr-A-G5#7 Dundalk Nationals10:00 AMPDC5W8
Sa-A-SF#3 Fort Myers Breeze10:00 AMPDC4W4
Sa-A-Ch@ #1 Crystal Clinic Indians1:30 PMPDC3L9
Fort Myers Breeze34
SunDayton Ducks2:00 PMPDC4L14
MonLake Erie Blue Jays10:00 AMJB4L17
Wed@ Minnesota Bandits12:30 PMPDC5W5
Tue@ Victoria HarbourCats5:30 PMTP4W3
WedVS Winnipesaukee Muskrats1:30 PMPDC4L17
Fr-A-G4#6 St. Louis Pirates10:00 AMPDC4W7
Sa-A-SF@ #2 DuPage Indians10:00 AMPDC4L15
*HPK Oilers52
Sun@ Jet Box10:00 AMJB6W4
Mon@ Chicago North Redhawks10:00 AMPDC1W5
TueKenmore Orioles5:00 PMTP2W7
TueTidewater Drillers5:30 PMTP3W3
Th-4A-G2#6 New Jersey Railriders10:00 AMJB4L12
Th-4A-G7#8 CWC Kruger’s Krew1:30 PMJB6W1
Fr-4A-G9#5 Minnesota Diamonds10:00 AMTP2L9
Huntsville Havoc24
Sun@ Tennessee Dirtbags2:00 PMJB4W2
Mon@ Jersey Shore Baseball10:00 AMCP-SL9
TueSt. Louis Pirates10:00 AMPDC5L13
TueCincinnati Colt .45s2:00 PMPDC1W10
WedVS Baltimore Thunder1:30 PMTP2L5
Fr-2A-G10#7 Minnesota Bandits1:30 PMJB3L15
Jersey Shore Baseball42
Sun@ St. Louis Pirates2:00 PMJB6W3
MonHuntsville Havoc10:00 AMCP-SW4
Tue@ Chicago Knights10:00 AMPDC2L18
TueCrystal Clinic Indians2:00 PMPDC3W3
WedVS Windy City Warriors1:30 PMJB5W14
Fr-3A-G6@ #3 Swamp Donkeys1:30 PMPDC4L14
Jet Box24
SunHPK Oilers10:00 AMJB6L8
Sun@ Chicago North Redhawks2:00 PMJB5L7
Mon@ Tidewater Drillers10:00 AMTP2W3
TueKenmore Orioles2:00 PMTP2W4
WedVS Lehigh Valley Railriders10:00 AMPDC1L8
Fr-3A-G7#14 Chicago Colts1:30 PMPDC3L10
Kenmore Orioles15
SunTidewater Drillers2:00 PMJB3L14
Mon@ HPK Oilers2:00 PMPDC1L9
TueChicago North Redhawks10:00 AMTP-SL12
Tue@ Jet Box2:00 PMTP2L14
WedVS PSOF Rangers10:00 AMJB4W1
Fr-3A-G3@ #7 Lehigh Valley Railriders10:00 AMTP4L13
Kent Mudhens34
Sun@ Baltimore Thunder2:00 PMTP3L19
SunNew Jersey Railriders5:30 PMTP3L18
MonPittsburgh 45s2:00 PMPDC4L13
Tue@ Winnipesaukee Muskrats2:00 PMJB6W7
WedVS Doc Ford’s Sea Dogs (7)10:30 AMJB6W5
WedVS Cincinnati Colt .45s (7)1:30 PMJB6W5
Fr-3A-G4#13 NW Indiana Dogs1:30 PMPDC2L12
Lake Erie Blue Jays33
Sun@ Victoria HarbourCats10:00 AMJB5L11
Mon@ Fort Myers Breeze10:00 AMJB4W7
MonSwamp Donkeys2:00 PMJB5W7
TuePSOF Rangers2:00 PMPDC4L9
WedVS Dundalk Nationals1:30 PMPDC2W11
Fr-3A-G2@ #1 Chicago Knights10:00 AMPDC2L12
Lansing Blue Jays24
Sun@ Chicago Cardinals10:00 AMPDC1L7
MonDuPage Indians10:00 AMPDC5W8
Tue@ Maine Black Bears10:00 AMPDC1L9
TueCleveland Cobras2:00 PMPDC2L14
WedVS Dayton Wolves10:00 AMTP2W3
Fr-2A-G12#10 Dayton Wolves1:30 PMJB5L11
Lehigh Valley Railriders72
Sun@ Minneapolis Millers2:00 PMTP2W5
SunNW Indiana Dogs5:30 PMTP-SW10
TueCWC-Krueger’s Krew1:00 PMTP2L14
Tue@ Orlando Braves10:00 AMTP2L3
WedVS Jet Box10:00 AMPDC1W5
Fr-3A-G3#16 Kenmore Orioles10:00 AMTP4W3
Fr-3A-G10@ #1 Chicago Knights5:30 PMTP-SW3
Sa-3A-SF@ #4 Dayton Ducks10 AMTP4W2
Sa-3A-Ch@ #3 Swamp Donkeys1:30 PMTP-SW8
Maine Black Bears42
SunNew Jersey Thunder Twins10:00 AMCP-SW6
Mon@ Chicago Cardinals10:00 AMJB3W3
TueLansing Blue Jays10:00 AMPDC1W7
Tue@ Windy City Warriors2:00 PMPDC5W2
WedVS Chicago Knights10:00 AMTP-SL19
Fr-3A-G5@ #4 Dayton Ducks1:30 PMPDC5L12
Minneapolis Millers25
Sun@ Orlando Braves10:00 AMTP-SL15
SunLehigh Valley Railriders2:00 PMTP2L11
TueNW Indiana Dogs1:00 PMTP-SL7
Tue@ CWC-Krueger’s Krew10:00 AMTP3L12
WedVS DuPage Indians1:30 PMPDC5W8
Fr-2A-G4@ #9 South Atlanta Twins10:00 AMJB4W3
Fr-2A-G11@ #4 Baltimore Astros1:30 PMJB4L12
Minnesota Bandits54
Sun@ Dayton Ducks10:00 AMPDC4L6
Mon@ PSOF Rangers10:00 AMJB5W1
WedFort Myers Breeze12:30 PMPDC5L15
TueDundalk Nationals2:00 PMCP-SW4
WedVS Swamp Donkeys1:30 PMPDC3L20
Fr-2A-G3@ #6 Cincinnati Colt .45s10:00 AMJB3W5
Fr-2A-G10@ #1 Huntsville Havoc1:30 PMJB3W10
Sa-2A-SF@ #4 Baltimore Astros10:00 AMPDC2W5
Sa-2A-Ch#10 Dayton Wolves1:30 PMPDC5L9
*Minnesota Diamonds53
SunOrlando Brewers10:00 AMTP3L5
Mon@ Chicago Colts2:00 PMCP-SW4
Tue@ South Atlanta Twins10:00 AMJB6W0
TueDayton Wolves2:00 PMJB5W2
Th-4A-G3@ #3 Orlando Braves10:00 AMJB5W9
Th-4A-G6@ #2 Pittsburgh 45s1:30 PMJB3L13
Fr-4A-G9@ #4 HPK Oilers10:00 AMTP2W6
FR-4A-G12#6 New Jersey Railriders1:30 PMTP-SL5
*New Jersey Railriders63
Sun@ Kent Mudhens5:30 PMTP3W1
MonWinnipesaukee Muskrats2:00 PMJB4W1
Tue@ Pittsburgh 45s10:00 AMJB3L8
TueBaltimore Thunder2:00 PMJB4W2
Th-4A-G2@ #4 HPK Oilers10:00 AMJB4W5
Th-4A-G5@ #1 Orlando Brewers1:30 PMJB5L7
Fr-4A-G10@ #3 Orlando Braves10:00 AMTP-SW0
FR-4A-G12@ #5 Minnesota Diamonds1:30 PMTP-SW3
Sa-4A-SF@ #2 Pittsburgh 45s10 AMTP-SL2
New Jersey Thunder Twins24
Sun@ Maine Black Bears10:00 AMCP-SL9
SunCarolina Thunder2:00 PMPDC5W3
Wed@ Windy City Warriors10:30 AMJB3L6
TueChicago Cardinals10:00 AMTP4W7
WedVS Baltimore Astros1:30 PMJB4L17
Fr-2A-G10#8 Carolina Thunder1:30 PMJB6L7
NW Indiana Dogs34
SunCWC-Krueger’s Krew2:00 PMTP4L12
Sun@ Lehigh Valley Railriders5:30 PMTP-SL12
Tue@ Minneapolis Millers1:00 PMTP-SW3
TueOrlando Braves2:00 PMTP-SL9
WedVS Crystal Clinic Indians1:30 PMJB3W1
Fr-3A-G4@ #11 Kent Mudhens1:30 PMPDC2W11
Fr-3A-G11@ #4 Dayton Ducks5:30 PMTP2L5
*Orlando Braves52
SunMinneapolis Millers10:00 AMTP-SW5
Mon@ CWC-Krueger’s Krew10:00 AMPDC3W6
TueLehigh Valley Railriders10:00 AMTP2W2
Tue@ NW Indiana Dogs2:00 PMTP-SW2
Th-4A-G3#5 Minnesota Diamonds10:00 AMJB5L12
Th-4A-G8#7 Chicago North Redhawks1:30 PMJB4W8
Fr-4A-G10#6 New Jersey Railriders10:00 AMTP-SL1
*Orlando Brewers71
Sun@ Minnesota Diamonds10:00 AMTP3W3
Mon@ Dayton Wolves10:00 AMPDC2W2
MonSouth Atlanta Twins2:00 PMPDC2W0
TueChicago Colts2:00 PMJB3W1
Th-4A-G1#8 CWC Kruger’s Krew10:00 AMJB3W4
Th-4A-G5#6 New Jersey Railriders1:30 PMJB5W6
Fr-4A-G11#2 Pittsburgh 45s10:00 AMCP-SW2
Sa-4A-Ch#2 Pittsburgh 45s1:30 PMCP-SL6
*Pittsburgh 45s81
Sun@ Winnipesaukee Muskrats10:00 AMTP2W0
MonBaltimore Thunder10:00 AMPDC4W3
Mon@ Kent Mudhens2:00 PMPDC4W0
TueNew Jersey Raillriders10:00 AMJB3W6
Th-4A-G4#7 Chicago North Redhawks10:00 AMJB6W2
Th-4A-G6#5 Minnesota Diamonds1:30 PMJB3W2
Fr-4A-G11@ #1 Orlando Brewers10:00 AMCP-SL4
Sa-4A-SF#6 New Jersey Railriders10:00 AMTP-SW0
Sa-4A-Ch@ #1 Orlando Brewers1:30 PMCP-SW2
PSOF Rangers25
Sun@ Dundalk Nationals10:00 AMPDC2L11
MonMinnesota Bandits10:00 AMJB5L24
TueSwamp Donkeys10:00 AMPDC4L21
Tue@ Lake Erie Blue Jays2:00 PMPDC4W5
WedVS Kenmore Orioles10:00 AMJB4L11
Fr-A-G3@ #4 Victoria HarbourCats10:00 AMPDC3W3
Sa-A-SF@ #1 Crystal Clinic Indians10:00 AMPDC3L8
South Atlanta Twins24
SunChicago Colts10:00 AMTP4W8
Sun@ Dayton Wolves2:00 PMTP-SL6
Mon@ Orlando Brewers2:00 PMPDC2L10
TueMinnesota Diamonds10:00 AMJB6L14
WedVS St. Louis Pirates10:00 AMCP-SW8
Fr-2A-G4#12 Minneapolis Millers10:00 AMJB4L6
St. Louis Pirates15
SunJersey Shore Baseball2:00 PMJB6L8
Mon@ Crystal Clinic Indians10:00 AMTP-SL7
MonCincinnati Colt .45s2:00 PMTP2L13
Tue@ Huntsville Havoc10:00 AMPDC5W4
WedVS South Atlanta Twins10:00 AMCP-SL9
Fr-A-G4@ #3 Fort Myers Breeze10:00 AMPDC4L11
Swamp Donkeys72
SunDundalk Nationals2:00 PMPDC2W2
MonVictoria HarbourCats10:00 AMJB6W2
Mon@ Lake Erie Blue Jays2:00 PMJB5L8
Tue@ PSOF Rangers10:00 AMPDC4W7
WedVS Minnesota Bandits1:30 PMPDC3W7
Fr-3A-G6#6 Jersey Shore Baseball1:30 PMPDC4W1
Fr-3A-G12#14 Chicago Colts5:30 PMTP3W0
Sa-3A-SF#10 Baltimore Thunder10:00 AMTP2W3
Sa-3A-Ch#7 Lehigh Valley Railriders1:30TP-SL9
Tennessee Dirtbags25
Sun@ Cincinnati Colt .45s10:00 AMJB3W3
SunHuntsville Havoc2:00 PMJB4L7
MonChicago Knights10:00 AMTP4L9
Tue@ Baltimore Astros10:00 AMCP-SL17
WedVS Chicago Colts10:00 AMTP3L7
Fr-A-G1#9 Doc Ford’s Sea Dogs10:00 AMPDC1W1
Fr-A-G2@ #1 Crystal Clinic Indians1:30 PMPDC1L3
Tidewater Drillers24
SunChicago North Redhawks10:00 AMJB4L10
Sun@ Kenmore Orioles2:00 PMJB3W4
MonJet Box10:00 AMTP2L13
Tue@ HPK Oilers5:30 PMTP3L10
WedVS Carolina Thunder1:30 PMTP-SW9
Fr-3A-G8@ #10 Baltimore Thunder1:30 PMTP2L9
Victoria HarbourCats15
SunLake Erie Blue Jays10:00 AMJB5W1
Mon@ Swamp Donkeys10:00 AMJB6L8
Tue@ Dayton Ducks2:00 PMTP4L25
TueFort Myers Breeze5:30 PMTP4L9
WedVS Chicago Cardinals10:00 AMPDC2L17
Fr-A-G3#5 PSOF Rangers10:00 AMPDC3L14
Windy City Warriors43
Sun@ Doc Ford’s Sea Dogs2:00 PMCP-SW17
Mon@ Carolina Thunder2:00 PMTP4W6
WedNew Jersey Thunder Twins10:30 AMJB3W1
TueMaine Black Bears2:00 PMPDC5L14
WedVS Jersey Shore Baseball1:30 PMJB5L16
Fr-3A-G9@ #2 Cleveland Cobras1:30 PMTP4W7
Fr-3A-G13#10 Baltimore Thunder5:30 PMTP4L11
Winnipesaukee Muskrats15
SunPittsburgh 45s10:00 AMTP2L7
Mon@ New Jersey Railriders2:00 PMJB4L11
Tue@ Baltimore Thunder10:00 AMJB5L15
TueKent Mudhens2:00 PMJB6L10
WedVS Fort Myers Breeze1:30 PMPDC3W6
Fr-2A-G7@ #10 Dayton Wolves10:00 AMJB5L5

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