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* AAAA Team
Albany Capitals53
Sun@ Jersey Bananas5:00 PMTP3W5
MonFlorida Sharks1:45 PMJB6L17
TueWright Field Reds10:00 AMPDC2L9
Tue@ DuPage Indians1:45 PMPDC2W3
WedWindy City Warriors10:00 AMTP3L14
Fr-2A#5 Carolina Thunder1:00 PMTP2W4
Sa-2A@ #1 Aurora Islanders9:00 AMPDC3W2
2A-Ch@ #2 Minnesota Goats1 PMPDC5W2
Americans Baseball Club15
Sun@ Huntsville Dirtbags1:45 PMTP2L15
SunBergen Yankees5:00 PMTP-SL16
MonDuPage Angels1:45 PMJB3L22
Tue@ Minnesota Bandits Red1:45 PMJB3W7
WedMassachusetts Chiefs1:30 PMPDC3L12
Fr-2A#9 Steel City Hawks9:00 AMTP4L16
Aurora Islanders43
Sun@ Cuyahoga Indians1:45 PMPDC2L6
Mon@ Huntsville Havoc10:00 AMPDC5W11
MonPhiladelphia Generals1:45 PMPDC4W4
TuePensacola Barracudas10:00 AMTP4W11
WedFlorida Sharks1:30 PMTP2L12
Fr-2A#7 MN Bandits Gold1:00 PMPDC5W6
Sa-2A#4 Albany Capitals9:00 AMPDC3L17
Baltimore Thunder42
Sun@ Minnesota Goats10:00 AMPDC4L3
Mon@ Summa Ortho Brewers10:00 AMTP3W3
MonDoc Ford’s Sea Dogs1:45 PMTP-SW10
TueDuPage Wildcat10:00 AMPDC4W2
WedWright Field Reds10:00 AMTP4W6
Fr-3A#10 Windy City Warriors9:00 AMPDC4L6
Banana Sharks52
SunCarolina Thunder10:00 AMPDC5W2
MonMinnesota Goats10:00 AMTP4W2
Mon@ Kodak Reds1:45 PMTP4W13
Tue@ Doc Ford’s Sea Dogs1:45 PMJB4L5
WedCuyahoga Indians1:30 PMTP3W2
Fr-3A#8 Greenville Wolfpack9:00 AMJB3W2
Fr-3A#5 Carolina Rockies1:00 PMJB5L26
Bergen Yankees24
Sun@ Americans Baseball Club5:00 PMTP-SW10
MonMinnesota Bandits Red1:45 PMPDC1W9
Tue@ DuPage Angels10:00 AMJB4L14
TueHuntsville Dirtbags1:45 PMJB6L5
WedChicago Giants10:00 AMTP2L16
Fr-3A@ #12 Chicago Knights9:00 AMPDC3L17
*Border City Brewers71
Sun@ Minnesota Bandits Gold10:00 AMJB3W3
MonStaten Island Bombers10:00 AMTP-SW6
Mon@ Chicago Giants1:45 PMTP2L14
TueOrlando Blazers1:45 PMCP-SW5
Th-4A@ #4 Kennebec Cubs10:00 AMJB4W4
Th-4A#8 Huntsville Dirtbags1:30 PMJB5W6
Fr-4A#7 South Dakota Rushmores9:00 AMCP-SW1
4A-Ch#7 South Dakota Rushmores1:00 PMCP-SW1
Carolina Rockies62
SunPensacola Barracudas10:00 AMPDC3W5
Mon@ Greenville Wolfpack10:00 AMCP-SW8
Tue@ Cuyahoga Indians10:00 AMTP2W7
TueHuntsville Havoc1:45 PMTP-SW6
WedDallas Rangers10:00 AMPDC4L13
Fr-3A#6 DuPage Wildcat9:00 AMJB4W3
Fr-3A@ #3 Banana Sharks1:00 PMJB5W11
Sa-3A@ #2 Florida Sharks9 AMTP3L14
Carolina Thunder24
Sun@ Banana Sharks10:00 AMPDC5L7
SunMinnesota Goats1:45 PMPDC3L10
Mon@ DuPage Wildcat10:00 AMPDC4W9
TueKodak Reds1:45 PMJB5L20
WedSumma Ortho Brewers10:00 AMPDC2W5
Fr-2A@ #4 Albany Capitals1:00 PMTP2L13
Chicago Giants33
Sun@ Orlando Blazers10:00 AMJB5L11
SunMinnesota Bandits Gold1:45 PMJB4W10
MonBorder City Brewers1:45 PMTP2W4
Tue@ Staten Island Bombers10:00 AMPDC3L11
WedBergen Yankees10:00 AMTP2W9
Fr-3A#16 New Jersey Twins9:00 AMJB5L9
Chicago Knights43
SunSouth Dakota Rushmores10:00 AMJB6L14
Sun@ Swamp Donkeys1:45 PMJB5L23
Mon@ Fort Myers Breeze10:00 AMPDC1W8
TueSteel City Hawks1:45 PMTP4W16
WedOrlando Blazers10:00 AMTP-SW6
Fr-3A#15 Bergen Yankees9:00 AMPDC3W2
Fr-3A@ #10 Windy City Warriors1:00 PMPDC2L12
Cuyahoga Indians33
Sun@ Greenville Wolfpack10:00 AMPDC1W4
SunAurora Islanders1:45 PMPDC2W1
Mon@ Philadelphia Generals10:00 AMPDC2W1
TueCarolina Rockies10:00 AMTP2L15
WedBanana Sharks1:30 PMTP3L12
Fr-3A@ #1 Dallas Rangers9:00 AMPDC1L11
Dallas Rangers61
SunWright Field Reds10:00 AMTP2W7
Mon@ Windy City Warriors1:45 PMJB5W8
TueFlorida Sharks10:00 AMTP-SW1
Tue@ Midwest Pirates1:45 PMTP2W2
WedCarolina Rockies10:00 AMPDC4W12
Fr-3A#7 Cuyahoga Indians9:00 AMPDC1W8
Fr-3A#13 Massachusetts Chiefs1:00 PMPDC3L17
Doc Ford’s Sea Dogs24
MonSumma Ortho Brewers1:00 PMTP3W1
Mon@ Baltimore Thunder1:45 PMTP-SL12
Tue@ Minnesota Goats10:00 AMJB6L25
TueBanana Sharks1:45 PMJB4W3
WedGreenville Wolfpack1:30 PMPDC5L12
Fr-2A#6 MN Bandits Red1:00 PMTP3L6
*DuPage Angels42
Sun@ Minnesota Bandits Red10:00 AMCP-SW3
MonHuntsville Dirtbags10:00 AMJB3W5
Mon@ Americans Baseball Club1:45 PMJB3W8
TueBergen Yankees10:00 AMJB4W3
Th-4A#7 South Dakota Rushmores10:00 AMJB6L4
Th-4A#6 Staten Island Bombers1:30 PMJB3L9
DuPage Indians15
Sun@ Florida Sharks10:00 AMTP4L25
SunMidwest Pirates1:45 PMTP3W7
Mon@ Jersey Bananas1:45 PMCP-SL12
TueAlbany Capitals1:45 PMPDC2L17
WedHuntsville Havoc (7)1:30 PMPDC1L17
Fr-A@ #4 Kodak Reds1:00 PMJB4L11
DuPage Wildcat33
Sun@ Summa Ortho Brewers10:00 AMPDC2W2
SunKodak Reds1:45 PMPDC5W3
MonCarolina Thunder10:00 AMPDC4L15
Tue@ Baltimore Thunder10:00 AMPDC4L3
WedMinnesota Goats1:30 PMTP4W9
Fr-3A@ #5 Carolina Rockies9:00 AMJB4L8
Florida Sharks81
SunDuPage Indians10:00 AMTP4W1
MonMidwest Pirates10:00 AMJB6W2
Mon@ Albany Capitals1:45 PMJB6W9
Tue@ Dallas Rangers10:00 AMTP-SL6
WedAurora Islanders1:30 PMTP2W2
Fr-3A#9 Wright Field Reds9:00 AMJB6W1
Fr-3A#16 New Jersey Twins1:00 PMJB3W1
Sa-3A#5 Carolina Rockies9:00 AMTP3W2
3A-Ch#13 Massachusetts Chiefs1 PMTP-SW12
Fort Myers Breeze06
SunSwamp Donkeys10:00 AMJB4L16
Sun@ Steel City Hawks1:45 PMJB3L6
MonChicago Knights10:00 AMPDC1L11
Tue@ South Dakota Rushmores1:45 PMPDC5L11
WedMinnesota Bandits Gold10:00 AMPDC5L13
Fr-2A@ #6 MN Bandits Red9:00 AMTP3L7
Greenville Wolfpack33
SunCuyahoga Indians10:00 AMPDC1L8
Sun@ Pensacola Barracudas1:45 PMPDC4W3
MonCarolina Rockies10:00 AMCP-SL17
Tue@ Philadelphia Generals5:00 PMTP-SW5
WedDoc Ford’s Sea Dogs1:30 PMPDC5W2
Fr-3A@ #3 Banana Sharks9:00 AMJB3L10
*Huntsville Dirtbags44
SunAmericans Baseball Club1:45 PMTP2W5
Mon@ DuPage Angels10:00 AMJB3L13
TueMinnesota Bandits Red10:00 AMJB5L10
Tue@ Bergen Yankees1:45 PMJB6W3
Th-4A@ #1 Swamp Donkeys10:00 AMJB3W5
Th-4A@ #5 Border City Brewers1:30 PMJB5L16
Fr-4A@ #6 Staten Island Bombers9:00 AMTP2W8
Fr-4A@ #4 Kennebec Cubs1:00 PMTP-SL11
Huntsville Havoc45
SunPhiladelphia Generals1:45 PMCP-SW5
MonAurora Islanders10:00 AMPDC5L25
Mon@ Pensacola Barracudas1:45 PMPDC2L22
Tue@ Carolina Rockies1:45 PMTP-SL10
WedMidwest Pirates (7)10:30 AMPDC1L18
WedDuPage Indians (7)1:30 PMPDC1W10
Fr-A#7 Jersey Bananas1:00 PMPDC4W6
Fr-A#6 Midwest Pirates5:00 PMTPW5
A-Ch#4 Kodak Reds11:00 AMPDC2L12
Jersey Bananas24
Sun@ Wright Field Reds1:45 PMTP-SL10
SunAlbany Capitals5:00 PMTP3L18
MonDuPage Indians1:45 PMCP-SW5
Tue@ Windy City Warriors10:00 AMCP-SL11
WedKodak Reds10:00 AMPDC3W10
Fr-A@ #2 Huntsville Havoc1:00 PMPDC4L10
*Kennebec Cubs63
Sun@ PSOF Rangers1:45 PMTP4L6
SunOmaha Indians5:00 PMTP4W9
Mon@ Massachusetts Chiefs1:45 PMJB4W6
TueNew Jersey Twins1:45 PMPDC1W5
Th-4A#5 Border City Brewers10:00 AMJB4L8
Th-4A@ #1 Swamp Donkeys1:30 PMJB6W10
Fr-4A@ #3 PSOF Rangers9:00 AMTP-SW3
Fr-4A#8 Huntsville Dirtbags1 PMTP-SW5
Sa-4A#7 South Dakota Rushmores9 AMTP-SL9
Kodak Reds44
Sun@ DuPage Wildcat1:45 PMPDC5L6
MonBanana Sharks1:45 PMTP4L15
TueSumma Ortho Brewers10:00 AMJB3L17
Tue@ Carolina Thunder1:45 PMJB5W15
WedJersey Bananas10:00 AMPDC3L23
Fr-A#5 DuPage Indians1:00 PMJB4W1
Fr-A@ #1 Summa Ortho Brewers5:00 PMTPW7
A-Ch@ #2 Huntsville Havoc11:00 AMPDC2W1
Massachusetts Chiefs63
Sun@ New Jersey Twins10:00 AMTP3W14
Mon@ PSOF Rangers10:00 AMJB4L14
MonKennebec Cubs1:45 PMJB4L18
TueOmaha Indians10:00 AMPDC1W13
WedAmericans Baseball Club1:30 PMPDC3W9
Fr-3A#14 Orlando Blazers9:00 AMPDC2W16
Fr-3A@ #1 Dallas Rangers1:00 PMPDC3W2
Sa-3A#10 Windy City Warriors9 AMPDC2W4
3A-Ch@ #2 Florida Sharks1 PMTP-SL15
Midwest Pirates25
SunWindy City Warriors10:00 AMTP-SL8
Sun@ DuPage Indians1:45 PMTP3L11
Mon@ Florida Sharks10:00 AMJB6L18
TueDallas Rangers1:45 PMTP2L9
WedHuntsville Havoc (7)10:30 AMPDC1W8
Fr-A@ #3 Pensacola Barracudas1:00 PMPDC1W7
Fr-A@ #2 Huntsville Havoc5:00 PMTPL10
Minnesota Bandits Gold25
SunBorder City Brewers10:00 AMJB3L18
Sun@ Chicago Giants1:45 PMJB5L11
Mon@ Orlando Blazers10:00 AMTP2L11
TueStaten Island Bombers1:45 PMPDC3L20
WedFort Myers Breeze10:00 AMPDC5W1
Fr-2A#10 Omaha Indians9:00 AMPDC5W12
Fr-2A@ #1 Aurora Islanders1:00 PMPDC5L12
Minnesota Bandits Red35
SunDuPage Angels10:00 AMCP-SL9
Mon@ Bergen Yankees1:45 PMPDC1L14
Tue@ Huntsville Dirtbags10:00 AMJB5W5
TueAmericans Baseball Club1:45 PMJB3L20
WedNew Jersey Twins1:30 PMTP-SL12
Fr-2A#11 Fort Myers Breeze9:00 AMTP3W0
Fr-2A@ #3 Doc Ford’s Sea Dogs1:00 PMTP3W0
Sa-2A@ #2 Minnesota Goats9:00 AMPDC4L12
Minnesota Goats53
SunBaltimore Thunder10:00 AMPDC4W2
Sun@ Carolina Thunder1:45 PMPDC3W6
Mon@ Banana Sharks10:00 AMTP4L22
TueDoc Ford’s Sea Dogs10:00 AMJB6W24
WedDuPage Wildcat1:30 PMTP4L13
Fr-2A#9 Steel City Hawks1:00 PMTP4W9
Sa-2A#6 MN Bandits Red9:00 AMPDC4W11
2A-Ch#4 Albany Capitals1:00 PMPDC5L6
New Jersey Twins34
SunMassachusetts Chiefs10:00 AMTP3L15
Mon@ Omaha Indians1:45 PMPDC5W12
TuePSOF Rangers10:00 AMPDC5L15
Tue@ Kennebec Cubs1:45 PMPDC1L15
WedMinnesota Bandits Red1:30 PMTP-SW5
Fr-3A@ #11 Chicago Giants9:00 AMJB5W3
Fr-3A@ #2 Florida Sharks1:00 PMJB3L3
Omaha Indians15
Sun@ Kennebec Cubs5:00 PMTP4L11
MonNew Jersey Twins1:45 PMPDC5L19
Tue@ Massachusetts Chiefs10:00 AMPDC1L14
TuePSOF Rangers1:45 PMPDC4L18
WedSteel City Hawks1:30 PMPDC2W17
Fr-2A@ #7 MN Bandits Gold9:00 AMPDC5L13
Orlando Blazers24
SunChicago Giants10:00 AMJB5W7
Sun@ Staten Island Bombers1:45 PMJB6L6
MonMinnesota Bandits Gold10:00 AMTP2W1
Tue@ Border City Brewers1:45 PMCP-SL15
WedChicago Knights10:00 AMTP-SL10
Fr-3A@ #13 Massachusetts Chiefs9:00 AMPDC2L17
Pensacola Barracudas24
Sun@ Carolina Rockies10:00 AMPDC3L15
SunGreenville Wolfpack1:45 PMPDC4L11
MonHuntsville Havoc1:45 PMPDC2W17
Tue@ Aurora Islanders10:00 AMTP4L17
WedPhiladelphia Generals1:30 PMPDC4W10
Fr-A#6 Midwest Pirates1:00 PMPDC1L18
Philadelphia Generals06
Sun@ Huntsville Havoc1:45 PMCP-SL6
MonCuyahoga Indians10:00 AMPDC2L11
Mon@ Aurora Islanders1:45 PMPDC4L14
TueGreenville Wolfpack5:00 PMTP-SL11
WedPensacola Barracudas1:30 PMPDC4L11
Fr-A@ #1 Summa Ortho Brewers1:00 PMJB6L10
*PSOF Rangers52
SunKennebec Cubs1:45 PMTP4W2
MonMassachusetts Chiefs10:00 AMJB4W4
Tue@ New Jersey Twins10:00 AMPDC5W6
Tue@ Omaha Indians1:45 PMPDC4W16
Th-4A#6 Staten Island Bombers10:00 AMJB5W4
Th-4A#7 South Dakota Rushmores1:30 PMJB4L4
Fr-4A#4 Kennebec Cubs9:00 AMTP-SL13
*South Dakota Rushmores63
Sun@ Chicago Knights10:00 AMJB6W6
Mon@ Swamp Donkeys10:00 AMPDC3L13
MonSteel City Hawks1:45 PMPDC3W10
TueFort Myers Breeze1:45 PMPDC5W1
Th-4A@ #2 DuPage Angels10:00 AMJB6W2
Th-4A@ #3 PSOF Rangers1:30 PMJB4W1
Fr-4A@ #5 Border City Brewers9:00 AMCP-SL8
Sa-4A@ #4 Kennebec Cubs9:00 AMTP-SW3
4A-Ch@ #5 Border City Brewers1 PMCP-SL5
*Staten Island Bombers43
SunOrlando Blazers1:45 PMJB6W2
Mon@ Border City Brewers10:00 AMTP-SL9
TueChicago Giants10:00 AMPDC3W7
Tue@ Minnesota Bandits Gold1:45 PMPDC3W10
Th-4A@ #3 PSOF Rangers10:00 AMJB5L14
Th-4A@ #2 DuPage Angels1:30 PMJB3W3
Fr-4A#8 Huntsville Dirtbags9:00 AMTP2L9
Steel City Hawks25
SunFort Myers Breeze1:45 PMJB3W2
Mon@ South Dakota Rushmores1:45 PMPDC3L20
TueSwamp Donkeys10:00 AMTP3L20
Tue@ Chicago Knights1:45 PMTP4L17
WedOmaha Indians1:30 PMPDC2L26
Fr-2A@ #8 Americans Baseball9:00 AMTP4W11
Fr-2A@ #2 Minnesota Goats1:00 PMTP4L21
Summa Ortho Brewers25
SunDuPage Wildcat10:00 AMPDC2L10
Mon@ Doc Ford’s Sea Dogs1:00 PMTP3L5
MonBaltimore Thunder10:00 AMTP3L13
Tue@ Kodak Reds10:00 AMJB3W7
WedCarolina Thunder10:00 AMPDC2L26
Fr-A#8 Philadelphia Generals1:00 PMJB6W0
Fr-A#4 Kodak Reds5:00 PMTPL10
*Swamp Donkeys42
Sun@ Fort Myers Breeze10:00 AMJB4W1
SunChicago Knights1:45 PMJB5W2
MonSouth Dakota Rushmores10:00 AMPDC3W0
Tue@ Steel City Hawks10:00 AMTP3W3
Th-4A#8 Huntsville Dirtbags10:00 AMJB3L7
Th-4A#4 Kennebec Cubs1:30 PMJB6L11
Windy City Warriors53
Sun@ Midwest Pirates10:00 AMTP-SW3
Mon@ Wright Field Reds10:00 AMJB5L16
MonDallas Rangers1:45 PMJB5L12
TueJersey Bananas10:00 AMCP-SW1
WedAlbany Capitals10:00 AMTP3W13
Fr-3A@ #4 Baltimore Thunder9:00 AMPDC4W4
Fr-3A#12 Chicago Knights1:00 PMPDC2W11
Sa-3A#13 Massachusetts Chiefs9:00 AMPDC2L14
Wright Field Reds33
Sun@ Dallas Rangers10:00 AMTP2L14
SunJersey Bananas1:45 PMTP-SW8
MonWindy City Warriors10:00 AMJB5W5
Tue@ Albany Capitals10:00 AMPDC2W8
WedBaltimore Thunder10:00 AMTP4L7
Fr-3A@ #2 Florida Sharks9:00 AMJB6L8

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