Sea Otter Baseball Festival

Playing rules and guidelines

The Sea Otter event will follow the Roy Hobbs rules with the following addendums:

  1. Mercy rules:  The mercy rule will be 12 runs after 5 innings and 10 runs after 7 innings.
  2. Underage players
    a) 60s: allowed 3 players as young as 58.
    b) 45s: allowed 3 players as young as 43.
    c) Underage players may not steal bases or pitch.
    d) Players must reach division age by Dec. 31 to be eligible to pitch.
  3. If a pitcher hits 3 batters he may not pitch any more in that game.
  4. Game length:
    Pool play:  7 innings.
    Playoffs:  9 innings
  5. Time limit:
    9-innings:  No new inning shall start after 3 hours, unless it is championship game.
    7 innings:  No new inning shall start after 2 hours-30 minutes.
    All games, at time limit, finish the inning you are in, both teams batting.
    If you have a winner, game over.
    If Score tied, use RH Shootout rules.  The last batter from the previous inning will be on second; all batters will come to bat with a 2-2 count.  Play 3 outs, both teams hit (not sudden death); still tied, do it again.  If tied after 2 innings of shoutout, game is a tie.  NO shootouts in playoffs, play to completion.
  6. Shared lineup and Courtesy runners.
    a) A shared lineup spot can be announced at any point in the game.  The players in the shared spot will alternate batting.
    b) Each team will be allowed one courtesy runner to be announced with the original batting order. The runner will be the last out recorded.
    c) A second courtesy runner will be allowed if an injury occurs and player is unable to continue. (For example, if the ‘injured’ player is the pitcher and he is able to continue pitching, he can run the bases.)
  7. Here is the on-line address to the Roy Hobbs rules:







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