100% American Made Baseball Gloves

Roy Hobbs’ MADE IN THE USA Baseball Gloves

Roy Hobbs 100% MADE IN THE USA baseball gloves bring back the glory days of America’s favorite pastime. Roy Hobbs is all about true, classic baseball at its best. The genuine article – the crack of the bat, the smell of grass from the stands and the feel and aroma of fine, top-quality native American Steerhide. Designed with classic, “throwback” styling and manufactured to the highest standards with American made components and American made quality, you too can play with ball gloves created for “the best there ever was.” Roy Hobbs gloves are precision-cut and pre-treated with glove oils to soften and fortify the finest, full-grain, grass-fed American Steerhide leathers. The Roy Hobbs “Natural” and “Wonderboy” series of baseball gloves offer the fit and feel of your favorite “gamer” from yesteryear – a top-quality glove that you will cherish and use for years. Each glove is made of 100% American made components and manufactured in the USA to Roy Hobbs’ exacting specifications to give you a look and feel not found in many of today’s mass-produced gloves. Traditional American Quality…Classic American Design. It’s a “Natural” – Roy Hobbs!

Roy Hobbs’ Leather

Roy Hobbs’ leather is cut from an incredibly strong, yet malleable, genuine native American Steerhide that provides for ball gloves that require only modest break-in while maintaining their durability and shape season after season. Manufactured in the USA from 100% American made components, Roy Hobbs’ gloves are finished in either a rich, classic Burnished Walnut color (the Natural series), or a deep, Navy Blue with Burgundy trim and Cream-Colored laces (the Wonderboy series). Roy Hobbs gloves are precision-cut, hand-laced, pre-oiled and hand- rubbed, providing players at all levels with a professional feel and performance – American Quality for America’s Pastime…




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