About Roy Hobbs Gear

Made in the USA baseball gloves and more

Welcome to the updated and remodeled Roy Hobbs Gear Glove line …

While we have had a successful 14-year run with the RH Gear baseball gloves, we have been soliciting and listening to our customers suggestions for improvements in our products … And we are very excited with this now 2-year-old line of Roy Hobbs Gloves that represent what you have been saying to us …

• It is a top quality glove.
• It is Made in the USA, from all American components.
• It has a reasonable break-in period.
• It has a long-term life expectancy.
• It has an affordable price point for a top quality glove.
• And it encompasses two lines of gloves: The Natural and The Wonderboy.

The Natural – burnished walnut coloring with a distressed leather look, a throwback to the quality gloves of the 50s & 60s, gloves that many young players of that era used well into their adult playing lives.

The Wonderboy – A Navy-blue glove with burgundy accents and cream-lacing, a classy approach to the non-traditional look for Baseball Gloves, a glove that will catch your attention with its styling, coloring and classic baseball design.

It has been a daunting – and very interesting – task to reach this point where we can present you with a Made in the USA product that represents the best that America can offer in quality, design and durability. Research, discussions, prototypes, experimentation from summer of 2013 to now … what we have today is a 100% USA made Baseball Glove with 100% American components, from top quality Steerhide, to lacing to stamping to the thread in the tags and embroidery.

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