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Vintage Division

Daily Schedules

ASBA Indians53
Sun@ USA Volkers Group10:00 amCL4W5
Mon@ Asheville Sox01:45 pmJB3W7
TueTSP Fire01:45 pmCP-SW12
WedMichigan Stars10:00 amCL4L8
ThuSacramento Solons10:00 amPDC4L16
FriMaine Woods Baseball10:00 amPDC1W8
FriYoungstown Astros01:30 pmPDC5W10
SatSan Antonio Texans10:00 amTP4L17
Asheville Sox63
Sun@ Kent Mudhens10:00 amTP2W6
Mon@ St. Louis Braves10:00 amJB-SW3
MonASBA Indians01:45 pmJB3L12
WedUSA Volkers Group10:00 amPDC3L18
ThuHouston Colt .65s10:00 amPDC2W3
FriNaturals10:00 amJB1W1
FriMichigan Stars01:30 pmJB5W4
SatRaynham Baseball Club10:00 amTP2W3
SatSan Antonio Texans01:30 pmTP-SL18
Baltimore Baseball Club15
Sun@ Philadelphia Brewers10:00 amJB3L16
Mon@ Livingston Dodgers01:45 pmJB6L16
TueMinnesota Bees10:00 amCL2L11
WedNorth Coast Nationals10:00 amTP-SW12
ThuKent Mudhens10:00 amJB-SL14
FriKenmore Eastern Brewers10:00 amCSP5L12
Cincinnati Colt .45s35
SunNaturals10:00 amTP-SL10
Mon@ NorCal Antiques10:00 amJB6W3
Tue@ MBI Baseball10:00 amCL6L17
WedWashington Titans10:00 amCL2L23
ThuKenmore Eastern Brewers10:00 amPDC1L10
FriPotomac Senators10:00 amCSP4W4
FriSt Louis Braves01:30 pmCSP5W8
SatHouston Colt .65s10:00 amPDC4L20
DHBA Athletics42
Sun@ Wilmington NC Thunder10:00 amPDC1W10
MonNorth Coast Nationals10:00 amPDC4W5
TueSilver Foxes BBC of R. I.10:00 amPDC3W10
Wed@ Potomac Senators10:00 amCP-SL8
ThuMichigan Stars10:00 amCL6W1
FriToledo McGuire Insurance10:00 amJB-SL9
Houston Colt .65s44
Sun@ Midwest Nine10:00 amJB-SW3
SunMBI Baseball01:45 pmJB4L19
MonMaine Woods Baseball10:00 amJB2L13
Tue@ Toledo McGuire Ins10:00 amJB6W7
ThuAsheville Sox10:00 amPDC2L13
FriNorCal Antiques01:30 pmCSP2W21
SatCincinnati Colt .45s10:00 amPDC4W5
SatPhiladelphia Brewers01:30 pmPDC5L11
Kenmore Eastern Brewers34
SunNorCal Antiques10:00 amPDC5L13
Sun@ Lehigh Baseball01:45 pmCP-SW3
Mon@ Naturals01:45 pmCL3L25
TueRaynham Baseball Club10:00 amTP4L20
ThuCincinnati Colt .45s10:00 amPDC1W4
FriBaltimore Baseball Club10:00 amCSP5W6
FriPhiladelphia Brewers01:30 pmCSP4L14
Kent Mudhens24
SunAsheville Sox10:00 amTP2L11
Sun@ St. Louis Braves01:45 pmTP3L13
Mon@ USA Volkers Group10:00 amJB3W6
WedVintages Baseball Club10:00 amCL6L9
ThuBaltimore Baseball Club10:00 amJB-SW6
FriYoungstown Astros10:00 amCP-SL11
Lehigh Baseball15
SunKenmore Eastern Brewers01:45 pmCP-SL10
Mon@ Raynham Baseball Club10:00 amCL4L7
Tue@ Naturals10:00 amJB5L20
WedToledo McGuire Ins10:00 amPDC5L14
ThuPhiladelphia Gray Rocks10:00 amCL2W2
FriWilmington NC Thunder10:00 amCSP2L15
Livingston Dodgers24
Sun@ North Coast Nationals10:00 amJB4L6
MonBaltimore Baseball Club01:45 pmJB6W7
TuePhiladelphia Brewers10:00 amCL3L15
Wed@ Wilmington NC Thunder10:00 amJB-SW3
ThuMaine Woods Baseball10:00 amCL4L5
FriMichigan Stars10:00 amJB2L14
Maine Woods Baseball33
Sun@ Washington Titans10:00 amJB6L26
Mon@ Houston Colt .65s10:00 amJB2W3
TueMidwest Nine10:00 amPDC1W2
WedMBI Baseball01:45 pmCP-SL22
ThuLivingston Dodgers10:00 amCL4W3
FriASBA Indians10:00 amPDC1L13
MBI Baseball51
Sun@ Houston Colt .65s01:45 pmJB4W1
MonWashington Titans10:00 amJB1W8
TueCincinnati Colt .45s10:00 amCL6W6
Wed@ Maine Woods Baseball01:45 pmCP-SW3
ThuMinnesota Bees10:00 amTP2W7
SatSacramento Solons10:00 amCL4L7
Michigan Stars43
Sun@ Nova Scotia Monarchs10:00 amTP4W8
MonTSP Fire10:00 amJB5L13
TueUSA Volkers Group10:00 amTP-SW5
Wed@ ASBA Indians10:00 amCL4W3
ThuDHBA Athletics10:00 amCL6L13
FriLivingston Dodgers10:00 amJB2W11
FriAsheville Sox01:30 pmJB5L8
Midwest Nine43
SunHouston Colt .65s10:00 amJB-SL4
MonWilmington NC Thunder10:00 amCL2W5
Tue@ Maine Woods Baseball10:00 amPDC1L8
Wed@ Raynham Baseball Club10:00 amPDC4W16
ThuPhiladelphia Brewers10:00 amTP-SW8
FriNova Scotia Monarchs10:00 amJB4W1
FriSan Antonio Texans01:30 pmJB2L15
Minnesota Bees62
SunSacramento Solons10:00 amCP-SW1
Mon@ Philadelphia Brewers10:00 amPDC5W1
Tue@ Baltimore Baseball Club10:00 amCL2W1
WedYoungstown Astros10:00 amTP2W4
ThuMBI Baseball10:00 amTP2L9
FriWashington Titans01:30 pmJB-SW1
SatVintages Baseball Club10:00 amCL6W8
SatSacramento Solons01:30 pmCL-SL7
Sun@ Cincinnati Colt .45s10:00 amTP-SW9
MonKenmore Eastern Brewers01:45 pmCL3W9
TueLehigh Baseball10:00 amJB5W9
Wed@ NorCal Antiques10:00 amCL3L26
ThuSan Antonio Texans10:00 amPDC5L13
FriAsheville Sox10:00 amJB1L3
NorCal Antiques34
Sun@ Kenmore Eastern Brewers10:00 amPDC5W8
MonCincinnati Colt .45s10:00 amJB6L11
Tue@ Washington Titans01:45 pmTP-SL13
WedNaturals10:00 amCL3W16
ThuNova Scotia Monarchs10:00 amCL3L19
FriTallahassee Classics10:00 amCSP1W2
FriHouston Colt .65s01:30 pmCSP2L30
North Coast Nationals34
SunLivingston Dodgers10:00 amJB4W2
Mon@ DHBA Athletics10:00 amPDC4L21
TueWilmington NC Thunder10:00 amJB3L11
Wed@ Baltimore Baseball Club10:00 amTP-SL13
ThuTallahassee Classics10:00 amTP4W9
FriWilmington NC Thunder01:30 pmCSP3W8
SatPhiladelphia Brewers10:00 amPDC3L19
Nova Scotia Monarchs33
SunMichigan Stars10:00 amTP4L17
Mon@ Philadelphia Gray Rocks01:45 pmJB5W10
TueTallahassee Classics10:00 amCL4W2
Wed@ TSP Fire01:45 pmTP-SL16
ThuNorCal Antiques10:00 amCL3W9
FriMidwest Nine10:00 amJB4L8
Philadelphia Brewers63
SunBaltimore Baseball Club10:00 amJB3W6
MonMinnesota Bees10:00 amPDC5L17
Tue@ Livingston Dodgers10:00 amCL3W12
Wed@ Sacramento Solons01:45 pmPDC2L13
ThuMidwest Nine10:00 amTP-SL13
FriSilver Foxes of R. I.10:00 amCSP3W3
FriKenmore Eastern Brewers01:30 pmCSP4W1
SatNorth Coast Nationals10:00 amPDC3W0
SatHouston Colt .65s01:30 pmPDC5W6
Philadelphia Gray Rocks06
Sun@ Vintages Baseball Club01:45 pmJB5L9
MonNova Scotia Monarchs01:45 pmJB5L12
TueSt. Louis Braves01:45 pmJB2L16
Wed@ Tallahassee Classics10:00 amCL-SL13
ThuLehigh Baseball10:00 amCL2L15
FriSt Louis Braves10:00 amCSP-SL15
Potomac Senators24
Thu@ Silver Foxes BBC of R.I.01:00 pmJB4W8
MonSan Antonio Texans10:00 amCL6L24
Tue@ Youngstown Astros10:00 amJB2L15
WedDHBA Athletics10:00 amCP-SW7
ThuToledo McGuire Insurance10:00 amJB6L17
FriCincinnati Colt .45s10:00 amCSP4L11
Raynham Baseball Club53
Sun @ Toledo McGuire Ins10:00 amTP3W3
MonLehigh Baseball10:00 amCL4W9
Tue@ Kenmore Eastern Brewers10:00 amTP4W14
WedMidwest Nine10:00 amPDC4L21
ThuVintages Baseball Club01:30 pmTP-SL8
FriTSP Fire10:00 amJB5W14
FriToledo McGuire Insurance01:30 pmJB4W0
SatAsheville Sox10:00 amTP2L7
Sacramento Solons61
Sun@ Minnesota Bees10:00 amCP-SL8
MonYoungstown Astros10:00 amPDC3W3
Tue@ San Antonio Texans10:00 amTP2W0
WedPhiladelphia Brewers01:45 pmPDC2W3
ThuASBA Indians10:00 amPDC4W3
SatMBI Baseball10:00 amCL4W2
SatMinnesota Bees01:30 pmCL-SW6
San Antonio Texans72
Sun@ Youngstown Astros01:45 pmJB-SL7
Mon@ Potomac Senators10:00 amCL6W8
TueSacramento Solons10:00 amTP2L10
WedSilver Foxes BBC of R.I.10:00 amTP3W3
ThuNaturals10:00 amPDC5W3
FriUSA Volkers Group10:00 amJB3W1
FriMidwest Nine01:30 pmJB2W9
SatASBA Indians10:00 amTP4W0
SatAsheville Sox01:30 pmTP-SW0
Silver Foxes BB Club of R. I.15
ThuPotomac Senators01:00 pmJB4L14
MonToledo McGuire Ins10:00 amCP-SW7
Tue@ DHBA Athletics10:00 amPDC3L15
Wed@ San Antonio Texans10:00 amTP3L11
ThuUSA Volkers Group10:00 amJB5L10
FriPhiladelphia Brewers10:00 amCSP3L7
St. Louis Braves34
SunKent Mudhens01:45 pmTP3W6
MonAsheville Sox10:00 amJB-SL15
Tue@ Philadelphia Gray Rocks01:45 pmJB2W6
Wed@ Vintages Baseball Club01:45 pmCL6L16
ThuYoungstown Astros10:00 amJB3L12
FriPhiladelphia Gray Rocks10:00 amCSP-SW10
FriCincinnati Colt .45s01:30 pmCSP5L14
Tallahassee Classics15
Sun@ TSP Fire10:00 amPDC2L7
MonVintages Baseball Club01:45 pmJB-SL10
Tue@ Nova Scotia Monarchs10:00 amCL4L13
WedPhiladelphia Gray Rocks10:00 amCL-SW7
ThuNorth Coast Nationals10:00 amTP4L15
FriNorCal Antiques10:00 amCSP1L15
Toledo McGuire Insurance34
SunRaynham Baseball Club10:00 amTP3L11
Mon@ Silver Foxes BBC of R.I.10:00 amCP-SL8
TueHouston Colt .65s10:00 amJB6L12
Wed@ Lehigh Baseball10:00 amPDC5W2
ThuPotomac Senators10:00 amJB6W13
FriDHBA Athletics10:00 amJB-SW4
FriRaynham Baseball Club01:30 pmJB4L10
TSP Fire33
Sun@ Tallahassee Classics10:00 amPDC2W3
Mon@ Michigan Stars10:00 amJB5W1
Tue@ ASBA Indians01:45 pmCP-SL13
WedNova Scotia Monarchs10:00 amTP4W11
ThuWashington Titans10:00 amPDC3L20
FriRaynham Baseball Club10:00 amJB5L15
USA Volkers Group24
SunASBA Indians10:00 amCL4L8
MonKent Mudhens10:00 amJB3L8
Tue@ Michigan Stars10:00 amTP-SL8
Wed@ Asheville Sox10:00 amPDC3W6
ThuSilver Foxes of R. I.10:00 amJB5W3
FriSan Antonio Texans10:00 amJB3L2
Vintages Baseball Club51
SunPhiladelphia Gray Rocks01:45 pmJB5W0
Mon@ Tallahassee Classics01:45 pmJB-SW2
Wed@ Kent Mudhens10:00 amCL6W3
WedSt. Louis Braves01:45 pmCL6W3
ThuRaynham Baseball Club01:30 pmTP-SW5
SatMinnesota Bees10:00 amCL6L19
Washington Titans42
SunMaine Woods Baseball10:00 amJB6W4
Mon@ MBI Baseball10:00 amJB1L18
TueNorCal Antiques01:45 pmTP-SW0
Wed@ Cincinnati Colt .45s10:00 amCL2W0
ThuTSP Fire10:00 amPDC3W9
FriMinnesota Bees01:30 pmJB-SL7
Wilmington NC Thunder24
SunDHBA Athletics10:00 amPDC1L17
Mon@ Midwest Nine01:45 pmCL2L15
Tue@ North Coast Nationals10:00 amJB3W10
WedLivingston Dodgers10:00 amJB-SL21
FriLehigh Baseball10:00 amCSP2W8
FriNorth Coast Nationals01:30 pmCSP3L17
Youngstown Astros43
SunSan Antonio Texans01:45 pmJB-SW2
Mon@ Sacramento Solons10:00 amPDC3L13
TuePotomac Senators10:00 amJB2W5
Wed@ Minnesota Bees10:00 amTP2L19
ThuSt. Louis Braves10:00 amJB3W1
FriKent Mudhens10:00 amCP-SW1
FriASBA Indians01:30 pmPDC5L16