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Timeless Division

Daily Schedule
Detroit 70s43
Sun@ Minnesota Saints10:00 amPDC4W4
MonWashington Titans01:45 pmTP2L11
TueMaine Woods Baseball10:00 amPDC3L8
Wed@ Team America01:45 pmTP-SW1
ThuPhiladelphia Mustangs01:30 pmCL3W1
FriKent Mudhens01:30 pmPDC3W3
SatWashington Titans10:00 amCL3L12
Kent Mudhens33
Sun@ Silver Foxes of R. I.01:45 pmJB5W0
MonSacramento Solons10:00 amPDC4L9
Tue@ San Diego Padres10:00 amJB3L15
WedToledo McGuire Insurance01:45 pmCL-SW4
ThuTeam America12:00 pmPDC1W1
FriDetroit 70s01:30 pmPDC3L5
Maine Woods Baseball52
SunWashington Titans10:00 amJB6L21
Mon@ New Jersey Wonderboys10:00 amTP-SW1
Tue@ Detroit 70s10:00 amPDC3W6
WedPotomac Senators01:45 pmJB-SW7
ThuSan Diego Padres11:00 amTP4W0
FriUSA Volkers Group01:30 pmPDC5W4
SatSacramento Solons10:00 amCL4L14
Minnesota Saints34
SunDetroit 70s10:00 amPDC4L14
MonPhiladelphia Mustangs10:00 amCL3W3
Tue@ Team America10:00 amTP2L11
Wed@ Washington Titans01:45 pmCP-SL13
ThuToledo McGuire Insurance11:00 amTP3W2
FriPotomac Senators10:00 amPDC3W8
SatPhiladelphia Mustangs10:00 amJB3L13
New England Bo Sox33
Sun@ USA Volkers Group10:00 amPDC5L12
MonSan Diego Padres10:00 amTP2W2
Tue@ Sacramento Solons10:00 amJB4W5
WedNew England Red Sox10:00 amJB-SW4
ThuWashington Titans11:00 amTP-SL8
FriSacramento Solons01:30 pmPDC4L9
New England Red Sox16
SunToledo McGuire Insurance10:00 amPDC1L16
Mon@ USA Volkers Group10:00 amTP3L14
TueSilver Foxes of R. I.10:00 amJB5L16
Wed@ New England Bo Sox10:00 amJB-SL16
ThuNew Jersey Wonderboys01:30 pmCL6L3
FriSilver Foxes of R I10:00 amPDC1W6
SatTeam America10:00 amJB2L9
New Jersey Wonderboys24
Sun@ Potomac Senators10:00 amJB5L11
MonMaine Woods Baseball10:00 amTP-SL13
Tue@ Washington Titans10:00 amPDC4L14
WedPhiladelphia Mustangs10:00 amCL-SW8
ThuNew England Red Sox01:30 pmCL6W2
FriTeam America10:00 amPDC2L10
Philadelphia Mustangs53
SunTeam America10:00 amJB4W2
Mon@ Minnesota Saints10:00 amCL3L16
TuePotomac Senators01:45 pmPDC3W1
Wed@ New Jersey Wonderboys10:00 amCL-SL12
ThuDetroit 70s01:30 pmCL3L11
FriToledo McGuire Insurance10:00 amPDC4W0
SatMinnesota Saints10:00 amJB3W10
SatTeam America01:30 pmJB1W6
Potomac Senators15
SunNew Jersey Wonderboys10:00 amJB5W10
MonTeam America10:00 amCL6L9
Tue@ Philadelphia Mustangs01:45 pmPDC3L7
Wed@ Maine Woods Baseball01:45 pmJB-SL8
ThuSilver Foxes of R. I.01:30 pmCL2L5
FriMinnesota Saints10:00 amPDC3L9
Sacramento Solons62
SunSan Diego Padres10:00 amPDC3W3
Mon@ Kent Mudhens10:00 amPDC4W8
TueNew England Bo Sox10:00 amJB4L7
Wed@ Silver Foxes of R. I.10:00 amCP-SW7
ThuUSA Volkers Group12:00 pmPDC4W1
FriNew England Bo Sox01:30 pmPDC4W5
SatMaine Woods Baseball10:00 amCL4W0
SatWashington Titans01:30 pmCL-SL12
San Diego Padres24
Sun@ Sacramento Solons10:00 amPDC4L13
Mon@ New England Bo Sox10:00 amTP2L3
TueKent Mudhens10:00 amJB3W1
WedUSA Volkers Group10:00 amTP-SW4
ThuMaine Woods Baseball11:00 amTP4L7
FriWashington Titans01:30 pmPDC2L10
Silver Foxes of R. I.33
SunKent Mudhens01:45 pmJB5L13
Mon@ Toledo McGuire Insurance10:00 amTP4W9
Tue@ New England Red Sox10:00 amJB5W10
WedSacramento Solons10:00 amCP-SL14
ThuPotomac Senators01:30 pmCL2W2
FriNew England Red Sox10:00 amPDC1L11
Team America44
Sun@ Philadelphia Mustangs10:00 amJB4L5
Mon@ Potomac Senators10:00 amCL6W6
TueMinnesota Saints10:00 amTP2W10
WedDetroit 70s01:45 pmTP-SL14
ThuKent Mudhens12:00 pmPDC1L10
FriNew Jersey Wonderboys10:00 amPDC2W3
SatNew England Red Sox10:00 amJB2W3
SatPhiladelphia Mustangs01:30 pmJB1L9
Toledo McGuire Insurance15
Sun@ New England Red Sox10:00 amPDC1W9
MonSilver Foxes of R. I.10:00 amTP4L14
TueUSA Volkers Group10:00 amCL3L18
Wed@ Kent Mudhens01:45 pmCL-SL6
ThuMinnesota Saints11:00 amTP3L9
FriPhiladelphia Mustangs10:00 amPDC4L8
USA Volkers Group33
SunNew England Bo Sox10:00 amPDC5W4
MonNew England Red Sox10:00 amTP3W4
Tue@ Toledo McGuire Insurance10:00 amCL3W10
Wed@ San Diego Padres10:00 amTP-SL13
ThuSacramento Solons12:00 pmPDC4L4
FriMaine Woods Baseball01:30 pmPDC5L6
Washington Titans80
Sun@ Maine Woods Baseball10:00 amJB6W2
Mon@ Detroit 70s01:45 pmTP2W9
TueNew Jersey Wonderboys10:00 amPDC4W10
WedMinnesota Saints12:45 pmCP-SW5
ThuNew England Bo Sox11:00 amTP-SW2
FriSan Diego Padres01:30 pmPDC2W7
SatDetroit 70s10:00 amCL3W9
SatSacramento Solons01:30 pmCL-SW4