Womens Division Schedule and Results

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2023 RHWS Field Legend

2023 Women’s Champions Trois Rivieres

2023 Women's Champs Trois Rivieres

Back row (left to right): Steeve Ager – Coach, Nathan Landry – Coach, Andréanne Leblanc, Charlie Marcotte, Élodie Ciamarro, Délika Dumulong, Tess Sawkins, Juliette Lajoie, Elly Lasorsa-Godmer, Julien Bélanger – coach, Patricia Landry – coach
Front row (left to right): Frédérique Noël, Alizée Gélinas, Clara Dupont, Ariane Domingue, Éléonore Deblois, Christelle Béliveau, Sophie Levasseur, Florence Bryar, Camille Proulx

Women's Standings

2023 Roy Hobbs World Series
Womens Daily Results


Game 1

Trois Riveres 8, Evolution 3

NE Red Sox 25, East Coast Marlins 0

East Coast Yankees 7, Toronto Fusion 2

Game 2

Evolution 7, East Coast Yankees 1

NE Red Sox 8, Trois Riveres 4

East Coast Marlins 10, Toronto Fusion 3



11 AM

Evolution 3, NE Red Sox 2

Trois Riveres 18, Toronto Fusion 1

East Coast Yankees 11, East Coast Marlins 4

2 PM

East Coast Yankees 6, NE Red Sox 1

Evolution 16, Toronto Fusion 1

Trois Riveres 23, East Coast Marlins 0



9:30 AM

Final Round

Champions: Trois Rivieres 7, Evolution 1

Third Place: NE Women’s Red Sox 14, East Coast Yankees 0

Fifth Place: East Coast Marlins 7, Toronto Fusion 3

2023 Roy Hobbs World Series
Womens Team by Team Results

Women's Results

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