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2021 RHWS MASTERS Schedule

Day by Day

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Sunday New Jersey Rangers @ NW Indiana Dogs CL-S 10 am
Sunday Dundalk Nationals @ St. Louis Pirates CL2 10 am
Sunday Tidewater Drillers @ NEO Knights CL3 10 am
Sunday Cincinnati Colt .45s @ St. Louis A’s CL4 10 am
Sunday Chicago North Redhawks @ Puerto Rico Orioles CL6 10 am
Sunday Pensacola Sharks @ DuPage Indians JB3 10 am
Sunday Dallas Redbirds @ Southeast Cardinals JB4 10 am
Sunday Atlanta Baseball @ Winnipesaukee Muskrats JB5 10 am
Sunday Nova Scotia Monarchs @ Maryland Monarchs JB6 10 am
Sunday Crystal Clinic Indians @ Chicago Colts PDC1 10 am
Sunday Jersey Shore Hellcats @ Tennessee Dirtbags PDC2 10 am
Sunday Baltimore Thunder @ Pittsburgh PDC3 10 am
Sunday Minnesota Diamonds @ Chicago Woodpeckers PDC4 10 am
Sunday Minnesota Bandits @ Kodak Reds PDC5 10 am
Sunday Dayton Wolves @ JetBox TP-S 10 am
Sunday Lake Erie Blue Jays @ Carolina Thunder TP2 10 am
Sunday Canton Tigers @ Chesapeake Rays TP3 10 am
Sunday Windy City Warriors @ Flint Tigers TP4 10 am
Sunday St. Louis Pirates @ Buxmont Cubs CL-S 1:45 pm
Sunday Miami SugarKings @ Chicago Brooklyn Royals CL2 1:45 pm
Sunday T-Town Jacko’s @ Dundalk Nationals CL3 1:45 pm
Sunday PSOF Rangers @ Tidewater Drillers CL4 1:45 pm
Sunday NW Indiana Dogs @ Cincinnati Colt .45s CL6 1:45 pm
Sunday Maryland Monarchs @ Washington All-Stars JB3 1:45 pm
Sunday Winnipesaukee Muskrats @ Pensacola Sharks JB4 1:45 pm
Sunday Southeast Cardinals @ Nova Scotia Monarchs JB5 1:45 pm
Sunday Orlando Braves @ Dayton Ducks JB6 1:45 pm
Sunday Kent MudHens @ Jersey Shore Hellcats PDC1 1:45 pm
Sunday Orlando Brewers @ Chicago Knights PDC2 1:45 pm
Sunday Lehigh Valley Railriders @ Staten Island Bombers PDC3 1:45 pm
Sunday Chicago Colts @ New Jersey Twins PDC4 1:45 pm
Sunday Maine Black Bears @ Cleveland Cobras PDC5 1:45 pm
Sunday Cangrejeros RD @ Glory Days TP-S 1:45 pm
Sunday Huntsville Havoc @ Lake Erie Blue Jays TP3 1:45 pm
Sunday Starbuck Stars @ Canton Tigers TP4 1:45 pm
Sunday St. Paul Senators @ Fort Myers Breeze JB-S 5 pm
Sunday South Bend Cardinals @ Twin Peaks Lumberjacks CL-S 5:30 pm
Sunday Bellacinos’ Red Sox @ Victoria HarbourCats TP-S 5:30 pm
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Monday PSOF Rangers @ Dundalk Nationals CL-S 10 am
Monday Flint Tigers @ Chesapeake Rays CL1 10 am
Monday Orlando Brewers @ Staten Island Bombers CL2 10 am
Monday Tidewater Drillers @ T-Town Jacko’s CL3 10 am
Monday Chicago Knights @ Cleveland Cobras CL4 10 am
Monday South Bend Cardinals @ Kent MudHens CL6 10 am
Monday Starbuck Stars @ Huntsville Havoc JB-S 10 am
Monday NW Indiana Dogs @ Dallas Redbirds JB1 10 am
Monday NEO Knights @ Winnipesaukee Muskrats JB2 10 am
Monday Dayton Ducks @ Puerto Rico Orioles JB3 10 am
Monday Southeast Cardinals @ Twin Peaks Lumberjacks JB4 10 am
Monday Orlando Braves @ Chicago North Redhawks JB5 10 am
Monday Carolina Thunder @ Windy City Warriors JB6 10 am
Monday Pittsburgh @ Miami SugarKings PDC1 10 am
Monday Chicago Woodpeckers @ Glory Days PDC2 10 am
Monday Baltimore Thunder @ Dayton Wolves PDC3 10 am
Monday JetBox @ Minnesota Diamonds PDC4 10 am
Monday Fort Myers Breeze @ Victoria HarbourCats PDC5 10 am
Monday Tennessee Dirtbags @ Pensacola Sharks TP-S 10 am
Monday St. Louis Pirates @ New Jersey Twins TP2 10 am
Monday Chicago Colts @ Buxmont Cubs TP3 10 am
Monday Washington All-Stars @ St. Paul Senators TP4 10 am
Monday Kent MudHens @ Maryland Monarchs CL-S 1:45 pm
Monday T-Town Jacko’s @ PSOF Rangers CL2 1:45 pm
Monday Staten Island Bombers @ Chicago Knights CL3 1:45 pm
Monday Jersey Shore Hellcats @ South Bend Cardinals CL4 1:45 pm
Monday Cleveland Cobras @ Lehigh Valley Railriders CL6 1:45 pm
Monday Canton Tigers @ Carolina Thunder JB-S 1:45 pm
Monday Dallas Redbirds @ New Jersey Rangers JB1 1:45 pm
Monday Nova Scotia Monarchs @ Cincinnati Colt .45s JB2 1:45 pm
Monday Lake Erie Blue Jays @ Starbuck Stars JB3 1:45 pm
Monday Twin Peaks Lumberjacks @ St. Louis A’s JB4 1:45 pm
Monday Puerto Rico Orioles @ Orlando Braves JB5 1:45 pm
Monday Chicago North Redhawks @ Maine Black Bears JB6 1:45 pm
Monday Cangrejeros RD @ Chicago Woodpeckers PDC1 1:45 pm
Monday Miami SugarKings @ Baltimore Thunder PDC2 1:45 pm
Monday Glory Days @ JetBox PDC3 1:45 pm
Monday Dayton Wolves @ Chicago Brooklyn Royals PDC4 1:45 pm
Monday Victoria HarbourCats @ Atlanta Baseball PDC5 1:45 pm
Monday DuPage Indians @ Washington All-Stars TP-S 1:45 pm
Monday Kodak Reds @ Bellacinos’ Red Sox TP2 1:45 pm
Monday Buxmont Cubs @ Crystal Clinic Indians TP3 1:45 pm
Monday New Jersey Twins @ Minnesota Bandits TP4 1:45 pm
Monday Lehigh Valley Railriders @ Orlando Brewers CL-S 5:30 pm
Monday Maine Black Bears @ Dayton Ducks JB-S 5:30 pm
Monday Chicago Brooklyn Royals @ Pittsburgh TP-S 5:30 pm
Monday Minnesota Diamonds @ Cangrejeros RD TP2 5:30 pm
Day Visitor @ Home Site Time
Tuesday Windy City Warriors @ Lake Erie Blue Jays CL-S 10 am
Tuesday Flint Tigers @ Canton Tigers CL2 10 am
Tuesday Chesapeake Rays @ Huntsville Havoc CL3 10 am
Tuesday Washington All-Stars @ Kent MudHens CL4 10 am
Tuesday Pensacola Sharks @ Jersey Shore Hellcats CL6 10 am
Tuesday NEO Knights @ T-Town Jacko’s JB-S 10 am
Tuesday Staten Island Bombers @ Miami SugarKings JB1 10 am
Tuesday Chicago Woodpeckers @ Orlando Braves JB2 10 am
Tuesday St. Louis A’s @ NW Indiana Dogs JB3 10 am
Tuesday Atlanta Baseball @ Fort Myers Breeze JB4 10 am
Tuesday Puerto Rico Orioles @ Maine Black Bears JB5 10 am
Tuesday Victoria HarbourCats @ PSOF Rangers JB6 10 am
Tuesday New Jersey Rangers @ Southeast Cardinals PDC1 10 am
Tuesday Tennessee Dirtbags @ South Bend Cardinals PDC2 10 am
Tuesday Minnesota Bandits @ Chicago Colts PDC3 10 am
Tuesday St. Paul Senators @ DuPage Indians PDC4 10 am
Tuesday Bellacinos’ Red Sox @ Crystal Clinic Indians PDC5 10 am
Tuesday Winnipesaukee Muskrats @ Tidewater Drillers TP-S 10 am
Tuesday Kodak Reds @ St. Louis Pirates TP4 10 am
Tuesday Cincinnati Colt .45s @ Dallas Redbirds CL-S 1:45 pm
Tuesday Huntsville Havoc @ Windy City Warriors CL2 1:45 pm
Tuesday Carolina Thunder @ Flint Tigers CL3 1:45 pm
Tuesday Chesapeake Rays @ Starbuck Stars CL4 1:45 pm
Tuesday Glory Days @ Minnesota Diamonds CL6 1:45 pm
Tuesday St. Louis A’s @ Nova Scotia Monarchs JB-S 1:45 pm
Tuesday JetBox @ Cangrejeros RD JB1 1:45 pm
Tuesday Dayton Ducks @ Chicago North Redhawks JB2 1:45 pm
Tuesday Dundalk Nationals @ Atlanta Baseball JB3 1:45 pm
Tuesday Pittsburgh @ Dayton Wolves JB4 1:45 pm
Tuesday Fort Myers Breeze @ NEO Knights JB5 1:45 pm
Tuesday Chicago Brooklyn Royals @ Baltimore Thunder JB6 1:45 pm
Tuesday Maryland Monarchs @ St. Paul Senators PDC1 1:45 pm
Tuesday Buxmont Cubs @ Bellacinos’ Red Sox PDC2 1:45 pm
Tuesday Twin Peaks Lumberjacks @ New Jersey Rangers PDC3 1:45 pm
Tuesday Crystal Clinic Indians @ Minnesota Bandits PDC4 1:45 pm
Tuesday DuPage Indians @ Tennessee Dirtbags PDC5 1:45 pm
Tuesday New Jersey Twins @ Kodak Reds TP-S 1:45 pm
Tuesday Cleveland Cobras @ Orlando Brewers TP2 1:45 pm
Tuesday Chicago Knights @ Lehigh Valley Railriders TP4 1:45 pm

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