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AAAA Division Notes:  1.  11 teams in 70s were scheduled to get 5th pool game Thursday, including 3 stadium games.  Obviously that has gone by the board with the impending weather issues.  Any 4-game team that loses in first round of playoffs can get another game scheduled on Saturday morning, assuming an opponent can be found.   2.  AAAA division has 8 teams, and everyone will play 1 game thursday.  The Texans received third seed since they played a tie game on Sunday; in seeding, we count that as a win for both teams; however, a decision was made that the tie disallowed Texans getting #1 seed.  In the matchups 1 and 8 played Wednesday, so no rematch and 7 & 8 switched first-round opponents but kept their respective seeds.

AA Division Notes:  10 teams placed in AA playoffs; As noted in Wednesday morning email, 0-4 teams would be put in playoffs but would play each other in first round.  Kent and Toledo were scheduled to play a stadium game Thursday, so it works out for them to play in the first round Thursday, in a stadium.  The winner advances against #1, and the loser will play Nova Scotia in a 6th game matchup of 2 0-5 teams.  New Jersey Wonderboys and Philadelphia Mustangs tied in 4th seed, but Wonderboys won head-to-head, so they are 4.  Quartterfinal opponents were swapped because Mustangs and Wonderboys from same home league, so #4 will play #6 and #3 will play #5. Mustangs, by rule, should have been put in 4A since they won 2A in 2018.  Roy Hobbs, at its discretion, did not move Mustangs up as that would have moved New England BoSox down, and it was decided that New England was a more appropriate fit in the 4A division.

Non-Playoff Team:  Nova Scotia will play game 6 Saturday against the loser of the Kent Mudhens-Toledo McGuire Thursday matchup.  That will give both 0-5 teams their 6th game.

1New England Bo Sox320.6004826
2Washington Titans610.857203
3Minnesota Saints520.714497
3Sacramento Solons420.667227
San Diego Padres410.800255
San Antonio Texans501.0003815
Detroit 70s420.6673617
Midwest Nine320.6004721
1Maine Woods Baseball540.5565831
2Kent Mudhens350.3754923
3Philadelphia Mustangs340.4293520
3Terre Haute Volkers Group240.3336229
Potomac Senators230.4004118
Team America230.4004724
New England Red Sox230.4006628
Silver Foxes150.1677231
New Jersey Wonderboys240.3336335
Toledo McGuire Insurance050.0008650
Non-Playoff TeamsWLPCTRARA4
Nova Scotia Monarchs150.1678559

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