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Spend a week among major league services

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  • Training Room/Trainer Services – Professional Trainers will be on duty from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Uniforms and other garments will be laundered and shoes cleaned each evening; all will be hanging or placed in your locker when you arrive the next day. (Clubbies will be available to help find wayward items.)
  • Players utilizing the Locker Room have access to: Trainers, Hot & Cold hydrotherapy tubs, Continental breakfast, between-game snacks all day, post-game refreshments, and baseball buckets for batting cages. (Alcohol is prohibited in the locker room.)
  • If a full team (13 or more players) utilizes this service, Roy Hobbs will make every effort to schedule at least 4 of the team’s games at the Player Development Complex or Terry Park Fields, within 10 minutes of PDC. With City of Palms Stadium gone, stadium game would be wherever possible and potentially upon request; if your stadium request is honored, that would count as a PDC game.
  • Teams will be grouped together with their locker assignments.

What to expect each day

In a service pioneered and unique among adult competitive amateur baseball tournaments, Roy Hobbs World Series offers a full clubhouse and training service option for teams/players during the 5 weeks of play, covering all divisions.

locker room stretching Players who sign up for this option will be assigned a locker in the Major League clubhouse of the Boston Red Sox’s former Player Development Complex, now Roy Hobbs’ home base. The locker Room will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 60 minutes after last game of the day is completed, including night games.

When you arrive at the ballpark each day, you’ll find your uniform laundered and hanging in your locker and your shoes cleaned. Breakfast will be waiting, and your equipment will be securely stored in your locker space.

A professional training staff will help you get through the week at peak performance. Our trainers will assist you with game preparations – hydrotherapy pools, heat packs, taping and pre- game stretching. Trainers will be available for immediate treatment of injuries at the Player Development Complex as quickly as the player can get to the training room. They will provide post-game icing treatments, hydrotherapy cold tubs and advice for getting you back into action the next day.

Be proactive – use the trainers each day to help minimize risk of injury over the course of the week of play. And if you are injured, our trainers will help to limit the effects of your injury, get you back in the game and enhance your enjoyment of the week.

This unique service is a must for the amateur baseball player who wants to bring his best to the baseball diamond.

2024 Locker Room Option pricing tiers:

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  •  Single player:  $350, a non-refundable/non-transferable $105 cash deposit required to hold locker.
  • 2-5 players from same team:  $320 each.  A NR/NT $105 cash deposit required to hold locker.
  • 6-13 players from same team:  $290 each.  A $105 NR/NT cash deposit required to hold locker.
  • Full Team fee, covering maximum of 17 players, is $3400 if paid in full by October 1.  $1500 deposit ($500 NR/NT) will be due upon invoicing.  Cost after Oct. 1 is $3800 and due 1 week before play.  More than 17 players? $210 per player; no discounts apply.
  • Discounts:  Multi-week individual players receive a $25 discount off each week.  Does not apply to team fees.

How to register & pay:

  • Individual players register themselves (please use correct team name). Go to: the World Series Registration Page where there will be a link to complete the locker room registration. Players will be invoiced for a $105 NR/NT deposit to reserve their space.  Pay on-line, ACH cash or Credit Card.
  • The total individual fee will be determined by the number of players on a team with deposits paid as of September 25, plus discounts. Final invoices will be emailed the following week, with a deadline of October 7 to complete payment.
  • Players added after September 25 will NOT change the applicable team payment tier.  Late adds will pay the fee being applied to that team as of September 25.
  • If a manager wants to register his entire team, he will need to contact Tom Giffen or Marc Landals at An invoice for the full amount will be sent.  However, only a $1500 deposit is due immediately.  The balance will be due by October 1.
  • Tipping:  Locker Room participants are expected to tip Clubbies – a Tip Jug will be placed in locker room – and the trainers, if used.  Trainers will have their own jug; however, only tip trainers if using their services.  Tipping directly is appreciated.

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For more information, Contact Bonnie, Marc or Tom at
239.689.8550 or at

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