Roy Hobbs Bullpen

2019 Roy Hobbs World Series Free Agent signup

To sign up as a Free Agent for a Roy Hobbs tournament, you must fill out the registration form and pay a $250 cash fee. You will not be added to the Free Agent list until both the form and fee have been received.

  1. Once this form is submitted, you will receive an invoice via email within 2 business days. When you open the invoice, there will be a link that says Pay Now. You can use this link to pay your $250 fee online by bank transfer.

  2. The payment will be 100% refundable if you are not picked up by a team by the final roster deadline for their age division. Refunds will be made by the time the tournament is over.

  3. When a Free Agent is added to a roster, Roy Hobbs will credit that team with $215 toward their fees. Roy Hobbs will keep $35 as the player’s membership/insurance fee instead of collecting at registration. (If a player commits to a team and doesn’t show up, any $215 refund arrangement is between the player and the team, not Roy Hobbs Baseball.)

NOTE to players and managers: Roy Hobbs does require that the Free Agents get a minimum of 6 At Bats (1 per game) and 12 innings defensively (2 per game) during the week of play. However, it is the responsibility of the Free Agent and the manager to make sure this guideline is met.

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