Roy Hobbs Status Update

Sadly, the 2022 RHWS is cancelled.

A week of exploring options of moving, or even playing a reduced event here in Fort Myers, was fruitless and most frustrating. Several sites said could host a very limited number of teams, but not for a 7-day period. We were not about to pick and choose who could play, and the logistics of moving any of this event are very difficult.

The dates for 2023 are on; we are following the same order of worship as 2022 — meaning no rearrangement of divisions.

Roy Hobbs has developed a refund policy for teams, locker room reservations and Free Agents. Here are the details of that policy.

1. Rollover to 2023 World Series, #34. Teams would be paid in full for fall 2023, including the bundle if you paid it and it was not activated. If we did activate the insurance and membership for 2022 Sunshine Classic, for example, the insurance was paid and handled. We will address that on a case-by-case basis.

Roy Hobbs does want to express its appreciation to the teams that rolled their fees over to 2023.

2. A return of all refundable monies in your payment to Roy Hobbs. Non-refundable monies include the non-refundable $250 deposit, any $450 bundle fees where insurance/membership was activated and therefore used, and credit card fees. Deadline to request a refund is October 31.

However, the $250 deposit will be rolled over to 2023, along with all accompanying discounts applied in 2022.

3. Roy Hobbs will apply same refund provisions to Locker Room and Free Agent payments for RHWS 2022. Players wishing to roll those payments over should notify Roy Hobbs by October 31.

4. Please notify Roy Hobbs thru as to the team fee option chosen no later than October 31.

5. Refunds will be processed in November, and we will mail those refund checks in the order the divisions were to be played — IE, 35+ first and 75+ last. Then we will do FAs and Locker Rooms.

Notes: 1) Reminder, team refund must be requested no later than October 31. 2) There is NO team fee rollover to the 2023 Sunshine Classic.

Please move forward with cancelling lodging and airline reservations and banking, if necessary, your airline tickets. Please understand that hotels may be slow in refunds, for obvious reasons, but we are told it will happen. Roy Hobbs will not going to be involved in getting those refunds.

We are moving forward with our plans for the 2023 Sunshine Classic and will move the invitation process to earlier in November.
We will recover, rebuild and be better than ever — it will take time. We appreciate your understanding.

Your Roy Hobbs Staff
Ellen & Tom Giffen