Roy Hobbs Umpire Association

RHWS Umpire Team

The Roy Hobbs Umpires Association leadership team for 2019 and going forward is in place.
The RHWS roster for 2019 will be announced and posted on or about October 1.

Tim McGoldrick
Tim McGoldrick – 2019 RHWS Assignor
Home:  Brunswick, Ohio.
Umpiring:  39 years behind the plate.
RHWS experience:  17 years as umpire, 13 championship crews; 9 years as player (23 years participation overall); 14th year on UIC staff. UIC leadership role 5 years.
Notes: 2018 was first year as assignor, a combo job with UIC. Certified officials instructor and rules interpreter for baseball in Ohio High School Scholastic Association. Secretary and assignor for Diamond Umpires Association in Brunswick, Ohio.
Marc Landals
Marc Landals – 2019 RHUA Umpire in Chief
Home: Wadsworth, Ohio
Umpiring: 31 years behind the plate.
RHWS experience: 10 years as umpire, 3 championship crews; 2nd year on UIC team.
Notes: 30 years as certified Ohio HS umpire, several state appearances; 4 years as president of Summit Umpires Association. Assumes role of RHWS/RHUA Umpire Coordinator.
Matt Stanfield
Matt Stanfield – 2019 Assistant UIC
Home: Fort Myers, Florida
Umpiring: 11 years behind the plate.
RHWS experience: 10 years, 8 championship crews; 7th year on UIC staff.
Notes: 2012 Umpire School graduate … has worked independent professional league baseball as a crew chief, also Major and Minor League Spring Training games and a fill-in for the Florida State League and the Gulf Coast League … Involved with the training program for high school association as well as the UIC for South Fort Myers Little League. RHWS focus on playoffs assignments and evaluations.

2018 RHWS Umpires

The RHWS roster for 2019 will be announced and posted on or about October 1.

Jonathan Green
Eddie Loggins
Frank Mcclellan
Chris Smith
Stephan Brown
Rolando Almaguer
Steve Bavilacqua
Robert Brokaw
Manuel Fleites
#**Tom Giffen
Mike James
Christopher Jeffray
Harold Jones
Wayne Kardel
Paul Kennedy
*Matthew Kozlin
Steve Liese
*Pablo Lopez
Mike Mason
#Tim McGoldrick
LuCius Moore
Ted Mummert
Mike Peter

Dave Pitstick
Ron Rataj
Luis Resto
Bob Rocco
Richard Schroder
Charles Smith
#Matt Stanfield
Derek Thomas
*Johnny Timiraos
Bryan Wild
*Robert Dolphin
Chris Emond
Bill Olson
Bill Vincent
Frank Tasler
Mike Finn
Bobby Brown
Barry Gross
Troy Hudson
*Darius Cobb

North Carolina
Wayne Faas
Donnie King
Jeff Williams
*Bill Kintner
New Hampshire
Lee Champagne
Rick Force
Brian Troupe
New Jersey
Anthony Giuliante
Joe Reina
*William Uhl
New York
Luis Sierra
Kevin Brown
**Art Cleary
Ken Gallo
#Jim Grandey
Rodger Hoppe
**Rod Jones
John Kay
David Kulka
Alan Lacourse
Jim Lizer

Frank Marsico
**John Martin
*Tony Martin
Dan Nelson
Scott Rosenberg
Ted Schaeffer
Craig Sherwood
Matt Zahler
Woods Boyle
David Williams
South Carolina
*Rich Gale
*Bart Leathers
Norm Gordon
Dennis Semph
Marcel BruceNotes:
# – UIC Staff
* – 1st Year at RHWS
** – RHWS Staff