Roy Hobbs Umpire Association

RHUA Dress Code

4301-100 Edison Avenue, Fort Myers, FL 33916 / 239-689-8550

The following is the dress code for any member of the Roy Hobbs Umpires Association. There will be no deviation from the following when assigned to Roy Hobbs-sanctioned events. Uniforms must be clean and neat in appearance with no holes (visible or otherwise) in shirt, pants, hat or shoes. Faded shirts or hats are not acceptable.

  • All members of the crew must be dressed alike.
  • Navy or black hat with RHUA logo. Hockey-style masks are approved for plate use.
  • Umpires working the World Series are required to have a minimum of 3 colors of shirts available: Black, light blue and a third color of choice (options include cream, silver/gray, maroon.
  • Red (as in scarlet or cardinal) shirts and accessories (except undershirts) are not acceptable for Roy Hobbs sanctioned events.
  • Umpires are requested, but not required, to have a Roy Hobbs patch on breast pocket or left sleeve.
  • Charcoal or Heather Grey slacks.
  • Black belt.
  • Black or Navy socks.
  • Black shoes (logo is acceptable). Shoes must be shined.
  • Navy plate coat, black or Navy pullover are optional in inclement weather.
  • All umpires are required to bring their plate equipment to every scheduled game in case of an emergency.