Roy Hobbs Umpire Association

RHUA Guidelines

The following elements highlight the RHUA World Series participation guidelines for umpires.  This list hits the highlights but is not fully inclusive.

  • Umpires must be members of the Roy Hobbs Umpires Association; membership is open to all umpires in good standing in their local associations.  Adult Amateur experience is a great asset but not a requirement.
  • Umpires may play in the Roy Hobbs World Series, but not in the same week as they are umpiring.
  • New umpires will be interviewed by the RHUA UIC and/or Assignor, and references will be contacted as well.  New umpires are generally invited for one week the first year; after that multiple weeks are possible.
  • Umpires will receive the same registration cards, welcome bags and T-shirts as all participants.
  • RHUA requires that umpires carry $2 million liability coverage and complete an on-line concussion recognition course at least every 2 years.
  • Umpires must attend an orientation session prior to the first week of their work at the RHWS, where RHWS rules will be reviewed and the operational guidelines of the tournament will be outlined — i.e., how to get paid, where to get assignments, etc.
  • Roy Hobbs pays $72 for 9-inning games, $63 for 7-inning games, and a one-week guarantee is 9 games Sunday thru Friday with the potential for a 10th game on Saturday.  The game guarantee for umpires invited for more than one week is a minimum of 1 per day (14), but the reality is that it is closer to 18 games.
  • Roy Hobbs will put umpires in touch with a housing bureau, which can arrange for special-rate lodging during the fall tournament.
  • RHUA reminds all of its members that off-the-field behavior reflects on-the-field judgment. Umpires at multiple-day Roy Hobbs events are expected to dress appropriately when in public, behave in a way that reflects a positive light on your peers, your avocation, your passion for the game and on the event itself.

RHUA Dress Code

The following is the dress code for any member of the Roy Hobbs Umpires Association. There will be no deviation from the following when assigned to Roy Hobbs-sanctioned events. Uniforms must be clean and neat in appearance with no holes (visible or otherwise) in shirt, pants, hat or shoes. Faded shirts or hats are not acceptable.

  • All members of the crew must be dressed alike.
  • Navy or black hat with RHUA logo. Hockey-style masks are approved for plate use.
  • Umpires working the World Series are required to have a minimum of 3 colors of shirts available: Navy, light blue and a third color of choice (options include black, cream, silver/gray, maroon or white).
  • Red (as in scarlet or cardinal) shirts and accessories (except undershirts) are not acceptable for Roy Hobbs sanctioned events.
  • Umpires are requested to have a Roy Hobbs patch on breast pocket or left sleeve.
  • Charcoal or Heather Grey slacks.
  • Black belt.
  • Black or Navy socks.
  • Black shoes (logo is acceptable). Shoes must be shined.
  • Navy plate coat, black or Navy pullover are optional in inclement weather.
  • All umpires are required to bring their plate equipment to every scheduled game in case of an emergency.

RHUA Application

Request an application to join the Roy Hobbs Umpires Association (RHUA) to work Roy Hobbs events.

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