Roy Hobbs Adult Baseball League

Roy Hobbs Adult Baseball League

We are Roy Hobbs Adult Baseball League!

Roy Hobbs is a 35+ adult baseball league with teams from across the United States, Canada, and countries from Australia and the Dominican Republic to Russia and Ukraine.

Roy Hobbs Baseball is for people who, like us, love the game and are determined to keep playing baseball, no matter how old we are!

At home in Southwest Florida for the past 27 years, we are celebrating our 31st Annual Roy Hobbs World Series this year. Welcomed and loved by our local residents and businesses, our economic impact continues to grow, from $10.5 million in 2010 to $16 million in 2018, all for the love of baseball! More than 10,000 adult baseball players and their families come to Fort Myers in October and November not only to play baseball, but enjoy the beautiful area with their families, the beaches, islands, shopping, delicious food and brewery life that only SWFL can offer.

The Roy Hobbs World Series is our premier, signature event of the year, held in Fort Myers, Fla. from October 19th- November 23rd, with our Veterans (over 35) playing the first week. It is the best over 35, amateur baseball tournament around. We bring people of all ages from all over the world together… for the love of baseball. Check out our video below to see and hear what it is like to be a part of the RHWS.

Fun Fact: The 2018 Roy Hobbs World Series went through approximately 4,380 baseballs!

2019 Roy Hobbs World Series Veterans (35+) Division Games are October 19 – October 26

Come join us and let’s play some baseball! Click here for more Roy Hobbs World Series info…

Thoughts on Roy Hobbs Baseball from Player/Manager Steve Klein

Getting Back to the Game

“I played Little League thru my years, until I could play in High School. I tried my hand at a few semi-pro teams in the area for a few years after High School but wasn’t talented enough to hang on for very long. After not playing for almost 10 years, I got back into baseball at the age of 31. That passion had returned. So a few years later, when I was offered a chance to play in a tournament in Florida for Roy Hobbs, at age 36, I couldn’t sign up fast enough. That passion was back and with a wealth of knowledge I had picked up in my maturation within the game. I was a giddy little kid again!”

Great Fields and Top Level Competition

“I wanted to play, on professional fields, against top competition from all over the country and the world! Not to mention, trying my skills against some ex-pro players who frequent the Roy Hobbs World Series. I was so hungry to compete, I played my first 4 years in 2 different divisions, for 2 weeks. The age groups back then were 28+ and 38+ divisions. As I’ve become a full fledged veteran over the last 10 years playing within Roy Hobbs, my reasons have changed somewhat, with regard to why I continue to play, but not my passion. That has continued to grow to heights I never thought were possible.”

New Friendships and Experiences

“I gain new friendships each year as well as growing the friendships I’ve made over the years. I’ve made friendships with players in other states as well as other countries. There’s always something new, within the game, to witness and enjoy. There is always new experiences to feel and enjoy within the game. I’m quite positive, playing in Roy Hobbs tournaments has kept me in the game longer and has kept it enjoyable for me. Now, at age 47, still playing in my 30+ leagues at home, catching every game possible, I circle the The Roy Hobbs World Series on my calendar when the dates are announced. – It’s priceless!”

“There are always new experiences to feel and enjoy within the game at the RHWS.”
– Steve Klein, Baltimore CHOP (35+ Veterans).

Watch Our Roy Hobbs World Series Video!

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