Test your knowledge of Fort Myers Baseball history

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Test your knowledge of Fort Myers/Lee County Baseball history.
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Bottom of the Ninth

A few fun cross-sports Fort Myers spring training trivia questions

1. He is the only man to play in a Super Bowl and World Series. He played baseball in Fort Myers.

2. Can you name four Heisman Trophy winners who have played baseball in Fort Myers?

3. Only one man has played in both the NFL’s Pro Bowl and MLB All-Star Game. He played baseball in Fort Myers.

4. What member of the College Football and CFL Halls of Fame has played baseball in all four Lee County spring training venues?

5. What Basketball Hall of Famer who won multiple NBA titles and an Olympic Gold Medal in that sport played pro baseball in Fort Myers?

6. Who was the Baseball Hall of Famer who averaged 12.2 yards per carry playing for a major- college football team and led the nation in punt return average? He played baseball in Fort Myers.

7. Who was the Florida athlete who averaged 10.5 yards per carry in high school football, set school track records in the hurdles and long jump and turned down an offer to play football for the Gators? He played baseball in Fort Myers is in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

8. Who was the nation’s top-rated high school quarterback who broke Bobby Bowden’s heart by changing his mind about playing football for FSU to focus on baseball. He played a lot of baseball in Fort Myers.

9. In his senior year of basketball at a Big Ten university he averaged 10.5 points and 6.1 rebounds per game and was fifth round choice in the NBA Draft. He played baseball in Fort Myers.

Extra Innings

10 th – This active MLB coach grew up in Fort Myers playing baseball and owns a career batting average higher than these much more famous names, among others: Ted Williams, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Tony Gwynn, Wade Boggs, Rod Carew, Joe DiMaggio. His father also played minor-league ball.

Who is he? (Disclaimer: He doesn’t have nearly enough at-bats to qualify for listing on baseball- reference.com’s leaders page so don’t go there looking for the answer.

Answers will be included in the Roy Hobbs July Bullpen newsletter.

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