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July – 2019

RHWS updated player registration system

The new Roy Hobbs player registration system is expected to be operational the week of July 15.

All players on teams that are NOT members of sanctioned Roy Hobbs leagues will be required to do the player registration form on line.

The new system is in its final testing stages, and when operational will allow managers to access their rosters and know who has or who has not completed membership registration for the 2019 Roy Hobbs World Series.

Mid-July, Roy Hobbs will email a link with instructions to each manager of a team(s) which paid the membership bundle or just the membership dues prior to June 1 on how to register a team and get players registered. Once the manager has registered the team and himself as a player, he will have a link to send to each player. If players do not have computer access, managers will be asked to handle it for that player.

As additional teams pay their 2019 RHWS fees that include membership, the same link will be sent to those managers.

Players who fail to register will be charged a $25 membership fee at registration check-in at the 2019 RHWS.

Playing guidelines for 70s-75s updated

Roy Hobbs Baseball has updated its playing guidelines for the Vintage, Timeless and Forever Young divisions of the RHWS.

Vintage (65+) – No changes, just clarifications.

Timeless (70+) – Changes in participation, courtesy runner advancement, outfield rules and plays at the plate.

  1. Participation – in both hitting and defense in pool games is now mandatory; however players can sign off on not playing. Exception: Free Agents must play. In 2018, several teams signed multiple free agents as “insurance policies” but were severely limited in at-bats and defensive playing time. If teams are going to collect Free Agent fees, they will have to demonstrate regular playing time for Free Agents.
  2. Courtesy runners – If a pickoff attempt is made on a courtesy runner, that runner must retouch last legally obtained base before advancing.
  3. Outfield rules – Outfielders may not throw out runners at first base; however, they may force runners at all other bases.
  4. Plays at the Plate – All plays at the plate are force plays; no tag needed; no blocking the plate. This is a safety consideration.

Forever Young (75+) – No overall changes, except that rules are now consistent with Timeless Division in the 4 areas above.

Updated rules are posted on … CLICK HERE.

June – 2019

RHWS #31 to open play October 20

Roy Hobbs Baseball received clearance in May to start the 2019 World Series games on Sunday, Oct. 20. Check-in for the 35s division will open on Friday afternoon, Oct. 18 and continue through Saturday.
The World Series will be 5 weeks this year for the first time, with no shortened weeks as was an original possibility.
Other than the 35s division now having the full week, there are no other changes to the dates for the men’s competition for 2019.
Additionally, the women’s division will return in 2019 but move to an earlier weekend in the overall event. The women are scheduled to play a 5-game series, starting Friday, Oct. 25 thru Sunday, Oct. 27. This puts their play overlapping the 35s and 45s.
It is official… we can start Roy Hobbs World Series 31 with check-in for 35+ on Saturday, Oct. 19, with games to start on Sunday the 20th, and we will run a normal week.
Here are your age division dates for the RHWS #31 – (all men’s divisions check-in Saturday and start play on Sunday.)

Veterans (35+) Division: October 19 – October 26
Women (open age group): October 25-27 (check-in Oct. 24-25)
Masters (45+) Division: October 26 – November 2
Legends (53+) Division: November 2 – November 9
Classics (60+) Division: November 9 – November 16
Vintage (65+) Division: November 16 – November 23
Timeless (70+) Division: November 9 – November 16
Forever Young (75+) Division: November 16 – November 23

The 5-week arrangement on the World Series is a 1-year scheduling agreement between Roy Hobbs and Lee County. At the end of the 2019 event, Roy Hobbs will meet with Lee County officials to review the 2019 event and upcoming calendars to make a decision on whether to extend the 5-week concept to 2020 and beyond.
It is Roy Hobbs’ goal to have a decision on 2020 no later than December 9, 2019, if not sooner.

City of Palms Stadium … there is a plan to demolish City of Palms Stadium in the near future; however, we have assurances that the Stadium will be available to Roy Hobbs for 2019 use.
Roy Hobbs believes there is a reasonable chance it still will be standing through 2020 but no guarantees. The impact to Roy Hobbs will be the loss of one field, which can be absorbed within the 5-week arrangement; however that field is a stadium, and that will impact how scheduling is handled.
The City of Fort Myers has an agreement with a developer to raze the stadium and the surrounding grounds for a condo-shopping area-green mall project. Before work can start, there are some legal hurdles to be overcome.  Roy Hobbs will keep you posted.

Gateway City Baseball Bash 2 Complete

St. Louis welcomed us back for a second round of Memorial Day baseball.  This year we had 8 teams in a 60+ division.  We had some rain to contend with but we were able to get most everyone 4 games.  And the Chicago Northstars prevailed with a 4-0 record.  We look forward to doing it again next year.

April – 2019

RHWS 2019 Dates Approved

Lee County Parks officials have approved Roy Hobbs Baseball request to expand the annual World Series to 5 weeks in 2019.
Here are the official dates for all the RHWS Divisions in 2019:

35s — Oct. 19-26**
45s — Oct. 26-Nov 2
53s — Nov. 2-9
60s-70s — Nov. 9-16
65s-75s — Nov. 16-23

This is a one-year agreement with Lee County. It will be reviewed the first week of December 2019. Roy Hobbs’ goal is to continue with the 5-week event for the foreseeable future.
The addition of the 5th week and the reorganization of the divisions as noted above eliminates, for the time being, any need to utilize the Charlotte Sports Park. The reorganization continues Roy Hobbs’ efforts to make the age divisions sequential.
**Given potential event conflicts with Perfect Game’s schedule, the 35s event might not start until Monday afternoon (21st). Roy Hobbs will know more on that front in June.
On another note, recent headlines in Fort Myers indicate that City of Palms Stadium is slated for the demolition ball in mid-town revitalization effect. Roy Hobbs does not anticipate the closing of City of Palms in 2019, but future use is certainly problematic.
Here is a link to Fort Myers News-Press reporting:
Roy Hobbs will keep its constituents apprised of continued developments.


2018 and prior

Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame updates

By Tom Giffen
Roy Hobbs Baseball
October 2018 – Induction Ceremony is Set for Saturday, Nov. 10

Get tickets online or at the RHWS headquarters.

The Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame Trustees cordially invite you to join them and the Roy Hobbs Baseball staff for the 2018 Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame Inductee Dinner and Ceremony Saturday, November 10.

The RHHoF celebration will be held at Ron Dao’s Sports Grill, located at 15320 McGregor Blvd., which is a block north of the McGregor-Gladious intersection, where San Carlos begins its path to Fort Myers Beach.

Social time starts at 6:15 p.m., with a multi-station buffet served at 7 p.m., to be followed by the induction ceremonies at approximately 7:45 p.m.  The event should be completed by 9:30 p.m.

Admission is by ticket only. Tickets may be purchased either, in advance on-line with the link below, or at the World Series Headquarters. A limited number of tickets will be available overall. Checks should be made out to the Roy Hobbs Baseball.

All proceeds of the event benefit the Roy Hobbs Foundation.

Cash/check ticket prices are $45 for guests over age 21, and $25 for guests ages 10-20 (CC pricing is $50 & $29). Children under the age of 10 are free. Tickets include dinner, soft drinks, and, for those 21 and over, there will be 2 tickets available for beer or wine.

All ticket orders must be placed before end of business on Nov. 9.

By Tom Giffen
Roy Hobbs Baseball
October 2018 – 8 to be inducted into RH Hall of Fame

The Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame will induct 8 members with its Class of 2018.

They were elected by the 61 current members of the Hall of Fame and the 14-member Board of Trustees in process that covered the summer months.

The Trustees also selected David McLaughlin to receive the Hall of Fame’s Brian Mullen Ambassador of Baseball award, which recognizes their Meritorious Service as an Ambassador of Amateur Baseball.

The Class of 2018 as shown in photos on this page:

  1.  Joe Adams, New Jersey Twins
  2.  Jim Corte, JetBox, Michigan (posthumous honoree)
  3.  Paul Doucette, Silver Foxes of Rhode Island
  4.  Steve Eddy, Massachusetts Chiefs
  5.  Rob Fester, Pittsburgh Baseball
  6.  Rich Knight, Oakville Golden A’s, Canada
  7.  Rick Scheetz, Orlando Brewers
  8.  Mike Shevlin, Fort Myers Hooters

The Brian Mullen: Ambassador of Baseball Award

    • Dave McLaughlin, The Glove Doctor

The eight honorees bring membership in the Hall of Fame to 69, all of whom are pictured on the Hall of Fame wall in Roy Hobbs Player Development Complex office reception area.

The Class of 2018 and the Ambassador honorees will be presented and honored at an induction ceremony and dinner at Ron Dao’s Sports Grill on McGregor Blvd., near the beaches. (There is more information on the induction banquet elsewhere on this page.)

For more information on the honorees and the Hall of Fame, please check out the 2018 Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame Yearbook.

The Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame was developed in 2011-12 to honor outstanding baseball service and accomplishments on and off the field of amateur baseball players in the Roy Hobbs ranks.

The Roy Hobbs Foundation, which oversees the Hall of Fame, recruited a volunteer Board of Trustees in 2012 and tasked that group with developing a set of criteria and a mission statement. That group of 7 developed basic criteria and selection process as well as a Mission Statement, the second generation of which reads:

The Roy Hobbs Baseball Hall of Fame is established to recognize and honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the game of baseball through their involvement with Roy Hobbs Baseball for at least 10 years, the Roy Hobbs World Series and their local leagues and teams.  Individuals shall have made contributions as players, coaches, managers, umpires and administrators. Contributions should have been made on and off the field of play, all impacting the dugout; a prime consideration for induction is the individual’s contributions to the game, their teammates and baseball colleagues.

While the Mission Statement places emphasis on contributions off the field, excellence on the field remains important. The Trustees have attempted to make it clear that character in the Dugout is an important part of any nomination for excellence on the field.

The Mission Statement was updated in 2015, while at the same time, the now-14-member Board of Trustees decided to establish the Ambassador of Baseball Award and named it after the first recipient, Brian Mullen.

The Hall of Fame selection process starts with nominations, which can come from anyone, and a request for a nomination form is available at Complete data on the nominee is important, and references are very helpful to the process.

The nominations are turned over to a vetting committee whose members interview the nominator and any references listed on the nomination. The nominators and references are asked a series of questions via email, and their answers go into the packet of material the screening committee compiles on each nominee.

The nominations and supporting materials are then sent to the Hall of Fame members with a ballot … anyone receiving a vote on 70% of the ballots returned by the Hall of Fame members is elected. In 2017, there were 45 members of the Hall voting, meaning nominees needed 31 votes for election.

The Trustees validate the members’ vote and then review the nominations of anyone receiving at least 50% of members’ vote for possible inclusion. The Trustees then vote to see if anyone will be added to the current class. It takes a 70% vote of the Trustees as well.

There is no target number to elect to the HoF or as Ambassadors each year.

The Ambassador of Baseball Award is selected by the Board of Trustees. Nominations may come from anyone with an interest, and the number of individuals so honored each year will be at the discretion of the Trustees.

Roy Hobbs Baseball
August 2018 – The Roy Hobbs Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2018 includes 8 members, 5 men who are going in on the basis of their managing and organizational wizardry and 3 outstanding players.

The managers/organizers: Joe Adams, Jim Corte, Paul Doucette, Steve Eddy, and Rich Knight.

The players: Rob Fester, Rick Scheetz and Mike Shevlin.

    David McLaughlin was named the Brian Mullen Ambassador of Baseball recipient.

The men will be honored at the Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Nov. 10 at Ron Dao’s Sports Grill on McGregor Blvd, just north of the intersection where McGregor turns into San Carlos en route to Fort Myers Beach.  Tickets are $45; proceeds of the banquet go to the Roy Hobbs Foundation.

The Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame is now populated with 69 honorees. The Wall of Fame at the Player Development Complex, home of Roy Hobbs Baseball, will be updated prior to the World Series.

July 2018 – The nominees for the 2018 Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame induction class have been submitted and vetted by our board of Trustees.  The next step is for the RH HoF members themselves to vote.  We will be sending that ballot out very soon.

March 2018 – The Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame Trustees have established additional guidelines for HoF nominees, added requirements on the nomination form and refined the process to follow in handling nominations.

Among the guidelines is a requirement that nominees have a minimum of 15 years active participation in Roy Hobbs Baseball.

New nomination requirements include a mandatory 4 references to go along with the nominator, and each must be willing to work with the Trustees in filling out background on nominees and answering questions about the nominee.

The election process was also overhauled with more hands-on involvement by the Trustees on the individual nominations. Click here for a look at that process.

Sea Otter Festival

July 2018 – The fourth rendition of the Sea Otter Festival was held in Monterey, California, June 30-July 2.

The Sea Otter, hosted by Joel Weinstein, has 3 divisions: 45+, 55+ and 63+. All divisions will allow teams to carry as many as 5 underage players. Underage players must be 42, 51 and 60 in their respective divisions during the calendar year but cannot pitch. Exception: Any players who turn 45, 55 & 63 during this calendar year may pitch.

There will be 3 pool games Saturday-Sunday, with playoffs starting Sunday afternoon and championship games on Monday.

See the results of the 2018 Sea Otter Baseball Festival

Gateway City Baseball Bash

June 2018 – 7 teams competed in the inaugural Gateway City Baseball Bash, a new Roy Hobbs event scheduled Memorial Day weekend on fields in and around the St. Louis area. Several games will be played at GCS BallPark, home of the Gateway City Grizzlies of the Frontier League.

There were 2 divisions, 45s and 60s.  No underage players are allowed in either division.  The schedule calls for 2 games Saturday, 2 Sunday and championship games on Monday.

See the results of 2018 Gateway City Baseball Bash

RH Baseball Bat guidelines updated

March 2018 – The Roy Hobbs Bat Guidelines have been updated to reflect research on Baum Bats and 4 DeMarini products.

All of the newly approved bats have been approved by Minor League Baseball for use in short-season and independent leagues, an experiment in 2018.

For a look at RH Bat Guidelines, click on this link: Rules and Guidelines

Sunshine Classic champions

February 2018 – Seven champions were crowned the 7th edition of the Sunshine Classic in February. 62 teams in 7 divisions competed.

• Classics 60s Champions – St. Louis Cardinals
• Family Ties Champions – Crosstown Traffic
• Legends 50s Champions – Northampton Knights
• Masters 45+ Champions – Carolina Indians
• Veterans 35+ American Div. Champions – Tallahassee Tomahawks
• Veterans 35+ National Div. Champions – Sugar Kings
• Vintages 65+ Champions – All Star Baseball Academy 65s

For more information on these champions, click here: Sunshine Classic 2018 Champions

The 2019 Sunshine Classic will expand to 4 weeks, with the 35s and 45s divisions each having their own weekend, and Roy Hobbs will add a 70s division with a maximum of 4 teams to play along side the Family Ties division.

More details to come.

2017 RHWS champions

November 2017 – 22 championships were determined during the 2017 Roy Hobbs World Series, the 29th overall World Series and 25 contested in Lee County, Florida.

Veterans 35+

AAAA – Stars Baseball Academy, Fort Wayne, Indiana
AAA – Jet Box, Lansing, Michigan
AA – Glass City Black Sox, Toledo, Ohio

Masters 45+

** AAAA – Orlando Brewers, Orlando, Florida
AAA – Glory Days, Jupiter, Florida
AA – Carolina Thunder, Wilmington, North Carolina
** A – Chicago Colts, Chicago, Illinois
B – Kodak Reds, Seiverville, Tennessee

Legends 53+

** AAAA – Border City Brewers, Windsor, Ontario
AAA – St. Louis Patriots, St. Louis, Missouri
AA – Bahama Breeze Islanders, Fort Myers, Florida
A – Rhode Island Waves, Providence, Rhode Island

Classics 60+

AAAA – Minnesota Bees, Minneapolis-St. Paul
AAA – Youngstown A2Z, Youngstown, Ohio
AA – Kansas City Blues, Kansas City, Kansas
A – Midwest Nine, Springfield, Illinois

Vintage 65+

** AAAA – Sacramento Solons, Sacramento, California
AAA – Minnesota Bees, Minneapolis-St. Paul
AA – Baltimore Baseball Club, Baltimore, Maryland

Timeless 70+

AAA – San Diego Padres, San Diego, California
AA – New England Red Sox, Carmel, California

Forever Young 75+

AA – San Diego Padres, San Diego, California

** — championship games were televised.

For more information on the 2017 results Click Here