Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame

2020 Hall of Fame Voting Has Begun

As of today, the evaluation and election process for the Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame Class of 2020 is in the hands of the Members of the Hall of Fame.

There are 66 members eligible to vote, and they will be learning about the candidates from the data on each of the candidates and returned questionnaires to the nominators and references.

All of that data, some 70 pages worth on 12 candidates is now being reviewed by the voting members of the Hall of Fame.  They will receive a ballot in about a week and be asked to vote for as many as 7 … and they can also turn in a blank ballot.

Election requires a candidate being named on at least 70% of the returned ballots.  It is a stiff benchmark, but one that reflects the excellence required for election.  (One of the goals of the Trustees in establishing the process was to eliminate this election being a popularity contest.)

The 14-member Roy Hobbs HoF Board of Trustees, who handled the nomination reviews and compiled the data on each candidate, will record the balloting, review the results and announce the Class of 2015 in the August editor of the Roy Hobbs Bullpen Newsletter.

Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame Trustees for 2020:

Co-Chairs: Carl Rakich, Florida (2016-2021) & Tom Giffen, Florida (2017-2022)

Joe Adams, New Jersey (2019-2021)
Warren Clark, New Jersey (2019-2021)
Bill Devine, Pennsylvania (2018-2020)
Gary Dover, Tennessee (2017-2020)
Rob Giffen, Ohio (2015-2021)
JD Hinson, North Carolina (2019-2021)
Ted Lesiak, Ohio (2017-2020)
Bob Misko, Florida (2017-2020)
Bill Russo, Ohio (2018-2020)
Mike Shevlin, Florida (2019-2021)
Bart Waldman, Washington (2019-2021)

Mission Statement

The Roy Hobbs Baseball Hall of Fame is established to recognize and honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the game of baseball through their involvement with Roy Hobbs Baseball for at least 15 years, the Roy Hobbs World Series and their local leagues and teams.  Individuals shall have made contributions as players, managers, umpires, sponsors or administrators. Contributions should have been made on and off the field of play, all impacting the dugout; a prime consideration for induction is the individual’s Character and contributions to the game, their teammates and baseball colleagues.” (v3/2017)

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