Roy Hobbs Calendar

Roy Hobbs Calendar

Roy Hobbs World Series #35


Fort Myers, Florida / October 18 – November 25, 2024

Veterans (35+) – October 19-26
Masters (45+) – October 26-November 2
Legends (53+) – November 2-9
Classics (60+) – November 9-16
Timeless (70+) – November 9-16
Vintage (65+) – November 16-23
Forever Young (75+) – November 16-23
Antiques (79+) – November 17-23
Women’s Division – November 22-24

Future RHWS Dates

2025:  October 18-November 22
2026:  October 17-November 21
2027:  October 16-November 20
2028:  October 14-November 18
2029:  October 13-November 17
2030:  October 19-November 23

RH Coming Events

TNT Classic 2024

Site: Middle Tennessee, Nashville area
Dates: October 12-14, 2024
Host: Middle Tennessee Adult Baseball Association
Age Divisions: 40+, 50+ 60+.

Sunshine Classic, 2025

Site: PDC Complex & Historic Terry Park, Fort Myers, Fla.
Dates: February 2 thru March 23, 2025.
Host: Roy Hobbs Baseball
Age Divisions: Family Ties, 35+. 45+. 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+.
Feb. 2-5 – FT (10-12 teams) Sun-Wed
Feb 6-10 – 75s (10-12 teams) Thu-Mon
Feb. 11-15 – 70s (14 teams) Tues-Sat
Feb. 17-20 – 65s (14 teams) Mon-Fri (Prez Day, 17 th )
Feb. 21-24 – 60s (10-12 teams) Sat-Tues
Feb. 26-March 1 – 60s (10-12 teams) session 2 (Wed-Sat)
March 2-5 – 55s (14 teams) Sun-Wed
March 6-9 – 50s (14 teams) Thu-Sun
March 13-16 – 45s (10-12 teams) Thu-Sun
March 20-23 – 35s (10 teams) Thu-Sun

Blue Ridge Spring Dinger 2025

Site: Asheville, N.C., April 28 thru May 9, 2025
Host: Rob Giffen/Karen Marcinkoski
Age Divisions: 60+, 60-Elite, 65+, 70+, 75+

Peach State Classic, 2025

Site: NE Atlanta, Georgia, May 24-25-26, 2025
Host: Atlanta Men’s Baseball Association.
Age Divisions: 18+, 43+, 53+ & 60+

Sea Otter Baseball Festival, 2025

Site: Monterey, CA / July 4-5-6, 2025
Host: Joel Weinstein and the Sea Otter Baseball Association
Age Divisions: Masters (45+) Division; Classics (62+) Division

2024 RHWS Reservation Calendar

  • Reservation Invitations will be sent in April.
  • To request an invitation, send email to
  • Reservations generate a $259 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit (on-line ACH or Credit Card), which is due no later than May 24, 2024.
  • All teams are required to pay the deposit to reserve a place in the field.  Field updates will start on or about June 1.
  • Team caps for weeks 1-2-3 & 5 are 74 teams; Week 4 is 80 (can take more, but only 2 at a time per division to keep numbers even).
  • Team registration link will be sent in early June to all teams having paid the deposit. (Registration is in addition to Reservation.)
  • 2024 membership is $360 per team. (Covers 20 players)
  • 2024 insurance is $265 per team. (Covers 20 players)
  • 2024 Bundle (membership & insurance) is $510. (Save $115 by bundling). Bundle Deadline is June 15.
  • If team providing self-insurance, the certificate naming Roy Hobbs as an additional (COI) insured entity is due by August 1. Teams will still be charged for membership.
  • All invoices have the insurance listed as a line item. Once the COI is received (on time) that charge is removed.
  • Final invoices will arrive in mid-July.
  • The early pay deadline to receive $500 discount is Monday, August 26. Any open invoices as of that date will re-activate the $500 as the discount has been removed.
  • The final deadline to pay is Friday, September 20.
  • Practice field & locker room reservation links will be active by mid-July. Teams will be notified, and appropriate links will be sent to managers.
  • Free Agent registration will begin in early July. Shortly thereafter, the available free agents list will be posted online.
  • Player registration will open for teams when final invoice is paid and credited.
  • Contact Bonnie Fear or Marc Landals for Reservation data,
  • Contact Rob Giffen or Marc Landals for Team Registration data, when the time comes,
  • Contact Marc Landals for insurance questions or bundles,
  • Roy Hobbs business phone is 239-689-8550.  Summer business hours are 10am-3pm.  After-hours phone messages returned next business day.

Roy Hobbs World Series Playing Site and Parking Data

Participants at the Roy Hobbs World Series have the opportunity to play baseball on the finest collection of fields in Florida, if not the United States.

The permanent Headquarters for the World Series is the Player Development Complex Clubhouse, located at 4301 Edison Avenue.  It is the centermost of the venues, with the remaining playing sites within 15 minutes from PDC, much like the spokes of a wheel.

Here is the lineup, with Field Manager names and phone numbers in any emergency …

JetBlue Complex, (11500 Fenway South Dr) Field Manager:  Art Cleary (440-773-9474) & Don Duckworth (419-340-4874)

Historic Terry Park Complex, a spring training home since the 1920s, (3410 Palm Beach Blvd) Field Manager:  Charles Anderson (239-823-7679)

Player Development Complex a.k.a PDC, (4301 Edison Avenue) Field Manager:  RH HDQ Staff (239-689-8550 or 234.788.7437)

Lee County Sports Complex (14100 Ben C Pratt Six Mile Cypress Pkwy), Field Manager:  Tony Nazzaro (239-634-3127)

With regards to these sites, a Map of the RHWS facilities will be provided every registered participant; it also available at and through our QR Code symbol program … Directions between sites are available through the QR code … or at as well.

Roy Hobbs may use any one of five community parks in case of rainouts and during Week 4.  Data on those parks follows the Parking Data.

Travel safely …

RHWS Parking

JetBlue Complex, (11500 Fenway South Dr):  Enter the Complex at the WEST entrance, which is the 1st entrance as you travel EAST on Daniels Parkway.  Once in the Park, turn left & proceed to the soccer field parking area. The paved area is for handicapped parking, and RHBB will provide golf cart transportation for handicapped to fields as needed & available.

Lee County Sports Complex (14100 Ben C Pratt Six Mile Cypress Pkwy):  All open lots, except Twins player/staff designated areas or inside the Academy fences.   Respect “No Parking” signs as parking tickets can be issued for violations.

Player Development Complex (PDC) (4301 Edison Avenue): Park in front of clubhouse & batting cages or across Edison Avenue, where staff parks.  Entry to the Complex is through the gate between the batting cages & the Clubhouse.  No parking inside fenced areas.

Terry Park Complex (3410 Palm Beach Blvd):  Primary lot is off Terry Street, beside Field 4.  There is a lot next to Field 3, but there is no event security there or any entrance to the field from that lot.

Community Parks

Buckingham Park

9800 Buckingham Road / FM 33905


Kurt Donaldson Park

180 Hunter Blvd. / Cape Coral 33909


North Fort Myers Community Center

2000 North Recreation Park Way / NFM 33903


Rutenberg Park

6500 South Pointe Blvd. / FM 33919


Three Oaks Park

18521 Three Oaks Parkway / FM 33967