Baseball in the era of COVID-19

 May 20, 2020

Greetings baseball colleagues …

Cabin Fever is affecting thousands of us baseball lovers. I hear it daily.

Some places are easing restrictions, and some are even playing games as we all itch to get back on the diamonds.

While we are in a “hurry up & wait” mode, we need to be ready with plans to implement when the light turns green and when field ownership tells us what the rules are.  Some field owners are going to ask for plans, some will just dictate. Regardless, planning is important, even if it is in response to mandates.

Here are 3 elements that we hope can be of some help to you in your planning.

  1. A liability waiver Roy Hobbs is making available to all leagues; it mirrors what players are being asked to sign attending any Roy Hobbs event, but leagues can request and edit as they see fit.
  2. A draft of game protocols we are working on here in SW Florida to get our adult league moving forward.
  3. A link to a document that addresses COVID-19 risks and how to avoid them.  It is written in English by a Biology PhD and Epidemiologist – even I could understand it. https://erinbromage.wixsite.com/covid19/post/the-risks-know-them-avoid-them

Finally, the following elements are very important in anything we do:  A) Use Common Sense; B) reinforce individual social responsibility among participants for each other; C) Know the enemy (COVID); D) Learn your field owner’s concerns and work to protect their interests; and E) Combine ABCD so you can speak with some authority and be a good steward of the facilities for the owners and your league participants.

Together, we will outlast this threat! This too shall pass … and we will prevail.

Tom Giffen

Click here to see our current ideas for protocols for when we can play ball again.