Membership Benefits / Amenities

Roy Hobbs Baseball Membership

Roy Hobbs Baseball Member Benefits / Amenities

1. Baseball Gear: Roy Hobbs has its own line of merchandise, and it can be found at and we offer discounts on that gear to members as well.

2. Baseballs: Roy Hobbs has a working agreement with a baseball factory in China and Champro Sports to supply a baseball made to Roy Hobbs Baseball specs (MLB size, weight and core) that include raised seams and top-quality leather. Two levels of baseballs are available for sale, with discounts that increase with quantity orders. A flyer on Hobbs Baseballs is available and includes pricing and discounts.

3. Uniforms: Roy Hobbs also offers a uniform service through a sister company – Kiama Custom Apparel – which does custom embroidery, screen printing, awards and the like: Hobbs members get discounts there as well. The staff at Kiama has been designing and creating custom baseball uniforms for more than 20 years now and is able to work with any number of price points.

4. Travel discounts: Roy Hobbs has an exclusive car rental agreement with Enterprise Rent-a-Car specifically for travel in Florida (year-round) and we can supply you with the codes and assist with reservations if needs be.

5. E-Newsletter: Roy Hobbs does not do a magazine, but rather an E-newsletter 9 times a year, and it goes to all registered Roy Hobbs members with valid email addresses. We use the E-newsletter to provide information to the players about our gules, guidelines, decisions, plans, calendars, an umpires section and we share articles from other news sources that are written about players and leagues around the country. We welcome contributions and are working on a way to link to various leagues’ standings and results.

6. Marketing: Roy Hobbs is building a marketing video, primarily geared to the Roy Hobbs World Series in Fort Myers, although it can be used as a recruiting tool. The Video is on

7. Marketing II: Roy Hobbs will assist with league development on a consultant basis, and although we leave material development to the local leagues, we do assist with the development of the same.

8. Marketing III: Roy Hobbs does have a short development piece for leagues just starting out, a checklist, if you will, on what needs to be done to make a league work, and suggestions on how to overcome challenges.

9. Registration: All of Roy Hobbs registration is on-line through a registration system that enables league officials to run their league and managers keeping statistics on all their registered players. Roy Hobbs continues to refine that system, but it is available to all member leagues.

10. Scorebook: Roy Hobbs does have its own scorebook and 4-part lineup cards, which are available at a discount to all member leagues. The scorebook is set up so that it meshes with the on-line stats system, so if the scorebook is totaled, then it reads across the line the same as the stats page on-line.

11. Rules/guidelines: No league is obligated to use Roy Hobbs playing rules and guidelines. That data, developed over 30 years, is available on and it is put there as a reference tool for members for their use and/or adaptation in their local league. The posted rules are the ones we use at the Roy Hobbs World Series. Along with the Hobbs Rules, we request a copy of every league’s rules to keep on file as a database on how leagues operate and address challenges and opportunities. The only demand that Roy Hobbs places on leagues with regard to rules is that the league have a very specific sportsmanship policy and that the league be committed to enforcing it.

12. There is the Roy Hobbs Foundation, which raises money 1) to support research into cures and treatments for the various forms of Leukemia, and 2) to support and develop baseball programs for mentally and physically handicapped youth and adults. The Foundation is a registered 501c3 organization. Roy Hobbs Baseball is willing to work with leagues on fund-raisers, using the 501c3 designation, although strings are attached so that a) we meet IRS guidelines and requirements and b) the Roy Hobbs Foundation does benefit from whatever fund-raiser it is supporting.

13. What Roy Hobbs does not have: auto and home insurance, airport parking, credit card applications.

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