Roy Hobbs Umpire Association

About RHUA

   The primary focus of the Roy Hobbs Umpires Association is the annual Roy Hobbs World Series, held each fall in Fort Myers, Florida. Last year there were 230 men's amateur age group teams playing almost 800 games over 4 weeks.

   Roy Hobbs contracted for the services of 88 umpires last fall, and approximately 85% of Hobbs' umpires return on an annual basis for at least one week. First-year Hobbs umpires are offered one week, with the possibility of more work in future years. Returning umpires can work as many as 4 weeks, but the minimum game guarantee is 30 games over that time. Multiple week contracts are at the discretion of the Roy Hobbs Umpires Association leadership.

   Umpires interested in working the Roy Hobbs World Series must be in good standing in their local association, have some experience working adult men's baseball (which has game management issues unto itself), and be certified for high school varsity baseball. Roy Hobbs does do a background check on new umpires and checks references.

   If you are interested in becoming a member of the Roy Hobbs Umpires Association and applying to work the World Series or other Hobbs events under a contract-labor agreement, please click the link below to request an application.

   RHUA is committed to first-class officiating and outstanding customer service on the field. Umpires must be approachable on the field and have a focus on 1) getting the call right and b) applying the game rules, including the Roy Hobbs addendums, correctly. We also hope that umpires are open to learning on the field and dedicated to personal on-field improvement.

   Additionally, RHUA would like to remind all of its members that off-the-field behavior reflects on-the-field judgment. Umpires at multiple-day Roy Hobbs events are expected to dress appropriately when in public, behave in a way that reflects a positive light on your peers, your avocation, your passion for the game and on the event itself.

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2017 Events

Sunshine Classic

Ft. Myers, Florida / February 9 - 26, 2017

  • Vintage 65s Champions: All-Star Baseball Academy
  • Family Ties Champions: Crosstown Traffic
  • President's Day 50s Champions: All-Star Baseball Academy
  • President's Day 60s Champions: Northampton Knights
  • Veterans 35s Champions: Tampa Bay Blue Jays
  • Masters 45s Champions: Carolina Indians

  • Beach Battle Classic

    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - May 27 - 29, 2017

    3 Divisions: 45+A, 45+B & 53+

    Click to to request more information Click here to register

    Sea Otter Baseball Festival

    Monterey - Seaside - Carmel, CA / July 1 - 3, 2017

    3 Divisions: 45+, 53+ & 60+

    Roy Hobbs World Series 29

    Fort Myers, FL / October 21 - November 18, 2017.

    All divisions begin play on Sunday

    Veterans (35+) Division: October 21 - October 28

    Masters (45+) Division: October 28 - November 4

    Legends (53+) Division: November 4 - November 11

    Classics (60+) Division: November 11 - November 18

    Vintage (65+) Division: November 4 - November 11

    Timeless (70+) Division: November 11 - November 18

    Forever Young (75+) Division: November 4 - November 11

    Register your team here.

    If you wish to work any of the events listed, contact Tom Giffen