The 2015 NEO Roy Hobbs season has come to a close. We hope you all had fun and made memories to last a lifetime. We hope you have a great off season and look forward to seeing you all in the spring of 2016.

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We had some rain come through an hour before the game, but all was well with most of the field. So, it was a success for all who attended. The kids had a great time and so did the Roy Hobbs volunteers.
Special thanks to Chet Warner (Mudhens), John Elseg (Brewmasters), John Horner (Orioles), Mark Yakubowski (Orioles), Mike McGrievy (Mudhens), Phil Kaplan (Mudhens), Russ Neal (Mudhens) & Tom LoCascio (Orioles) for participating and making those kids' day a wonderful time.


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January 28, 2015

Roy Hobbs Bat Policy

As it stands right now, our approach for 2015 in all divisions 65 and under will be as follows:

1. Any wood baseball bat approved by Minor League Baseball is approved for use in the Roy Hobbs World Series or a sanctioned Roy Hobbs tournament. Exception, Laminated bats or composites that are 100% wood barrel (meaning we will accept wood barrels with metal handles); additionally Baum Bats are grandfathered.

2. If someone brings us a bat that is not on the MiLB approved list, they must be able to provide documentation that the barrel of the bat is 100% wood. And, it cannot be hollow or have any kind of metal rod beyond the handle (wood-metal bats) or in the barrel. Documentation should come from the manufacturer and be notarized.

3. In 70s, 75s, we will continue to allow the DeMarini composites, which are either hollow in the barrel or have that a metal rod in the barrel as part of a connecting device.

4. Metal bats are banned.

We are still working on refining the language, but that’s where we stand.

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