Roy Hobbs Bat Regulations

Effective as of 4/1/17

    The Roy Hobbs Baseball bat policy for all sanctioned events is as follows:

    a. All Bats must be solid wood, single-unit construction and cannot be hollow.

    b. Bats with wood barrels and handles of a different composition or design are prohibited. (Laminated wood bats and AX Bats are approved as long as they meet the 100% wood and non-hollow specs above.)

    c. There are no requirements that bat companies certify their bats, unless the bat is challenged and Roy Hobbs officials cannot make a determination of the bat’s construction with data at hand.

    d. On Challenged bats during a game, event playing rules take precedence. In absence of written rules, Umpires may either 1) call for a tournament official to make a decision, or 2) confiscate the challenged bat and deliver it to tournament officials at the conclusion of the game.

Please note, while Roy Hobbs Baseball does not mandate local bat policies, Roy Hobbs strongly encourages local leagues and other sanctioned Roy Hobbs events to develop bat policies